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CS-533E CP-533E Vibratory Compactor DAM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY ...

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Configurao: CS-533E CP-533E Vibratory Compactor DAM00001-UP

Service Magazine
Nmero de Mdia - SEPD0817- 00

Data de Publicao - 02/01/2006

Data de Atualizao - 02/01/2006


New Guidelines for Inspecting Pistons {1214}

SMCS - 1214
Machine Engines:
C-9 (S/N: 4ZF1-UP)
C-12 (S/N: JAC1-UP)
C-15 (S/N: A3A1-UP)
C15 (S/N: LHX1-UP)
C-16 (S/N: GDA1-UP)
3003 (S/N: 5DW1-UP)
3013 (S/N: 4ZW1-UP; 9TJ1-UP)
3013C (S/N: CSD1-UP)
3014 (S/N: 4HW1-UP)
3024 (S/N: 3TW1-UP; 8FG1-UP)
3034 (S/N: 3NW1-UP)
3044C (S/N: CJS1-UP)
3046 (S/N: MHK1-UP; 5XK1-UP)
3054 (S/N: 9RM1-UP; 7BJ1-UP)
3054B (S/N: 7SG1-UP)
3054C (S/N: G4D1-UP; CRS1-UP)
3054E (S/N: CRX1-UP)
3056 (S/N: 8XJ1-UP)
3056E (S/N: CPT1-UP)
3064 (S/N: 6LK1-UP)
3114 (S/N: 2ZF1-UP; 5EF1-UP; 4RR1-UP; 97Z1-UP; 2FG1-UP)
3116 (S/N: 4TF1-UP; 6RR1-UP; 98Z1-UP; 7JS1-UP; 1CK1-UP; 2WG1-UP; 7TM1-UP)
3126 (S/N: 3AK1-UP; 4CW1-UP; 6JK1-UP)
3126B (S/N: CSW1-UP; BMA1-UP; 5GG1-UP; 55K1-UP)
3160 (S/N: 98M1-UP)
3066 (S/N: 7JK1-UP)
3176 (S/N: 43Z1-UP)
3176C (S/N: 7ZR1-UP; 3PD1-UP)
3196 (S/N: 5ED1-UP; 6AR1-UP)
3204 (S/N: 7YJ1-UP; 10X1-UP; 45V1-UP; 6DC1-UP)
3208 (S/N: 79V1-UP; 90N1-UP; 03Z1-UP; 93Z1-UP)
3304 (S/N: 9CB1-UP; 46V1-UP; 59Z1-UP; 78P1-UP; 48V1-UP; 4XB1-UP; 10E1-UP; 4YD1-UP;


CS-533E CP-533E Vibratory Compactor DAM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY ...

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07Z1-UP; 09Z1-UP; 12Z1-UP)

3306 (S/N: 1AF1-UP; 60Z1-UP; 47V1-UP; 9SX1-UP; 62Z1-UP; 6NC1-UP; 8TD1-UP; 49V1-UP;
03N1-UP; 64Z1-UP; 08Z1-UP; 10Z1-UP; 13Z1-UP)
3406 (S/N: 11N1-UP; 81Y1-UP; 41Z1-UP; 70V1-UP; 9AP1-UP)
3406B (S/N: 6TB1-UP)
3406E (S/N: BKN1-UP; BET1-UP)
3408 (S/N: 48W1-UP; 77M1-UP; 67U1-UP)
3408E (S/N: 99C1-UP; 5XD1-UP)
3412 (S/N: 73W1-UP; 38S1-UP)
3412E (S/N: 80M1-UP)
3412D (S/N: 5JJ1-UP)
3456 (S/N: BNT1-UP; 7RC1-UP; BLC1-UP)
3508 (S/N: 7YG1-UP; 4ZL1-UP; 5TL1-UP; 99W1-UP)
3508B (S/N: 2GR1-UP)
3512 (S/N: 96Z1-UP; 8BR1-UP; 4WJ1-UP; 5EL1-UP; 6FL1-UP)
3516 (S/N: 7TR1-UP; 54Z1-UP; 2PK1-UP; 6CL1-UP; 7CL1-UP)
3516B (S/N: 8WM1-UP)
3524B (S/N: 3TN1-UP; 2CS1-UP; 1AW1-UP)
D342 (S/N: 17S1-UP; 50V1-UP)
D343 (S/N: 52K1-UP)
D346 (S/N: 73X1-UP)
D348 (S/N: 98S1-UP)
D353 (S/N: 97U1-UP)
Pistons and piston pins wear together. Mixing pistons and piston pins can lead to problems with the rotation
of the piston pin.
Mark the piston and piston pin with the cylinder number in order to retain the orientation of the piston and
piston pin for reassembly. Use the front of the engine for the reference orientation of the piston and piston
pin. Refer to Special Instruction, SEBF8049, "Piston Visual Inspection" for additional information.
Note: Do not mix the pistons and piston pins from different cylinders. Ensure that the pistons and piston
pins are oriented properly with reference to the front of the engine.

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