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Welcome the Ineos Legionnaire
The Vocal Yokel THANK heavens that’s over. I’m talking about 2020, the year of coronavirus, Brexit and maximum aggravation. It was the pandemic and the leaving of the EU that caused the aggro. I have never known Britain so divided. Brexit started it
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The Jewel of Malta
ARIO Gauci is a furniture importer, based on the island of Malta. Every spare minute this dedicated family man has, is devoted to the other big love of his life, Land Rovers. Mario has owned Land Rovers since he was 16 years old. His first was a Seri
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Disco Time
I know life is not sunshine and roses at the moment and we have tried to be mindful of that with what we have produced this month. I hope that the content provides you with an escape, lifts your spirits and brightens up the day, even if it is snowing
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1974 Series III 109
Tell readers a little bit about yourselves I am an agricultural engineer while Lucas is a full-time student in secondary school. Why a Land Rover project? When Lucas was born he had a heart problem which led to him spending a lot of time in hospital.
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Lifting The Body Off
I prefer to remove the Defender body in one largely complete assembly. The alternative is to dismantle it piece by piece which, although more time consuming, may be the only option if suitable lifting gear is not available or if you are carrying out
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Landrover Monthly
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Norfolk Garage
WITH RICHARD HALL RICHARD HALL bought his first Land Rover, a Series III, just after his 18th birthday and has since owned, maintained and restored these vehicles for over 30 years now. He runs a small Land Rover repair and restoration business in No
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Lrm’s Fleet
EDITOR 1999 Defender 110 2.8 CONTRIBUTOR 1984 Ninety 300Tdi TECHNICAL EDITOR 1976 Series III 88 soft top 1989 Ninety Station Wagon 1998 Discovery 300Tdi 2000 Freelander 1 L-series 2000 Defender 110 Td5 2006 Range Rover Sport TDV6 CONTRIBUTOR 1984 Lan
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“ Bored? How can I possibly be bored when I've got the Defender's rear step return spring to strip down, inspect for damage, lubricate and replace…? ” Ian’s been driving Land Rovers for over 40 years and drawing for LRM since issue 2. He lives on the
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Land Rover Returns To The Dakar In 2021
LAND Rover has strong ties with Dakar Rally after a Range Rover won the inaugural event in 1979, before triumphing again in 1981, so it’s only fitting that its latest and toughest product should be providing on-event support for a team’s two drivers,
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Achieving Perfect Body Welding
AS Alisdair points out in his Discreet Welding feature (p108) blended weld repairs are an option on chassis welding, having greatest importance when restoring a vehicle to look just as it did when originally built by Land Rover. But when it comes to
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Alone In Botswana
AFTER almost a month of solitude, we left the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) with almost no fuel, no water and only tinned food. On reaching the tar road the police waved us down: “Botswana is going into lockdown tomorrow at midnight,” they adv
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Ready For Action
WITH not much happening on the travel and adventure front due to the pandemic, I have used the time to get loads of bits done to my 110. I had noticed that my clutch was not working like it should and after checking the fluid levels, I suspected that
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Free Gift worth Up To £47.94 When You Subscribe
TWO GREAT GIFTS FROM TO CHOOSE FROM 1GIFT Rechargeable Inspection Lamp • Slimline foldout inspection lamp for use in confined spaces with its slim 9mm thickness.• Inspection arm can be rotated 180° and folded.• Features 1 COB LED, which produce up to
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Lrm’s Fleet
CONTRIBUTOR Discovery 4, Freelander 2 XS Defender 90, Series I CONTRIBUTOR 2007 Freelander 2 XS TD4 2003 Defender TD5 90 CONTRIBUTOR 1985 Ninety 300Tdi, 2010 Freelander 2 HSE SD4 Freelander 1 SE CONTRIBUTOR 1991 Range Rover Classic 300Tdi 1987 Range
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Rare Spares
THE six-cylinder petrol Series vehicles were never big sellers for Land Rover. The 2.6-litre engine did not offer a huge power increase over the standard four, drank rather more fuel and was not quite as simple and robust. It was a technically intrig
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Work Safely
• Wear thick protective gloves when working with sharp edges, grinding, cutting and using an angle grinder. • Hold the angle grinder with two hands to control torque twist and kick-back. • Wear eye protection when grinding, cutting, wire brushing, sa
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PRICE: £17.52 CONTACT: Using regular pliers or a screwdriver to remove a hose from a fixing can damage the hose or surrounds. These Hose Removal Pliers will make sure that does not happen when dealing with hoses with diameters betwee
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JE MotorWorks Creates Cleanest-ever Defender
CALLING on over four decades of designing and developing innovative improvements and solutions for Land Rovers, JE MotorWorks is pleased to announce that its most recent initiative enables owners of pre-2016 Defenders to clean up their act. We’re not
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Send your letters to I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the interview with Richard Hall (Winter LRM) and learning more about him. I always enjoy his Norfolk Garage articles in your magazine and I’m also
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The Power Of Adventure Therapy
I don’t know about you but I think we could all benefit from a bit of adventure therapy, after the year we’ve had. There is just something about being in the great outdoors that allows you to escape the stressful demands of everyday life and reduces
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Defender: REBIRTHO FANICON Part 2: 1990–2007 The Story So Far…
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Greg King is Mr Defender. He started at Solihull in 1993 as a 16-year-old Land Rover-mad apprentice and went on to work on the 50th anniversary 90, Storm Defender, Tempest (Disco 2), second-gen RR Sport, the Paul Smith Defender, 2 mi
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THERE’S no word yet about an electric Land Rover, but they have to come, eventually – Skoda and MG are already offering Discovery Sport-sized EVs capable of over 200 miles range. But that’s not enough, and the struggle to develop an affordable batter
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Gastrowagon Up For Grabs
DESPITE the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, Land Rover prices have held up well through the pandemic, with Car Dealer magazine reporting that Landies at auction have easily reached CAP valuations in most cases. The trade, of course, is mainly
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A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved
Roving Reporter ABOUT a month before I drove the Lightweight back up to London, I had made a new Land Rover friend. For some time, I had seen this nice ex-army 110 parked up in the same position for some time on a hill in my area and, eventually, I w
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Your Pictures
Want to see more of your Landy pictures? Then visit our new website: Find us on @LRMonthly LandRoverMonthly @land_rover_monthly @ Landrovermonthly ■
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Identifying Water Leaks
WE all know the symptoms: opening the door, the car smells a little musty. After a few minutes driving the windows start to mist up, only it isn’t raining. After a sudden downpour when the truck is parked, we notice the windows are suddenly misty. Al
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Behind The Wheel Of The New 110
Dobbo Down Under FINALLY, I got my hands on the new Defender. Land Rover Australia provided the P400 110 fitted with the 3.0-litre supercharged petrol engine that retails at $127k (Australian Dollars). Many of you will recall how dismissive I have be
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Covid Screening
THERE I was, on a nice Sunday morning and I’d decided to do what many people do: clean my car. Admittedly not many Land Rover owners do this on a Sunday, as we’re normally out driving them, often off-road and getting them muddy. But on this Sunday, I
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Better Late Than Never!
PAKISTAN was one of the last countries in the world to import Land Rovers, but it sure has been making up for lost time. The Pakistan Land Rover Club was founded in 2008 and today has members throughout Pakistan, as well 4500 worldwide followers on t
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