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How Google Works

Principais insights de Eric Schmidt e Alan Eagle

How Google Works

Principais insights de Eric Schmidt e Alan Eagle

How Google Works

7 minutos

If you want to improve your business, Google it.

Google is disruptive not only in its technical innovations but also in its operations. Do you wish your organization could mimic the unique success and innovation of Google? In “How Google Works,” you’ll learn the secrets of how Google’s executives have led by intuition, common sense, and expertise, upending business conventions along the way.

Leia este instantâneo se você:

  • Want to reorganize your business into a flattened organization
  • Are curious about Google’s innovation processes and management style
  • Are looking for ways to think outside of the box and make your business a success
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Google launched in 1998 with two leaders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who saw their lack of formal business training as an asset. They started with a good product and worthy values and built the company based on them, ignoring conventional business wisdom in favor of doing the right thing for their company. Google runs on innovation and collaboration, relying on wildly talented employees to solve problems, even when those problems lie outside of their field of expertise. In short, Google works on passion.

As you read, keep in mind these lessons about how Google works:


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