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Objectives Project Delivery

Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments a. Completeness of Deliverables a. Not only completed all the deliverables on ti me but extended normal working hours whenev b. Timeliness of Deliverables - N er needed to fulfil project requirements as a par t of MART - CMT team and EG team thereafter. o schedule deviation b. Took over from a senior resource in EG Suppo rt Team and scaled up as self-sufficient and conf d. Problem solving - understand ident in problem solving and solution implemen the problem and implement solu tation. tions under guidance c. 100% adherence to SLA norms and reporting e. Contribution to Unit test cases of issues and leaves. /check-list preparation d. Participation in consolidation of Weekly statu f. Timely reporting of issues and l s reports, Service delivery reports and Account p rogress reports. Ensured that all the reports and eaves to project lead / PM completed before time. c. Quality of code g. SLA adherence as per project norm

Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments Customer satisfac a. Help the team to Timely Resp a. Stepped into the role as ESB resources, but as tion onse to customer requests - Prov the role demanded and as per customer reques ide necessary inputs on time. ts, undertook SAP responsibilities as well. b. Appropriate, timely, unambig b. Conveyed all my views in as formal and as un ambiguous manner as possible. uous communication

Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments Quality and Proce a. Compliance to the processes a a. 100% adherence to all the compliances and pr ss nd standards ocesses as laid in the SLA. b. Documented and maintained CMT Support d oc which serves as a reference guide in Custome c. Completing timesheet on time r SharePoint portal. b. Quality of Documentation c. Filled up and completed Wipro timesheet on t ime without any deviation.

Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments Competency/ Self a. Build expertise in identified te a. As the role demanded learned multiple techn



ologies. Started from SQL Server and Sagent ETL tool in MART CMT. As a member of EG Team, le b. New areas / tools / techniques arnt SAP RT, VB, as well as scripting in testing au tomation tool (QTP). Learned Microsoft SharePo learnt int portal for Yells KNet portal implementation. c. Trainings Attended - All Mand atory and Project specific trainin b. Designed and implemented a QTP script to eli minate the sanity checking efforts by almost 60 gs %. Received appreciation from the client for the d. Certifications acquired & Cont same. ribution of utilities/tools/acceler ators /project learning into KNET c. Submitted a white paper on Winning in a Digi tal world for GMT-Tech ConneXion 2012, the on ly entry in the competition from a WASEian. d. Designed and maintained Yell Group's portal i n Wipro K-Net. b. Attended week long training on Informatica ( Business Intelligence -ETL tool). Completed all m andatory assessments along with MS 101 for ma naged services.

Objectives Measurement Criteria Appraisee's Comments Team work and co a. Participation in team activities a. Enthusiastically participated in all the team ac mmunication & initiatives tivities and celebration to inculcate team bondin g. b. Effective Communication with b. Provided technical guidance to junior team m in the team embers and shared work load when required. b. Effectively communicated all my views in a un ambiguous manner. d. Flexibly worked in different time zones.

Objectives ILP Objective ILP Completion Status

Measurement Criteria View ILP Transcript 100%

Appraisee's Comments Completed successfully.

Significant Achievements Appraisee's Comments a. Successfully transitioned from MART CMT team to EG Support to take over from a senior resource and scaled up confident. b. Initiated, designed and implemented Automated Sanity checking, reducing almost 60% manual efforts. Learnt QTP and VB scripting for this, which were complete alien for me. c. Designed Yell Group's KNet portal in Wipro KM, currently SPOC for the same. D. Brought in place a systematic approach to track tickets, incidents status from various teams helping in timely consolidation stats for various reports like WSR and APR. e. Learned multiple technologies and tools like SQL Server, Sagent Automation, QTP, SAP RT tool, Remedy for ticket tracking. f. Submitted White paper on Winning in a Digital World in GMT level white paper presentation competition.