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Best Self: Be You, Only Better

Principais insights de Mike Bayer

Best Self: Be You, Only Better

Principais insights de Mike Bayer

Best Self: Be You, Only Better

9 minutos

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How to let your authentic passion lead you to your best life.

<p>Your best self knows how to take advantage of what the world has to offer — and it has the most to offer the world. If you aren’t guided by passion or living according to your highest values, then you haven’t even begun to access the best self that lies within you. “Best Self” is your guide to uncovering what defines the most excellent version of your personality. By combing through your values and unlocking your passion, you can become the person you’ve always known you could be.</p><br>

Leia este instantâneo se você:

  • Feel that your life is out of sync with your true passion
  • Are ready to acknowledge what’s keeping your life from being all that it could be
  • Want a personalized plan for aligning your life with your real values.
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If your life isn’t on a path that you’ve chosen based on your passion, how can you expect to feel fulfilled? A day when you’re committed to a job you don’t really care about is a day when your chances of happiness are totally shot.

However, most people spend their lives dedicated to work or relationships that they’ve found themselves in arbitrarily because they fear what following their real passion would mean, haven’t done the work to discover what their passion is, or simply have never been told that following their passion is allowed. But you can never be fulfilled by a life...

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