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Buyer’s Guide To Voice Over IP Systems
During the pandemic we’ve heard a lot about cloud-based file-sharing services and videoconferencing platforms, but one technology that hasn’t got the acknowledgement it deserves is VoIP. Companies using VoIP services have been easily able to keep the
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What’s Not Being Switched Off?
A common misperception about the big switch-off is that this means the end of copper cabling. If only that were true… While Openreach and others are pressing ahead with fibre-to-the-premises rollouts across the country, there’s zero chance that every
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“Reputations Are Going To Be Staked On How ‘The Computer’ Goes About Making Decisions”
We live lonely lives here sometimes. The type of critic who sees patterns in everything loves to tell me that I’m in the pockets of PC Pro advertisers, and that we all toe the party line – most recently over systems such as the Raspberry Pi 400 or an
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Lee’s Self-built Dream Machine
My self-built machine had to fulfil three objectives. The first was to be simply a PC for everyday needs. Nothing quirky that flashes like a funfair ride, just a solid Windows-based family computer. The second was to create something to outperform th
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“You Need To Know Where Your Data Is Going To Identify Compliance And Risk Issues
Last month, I was reviewing the relationship between a UK client and a US technology provider who stored personal data on behalf of my client. The provider’s terms stated that it “complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework” for transfers of per
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I thought I’d share a historic example from when the right to repair and recycle was commonplace. My Dell laptop has recently failed. That’s not unusual, you might say, but stay with me: this laptop is 18 years old. It was a Dell Inspiron 8200, a “de
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Lenovo Tab P11 Pro
SCORE PRICE With keyboard and pen, £499 (£599 inc VAT) from lenovo.com In this month’s main feature (see p26), we gave Lee Grant £250 to build PC and also looked at what you could buy new for that money. One of the more interesting devices is the Len
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Ron And The Right To Repair
Ron has appeared here before, when I got an invite to the Royal Albert Hall to see and hear its new sound system (see issue 298, p120). In early 2021, he was back in touch, wanting to tidy up his digitised music library. Unusually for someone in his
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Honor MagicBook 14(2021)
SCORE PRICE £916 (£1,099 inc VAT) from hihonor.com The 2020 Honor MagicBook 14 (see issue 319, p82) was a value champ, packing powerful AMD Ryzen 4000 processors into a solid metal chassis for less than £700. This 2021 edition shifts streams, with Ho
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How We Test
We run our own benchmarks on every Windows and macOS system we test. These are based around image editing, video editing and multitasking (where we run the video-editing benchmark while simultaneously playing back a 4K video). At the bottom of each l
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Next Month’s Issue
Thursday 8 July 2021 What can you buy for £500, £1,000 or £1,500? We challenge the UK’s best PCmakers, and their international rivals, to find out. Start your subscription today and claim a free 32GB memory stick emblazoned with the logo of your favo
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Bitdefender Internet Security
SCORE PRICE 3 PCs, 1yr, £13 (£15 inc VAT) from pcpro.link/322bit Protection rating 100% False positives 5 Performance rating 89.8% Scan time 5m5s We’ve recommended Bitdefender many times in the past, not to mention in our roundup of freebies on p86,
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It’s Goodbye To Android And Hello To The IPhone Mini
@njkobie After a dozen years on Android, I’ve finally made the switch to an iPhone. And it has less to do with Apple than what’s happened to the rest of the smartphone market. With the exception of a Nokia E71 running Symbian back in the late 2000s,
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HP Z27u G3
SCORE PRICE £319 (£383 inc VAT) from hp.com/uk With tiny bezels, a slim stand and solid build quality, the HP Z27u G3 makes a great first impression. The screen is only 38mm thick, and the entire unit takes up just 230mm of space from front to back.
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Dray Tek Vigor AP 960C
SCORE PRICE £163 exc VAT from broadbandbuyer.co.uk DrayTek specialises in business-class networking at SMB-friendly prices, and the VigorAP 960C fits the bill perfectly. It offers impressive performance, thanks to dual-band Wi-Fi 6 radios, and also s
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Apple Air Tag
SCORE PRICE £24 (£29 inc VAT) from apple.com/uk It’s odd that Apple’s AirTags have garnered so many headlines; after all, Bluetooth trackers are nothing new. Companies such as Tile and Chipolo have been making similar devices for years, allowing you
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Am I The Only One Who Misses The Adventures Of The 1980s?
It’s difficult to imagine me annoying my PC Pro colleagues more than usual, but this month I’ve excelled myself. I don’t mean to. But, like a nervous tick, I’ve found cause to mention my new book – The Computers That Made Britain, a hardback bargain
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Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
SCORE PRICE £182 (£219 inc VAT) from pcpro.link/322rpro The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 delivers a list of new and improved features almost as long as its name. It’s the nicest-looking doorbell Ring has yet produced, with a slimmer, less boxy shape tha
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Chuwi Hero Book Pro+
PRICE $279 (approx £205) from store.chuwi.com The world’s fastest laptop? Absolutely not. Its Intel Celeron J3455 chip dates back to 2016, and that showed in its PC Pro benchmark result of 20 – that’s two-fifths as fast as Lee’s mean machine with its
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How We Test And Graphs
For our protection ratings this month we draw on real-world tests carried out by not one but two specialist antivirus testing labs – namely AV-Comparatives.org (pcpro.link/322comp) and AV-Test.org (pcpro.link/322test). The scores shown on the precedi
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Fractversus Friction:the Life Of A Digital Artist
There’s never been a better time to be a digital artist. Last night, Channel 4 News had David Hockney talking about his new show of spring landscapes painted on his iPad at the Royal Academy. And back in March, Michael Winkelman, aka “Beeple”, sold a
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Aoc U28p2a
SCORE PRICE £277 (£332 inc VAT) from uk.insight.com This isn’t the first cut-price 4K monitor to cross our paths. The 27in Iiyama XU2792UHSU-B1 (see issue 313, p79) impressed for £280, but had a basic stand and no USB hub. This 28in AOC monitor gives
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How To Make Money by Selling Your old Tech
Building up a mountain of hardware and software is easy, particularly if you have the unfortunate habit – as I do – of succumbing to the latest tech. At some point, you’ll look at what you have and realise you’ve spent a sizeable chunk of cash on dev
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Turn A £.50 Micro:bit Into A Pomodoro Timer
The BBC micro:bit is a very versatile little computer. Although it’s designed and marketed with a focus on introducing kids to coding, it’s capable of far more than mere programming exercises. The second-generation hardware, released last October, ha
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One Last Thing From Lee
Although this has been a lot of fun, there are some serious points to consider. Buying new products brings the latest innovations into our homes and offices with the re-assurance of a warranty if things go wrong. They often score over older tech with
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BullGuard Internet Security
SCORE PRICE 6 PCs, 1yr, £13 (£16 inc VAT) from pcpro.link/322bull Protection rating 99.8% False positives 1 Performance rating 91.5% Scan time 2m48s It’s weird that, in 2021, BullGuard doesn’t render properly on modern, high-DPI screens. On our test
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The Great British Switch-off
The telephone network that we’ve relied on for decades is coming to an end. The UK’s public switched telephone network (PSTN) is being shut down in 2025, and traditional telephony products will stop being sold in as little as 18 months’ time. The PST
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Synology DiskStation DS1821+
SCORE PRICE Diskless, £788 exc VAT from broadbandbuyer.com The DS1821+ represents a change of direction for Synology: it’s one of a new range of NAS appliances that ditch the familiar Intel processors and put AMD in the driving seat instead. This mod
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Inform And Enhance Your Business With Open Data
Data is your organisation’s most valuable resource – and that includes data you don’t own. That might sound nonsensical, but the fact is that all the information generated or acquired by your company only represents a tiny fraction of what’s availabl
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Gradwell Wave
SCORE PRICE Wave 100, from £10 exc VAT per user per month from gradwell.com Gradwell is an established name in the UK communications market, but its Wave VoIP service is a recent arrival. We first reviewed it back in issue 307 and were impressed with
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