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The Famous Four
Somewhat ignominiously for Porsche, already famed for its engineering prowess by the time the 924 was launched in 1976, its very first production car to feature a water-cooled engine used a powerplant provided by another manufacturer. That was Volksw
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The Last Goodbye
I seemed to have learned the value of patience as I’ve grown older. Patience at other road users, patience over waiting for a queue to evaporate in front of me, and patience with buying a car and then actually living with it for a few years, rather t
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Sports Personality
Porsche has been inextricably linked with motorsport since the very early days. Success in classic long distance races such as the Carrera Panamericana and Targa Florio set the scene, while now legendary triumphs in sports car racing followed – such
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Under The Hammer
SUBSCRIBE TO GT PORSCHE SEE PAGE 72 FOR DETAILS It goes without saying that 2020 has been an unusual year for car shows – principally because, for obvious reasons, there haven’t been very many. This has had a significant impact on the auction sphere,
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Porsche had long harboured an ambition to enter the eSports arena and in 2019 it established the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition, a sim racing championship jointly organised with iRacing – the leading online racing simulation platform. This
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1970 Monte Carlo Rally
On the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally held between 16-24 January, Björn Waldegaard and Lars Helmer hustled their 911 S/T well enough to take overall honours, making it a third double victory in a row for Porsche. Björn went onto win the World Championship ti
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Entry-Level Motorsport
Following its new eSports path Porsche Club GB offers well established routes into real life motorsport, providing drivers of all abilities with an entry point into the Porsche Motorsport Pyramid. Porsche Club GB’s Paul Grainger elaborated: “In the p
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Circuit Racing
Many with an appetite for motorsport will see circuit racing as the ultimate goal. Porsche Club GB Motorsport’s Porsche Classic Boxster Cup – an evolution of the successful Restoracing Championship of 2018 and 2019 (created in celebration of the 20th
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GT Porsche
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Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB
The new-for-2020 Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB for 425hp 982 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport cars further strengthens the Porsche Motorsport Pyramid – linking the lower and upper levels of the triangle. Establishing a new level for competitors
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The observant among you will have noticed a change of hands as I have taken over from previous editor Dan Furr, who has done a fine job in delivering your bi-monthly Porsche reading fix. My earliest Porsche fix has to be in the form of a close family
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Porsche Carrera Cup GB
The Porsche Carrera Cup GB is the top of the Porsche Motorsport GB tree and a gateway to international motorsport. Using the 485hp second-generation 991 GT3 Cup, the championship is broadcast live on ITV4 and it’s likely you have watched it before. T
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Simple Pleasures
On paper it’s easy to be drawn in by power and torque figures, especially when it comes to 911s, as the most powerful often look most menacing on the road, with their hunched arches and aero. Longstanding Porsche enthusiast Simon Moore has come to th
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Going Full Circle
Absolutely not!’ That was the emphatic reaction from Jürgen Barth when asked if the factory had ever planned to take Porsche’s new 924 racing. Quoted in author Roy Smith’s tome on the 924 Carrera, Barth continued: ‘The management’s position was that
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New Panamera Models Announced
The Turbo S has a V8 petrol/electric powertrain developing 700 PS (514 kW) and the capability to deliver over 30 miles of all-electric range. It combines a 571 PS 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with a 100 kW (136 PS) electric motor. The new battery a
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Battle Of The Ages
When the Porsche 959 arrived in 1986, it recalibrated expectations of what a supercar could deliver, both in terms of performance and technology. Magazines inevitably compared it with the more visceral Ferrari F40 that debuted the following year, but
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2021 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup
Now in its 29th season, the 2021 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup calendar has been announced by organisers. Consisting of eight races, this international one-make championship runs exclusively as support races to the FIA Formula One World Championship. Kick
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Taycan Claims Ev Drift Record
Porsche has taken its spot in the Guinness World Records™ with the Taycan for the longest drift held by an electric vehicle. Held at the Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) Hockenheimring, it was driven by Chief Porsche Instructor Dennis Retera. Retera h
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Five Minutes With Esmee Hawkey
When and how did you start in motor racing? My father did karting and circuit racing and we used to watch him in the Monaco Cup. I got to stand on the podium and at that point it clicked that motorsport was something I wanted to get into. I carefully
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911 Rsr Takes 7th Imsa Title
With the RSR already having achieved success in the FIA WEC, it also proved to be the car to beat in the IMSA series. At the first six meetings of 2020, the two RSR Core Autosport / works cars set pole lap times four times and lead the field over a d
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The Price Is Light
I’ve owned my 996 Carrera since September 2017, but the journey really started with a visit to Autofarm that March. The only 996 I’d driven previously was a baggy Turbo, so when Autofarm founder Josh Sadler kindly chucked me the keys to his 2002 Carr
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New Gear
Ideal for the winter months is this comprehensive giveaway from car care specialist Autoglym. With an RRP of £75.20 its Bodywork, Wheels & Interior Collection has everything required to detail your Porsche. The bodywork side of the collection feature
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Design 911
In the mid 1990s Karl Chopra started helping friends forward date their 911s, by fitting larger 964-style bumpers onto G model cars. This expanded to customer vehicles and then into a business providing such a service, hence the name the company carr
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The genesis of the 944 is convoluted and serpentine, and it all begins with a mooted joint project between Porsche and Volkswagen. The front-engined, water-cooled 924 of 1976 was originally a product of the VW-Porsche merger team set up to develop th
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Three Is The Magic Number
The first chapter in Porsche’s hardcore racers for the road story, the Carrera RS 2.7, has been enshrined as a 911 icon for 48 years. Developed to compete in Group 3 Special GT racing, 1,580 examples of the 210bhp road rocket rolled out of Zuffenhaus
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Five Minutes With 911 Virgin
When was 911 Virgin established? 911 Virgin formed as a limited company in 1996 and we moved to our current site just outside Uxbridge, West London, in 1998. My brother Tom joined in 2000 and we have grown from there. By training I’m actually an indu
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987 (2.7) Boxster Service Guide
Not all Porsche owners are fastidious, and 987-model Boxsters can be seen advertised with part service history. These are often purchased as a short-term fix, for that bucket list summer road trip and promptly sold on when the nights draw in. Such ex
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Harry King
I got started in motorsport with my father buying a kart for my brother, who is two years older than me. He didn’t really enjoy it so I asked my dad if I could have a go, he said “yes” and it has snowballed from there to where I find myself in the TO
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Swept Away
Here is a quick introduction of our journey through life together. She is part of my identity. Who I am. She is like me, an older girl in need of a bit of work but polishes up great! To me the Targa is a design classic with beauty that has not dimini
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