Beat EnglishLeitura de 4 mins
Chillstep À La DJ Shadow
Chillstep combines two distinctive features under one hood: On the one hand there are spherical pads, which take over the melodic main role, while on the other hand heavy beats with mostly urban and experimental touch hammer against it. What both hav
Beat EnglishLeitura de 2 minsComputers
Perform Live with Push
To layer sounds, load a MIDI instrument, such as a bass, into a new MIDI track. Load another instrument, such as a synth, into a second MIDI track; and a third, perhaps an organ, into a third MIDI track. In the first MIDI track, place the Note Length
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All Hands on Deck!
Beat / You‘re known for your deep house- and techno-productions. As I understand it, however, hip-hop was your first love. Quarion / That‘s right. I loved hip-hop since I was twelve years old and I was fascinated by what DJs would do. Listening to ce
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Create a Mellotron 2.0
For this charismatic Tape-String-Pad, we load up the Mellotron software instrument. The 3 Violins setting provides a good sonic basis. The pad should basically appear warm, gloomy and a little mystical. In this respect, it is good to reduce the value
Beat EnglishLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Portable Audio Interface from Black Lion Audio
Compact and, therefore, particularly designed for mobile recording sessions, Black Lion Audio introduces the Revolution 2×2 USB audio interface, which aims to shine with high-quality converters and Macro-MMC clocking. Thanks to the onboard PG-i techn
Beat EnglishLeitura de 6 minsComputers
Review: Avid Pro Tools Carbon
The purchase of an audio interface is usually considered when building a studio after or when the channels of your existing technology are no longer sufficient. Several factors may play a role in the Carbon because, in addition to the hardware itself
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Two styles with related origins, but they couldn‘t be more different. While one of them mercilessly merges 808 basses with autotune in the commercial sector, the other relies fully on diss and flame rhymes. A gloomy, one-sided scenario? Not at all, b
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Trap Beats And Great Pop Melodies
The rhythmic foundation of Alison Wonderland‘s hits „Easy“ is a somewhat bumpy beat at 135 BPM. Here, a massive bass drum meets a crisp TR-808 snare as well as rattling hi-hats. To reprogram the beat, we use the preset „Celph Entitled v2“ of the UJAM
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New modwave Wavetable Synthesizer from Korg
Just in time for the virtual NAMM, Korg conjured up the modwave wavetable synthesizer. This 32x polyphonic playable USB synthesiser is equipped with 37 lightweight keys. Special attention should be given to the KAOSS physics function, which can be co
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Test: IK Multimedia iLoud MTM
Almost four years ago, the iLoud Micro from the Italian manufacturer set new standards in the class of ultra-compact monitor speakers. Barely larger than the roaring cubes from electronics stores, they impressed us with a voluminous and detailed soun
Beat EnglishLeitura de 6 mins
Keyboards are Drums
Beat / Jean-Phi, the way your career developed is quite intriguing. Jean-Phi Dary / That‘s true! I was really lucky to get in touch with people like Congolese singer Papa Wemba early on. Through him, I got to work with Peter Gabriel. Less than 6 mont
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Review: Arturia 3 Modulation FX
We start with an emulation of an analog chorus called Dimension D. The obvious role model Roland Dimension D is a true effect classic. That‘s because this bucket brigade circuit-based chorus adds width, liveliness and warmth to the input signal witho
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Beat / Can you introduce Newfangled Audio to our readers? Dan / After a long career at Eventide, I started Newfangled Audio in 2015 in response to many hardware modeling plug-ins that came out at the time and still do. I think analog modeling is usef
Beat EnglishLeitura de 2 mins
Hip-hop, Trap & Electro Punk
“Dinge” has a tempo of 80 bpm, but hi-hat programming is easier at twice the tempo. For the drums we use the Beatmaker Dope from UJAM [1]. With its gritty lofi sound, the “Uptempo Banger v2” preset is ideal for our purposes. The basis of the beat is
Beat EnglishLeitura de 5 mins
At The Round Table W/Marlow Digs & Hex-Air: Tape, Vinyl & Digging
Beat / Hi Marlow, hi Jendrik, when it comes to hip-hop production, crate digging is still a key element. Why is that? Marlow / Yeah, if you’re making sampled beats, then you need to dig for sounds. A lot of music nowadays is made from digging, even p
Beat EnglishLeitura de 1 minsComputers
Hi-End DAW Controller from SSL
Solid State Logic unveils its new DAW controller, the UF8. This 8-channel USB controller features one encoder per channel and a high-resolution color display for the most important channel information such as panning, volume and routing. Added to thi
Beat EnglishLeitura de 8 minsGender Studies
Punk Music For Techno Heads
Beat / What can you tell about your musical life so far? Louisahhh / My musical career thus far has been foundationally as a DJ since the early 2000s. I started doing vocals for artists like Danny Daze and Brodinski around 2010, and from there develo
Beat EnglishLeitura de 8 minsComputers
Test: Modal Electronics Cobalt8
Cobalt8 is a virtual analog synthesizer that looks confusingly similar to Argon8 due to the same high-quality hardware and controls, but has a different focus. In Cobalt8, much of the processing power goes into emulating an analog multimode filter, y
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Review: Stimming Masterclass
None other than Techno DJ and music producer Björn Torwellen founded SINEE Studios. In addition to various online courses on „Electronic Music Production“, „Music Theory & Composing”, as well as tutorials and masterclasses, you can also find Ableton
Beat EnglishLeitura de 1 mins
Clear Edge - Complete Rock Band for HALion Sonic SE expands its YouTube channel with a new series that follows a complete virtual rock band production in Cubase 11 with tutorials. Producer and musician Matthias Basedow shows his songwriting, recording and mixing techniques in practic
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsComputers
Test: Mackie Creator Bundle
The Creator bundle from Mackie consists of a pair of 3-inch multimedia monitors, a pair of headphones as an alternative monitoring source, and a USB microphone that is intended for both recording and driving the speakers via the built-in audio interf
Beat EnglishLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
New Ideas Via Resampling
In our Resampling workshop, we will show you how to sample a played pattern internally in the Maschine+. First, we load an instrument onto a free pad. In our case, we chose the preset Brockeback, which can be found in the Plucked Strings category. Th
Beat EnglishLeitura de 4 minsTechnology & Engineering
Gear Battle: The Best Hardware Samplers
It‘s clear that the two candidates are the first to enter the ring. MPCs were the undisputed number one in hip-hop for what felt like an eternity, but Maschine was able to saw off the throne considerably. At least until Akai added the X, Live and One
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Music Reviews
This collective from Montreal calls itself a mini orchestra. Behind it are musicians from Arcade Fire (Sarah Neufeld and Richard Reed Parry). The new album „House Music“ - the first in over ten years - was largely improvised and consists of electroni
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Duel: Rane Seventy-Two mkII vs. Pioneer DJ DJM-S11
Battle mixers designed specifically for scratching and juggling were once considered narrow spartan mixers for Hip Hop DJs. But since that time, battle mixers have catapulted to creative high-tech headquarters, including these two candidates: The Ran
Beat EnglishLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Imprint & Preview
Whether Techno or Pop, Hip-Hop or Chillout, drums have to sound crisp, be used cleverly and above all: they have to groove. But what to look for when searching for sounds, how do kick and bass become one, how can loops and samples be combined to crea
Beat EnglishLeitura de 8 minsTechnology & Engineering
Modern Mastering
Mastering is essential to give your productions a professional finishing touch. While a few years ago this required wickedly expensive analog hardware, today you can also achieve high-quality results with plug-ins and the appropriate know-how. In our
Beat EnglishLeitura de 3 minsInternet & Web
Make Money With Beats
Airbit is a platform where you can sell your beats but also soundpacks. You can specify for what price you want to sell your instrumental and the extent of its use, depending on the selling price. After the purchase, an electronic contract is automat
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New Synths & Software
Synapse Audio A flexible combination of virtual analog, wavetable and FM synthesis make DUNE a true sound chameleon. The update, which is free for owners of DUNE 3, comes up with a native AU version for the latest Apple generation M1 chipset, as well
Beat EnglishLeitura de 2 mins
New Tracks with Wild Sampling
The basic principle is simple: we collect existing ideas and combine them into one or more new kits. It doesn‘t matter whether the ideas were created in your DAW or on the MPC. Maybe you want to start from scratch, too? We start with a track that we‘
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