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SONY. Remote Commander Operating Instructions 3-220-546-12(1) RM-V301 Manual de instrucciones (parte posterior) ©2000 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia For the customers in the U.S.A. WARNING This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits fora Clase B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 ofthe FCC Rules These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection agains! harmful interferencein a rexdential installation. This equipment senerates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not Installed ancl used in accordance with the instructions, may cause ‘Rormifl interference te radig sommuicabons. However, theres rho guarantee that interference will not occur in perticula incallation. Ifhis equipment does case harm! interference t6 radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning, the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged w ty to correct the interierence by one of more ofthe following measures: + Reorient o relocate the receiving antenna + Increase the separation between the equipment and receive. * Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit dfferent from that to which the receivers connects + Consult the dealer or an experienced rodio TV technician for help, ‘You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly epproved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. Setting Up the Remote Commander About Presetting the Commander “The Commander is preset atthe factory to operate Sony brand, ‘components, Tf you're using the Commander with a Sony component, you won't need to preset the Commander before you start using it ‘Toset up the Commander to use with other (nom-Sony) rman.ufacturers’ components, or o use with a component that is not preset atthe factory, you'll need to follow the instructions inthis ‘manual to preset the Commander with the correct code number for your components. (Sce the supplied “Component Code Numbers” also.) ‘Component that canbe preset Button Factory setting v W Sony TV VoR ver ‘Sony VHS VCR Cable box/Digial satelite receiver) €BUSAT Receiver/CD player/ Tape deck/ MD deck/ DAT deck/DVD player/ TV/VCR Notes «The Commander can be set up to operate only one component per button ~ unless their code numbers happen to be the same. For ‘example, you cannot set up the Commander to operate a Sony TV and ¢ Panasonic TV simultancously (because they use different code numbers). + You may not be able to operate even a Sony brand component with the factory presetting. In such a case, follow the procedure in "Setting the Code.” RVR Sony meee Sony DVD player Installing the Batteries Slide open the battery compartment and insert two size AA (R6) batteries (not supplied). Be sure to line up the + andl ~ on the batteries with the + and ~ on the battery compartment, When to replace the batteries Under normal conditions, batteries wil last up to si months If the Commander does not operate propery, the batteries might be wom cout Replace the batteries with neW ones Notes + Replace both batteries with new ones. ‘Da not take more than 20 minutes to replace the batteries: otherwise, your setting ofthe code numbers willbe erased ‘Notes on Batteries ‘Do not mix old batteries with new ones or mix different types of batteries together ‘Ifthe electrolyte inside the battery should leak, wipe the ‘contaminated arca of the battery compartment with a cloth and replace the old batteries with new ones, To prevent the electrolyte from leaking, remove the batteries when you plan not to use the Commander for a long period of time. Setting the Code Follow the steps 1 and.2 below for each component you plan tose ith the Commander. Step 1: Entering the Code Number 1 See the supplied “Component Code numbers", and find the three code number for the desired component If more than one code ntimber is listed, use the number that’s listed first to complete the steps below. For exampla, if you're setting up a Philips’ VCR, you would use the code number 035, If your component isnt listed, see “Searching for the Correct year pai 2. Press and release the $ (se) button. Qs) Sie Lent cocoa ene Sah ses noes ee ene ere te ee eee ae O eurcodetonier For example, if you're entering the code foca Philips VCR. you would press © @ ©. 5 Press and release the ENT button to store the code number in the Commander's ep 6 Goto Step 2:Checking if the Code Number Works" to finish setting up, Hf you press a wrong button in step 4 Press and release the $ (Se) button and then go back to step 3 ‘Step 2: Checking if the Code Number Works. 1 Power on the component you want to setup. 2. Aim the Remote Commander at the component and press button to check if that button works For example, press the POWER button to soe if it works on ‘component. 3 Check that the other buttons of the Commander is operating the ‘corresponding functions ofthe component. If the Commander Doesn't Seem to Be Working... + First, try repeating these setup procedures using the other codes listed for your component (see the supplied “Component Code Numbers”) ‘If ater trying all the codes listed for your component ~ you still ‘cannot get the Commander to work properly, tr the search ‘method described in “Searching for the Correct Code.” Tie ‘You can write doven the code number on the label inside the battery ‘compartment lid. Searching for the Correct Code if you've tried al the code numbers listed for your component and {oust cannot go the Commander to work (orf your component i hot listed in the“ Component Code Numbers tables), try those eps 1 Power om the component you want to setup. Insert tape or dise itnecenary 2 Press and release the § (st) button, 23 Press the button ofthe component on the Commander that you want to set up, 4 Press and release the CH button. Then press and release the POWER button, 5 Repeat step 4 until the correct code number i found. Extn time you pres the CH button and then the POWER bution, a new cade number lb transite ep tying until your component operates by receiving the trated signal rom the Commander (the pve ts of the CH= function wore playback tarts, ee) Be patient 3 You do thisitmay tae obout 100 tits Unt te comet code mumbo located. 1 Wren the correc codes foun, prea the ENT button 0 re the code number in the Commanders memory 7 Check that the Commander i operating the othe functions of Sour component by presing the coresponding Butons onthe emaner I thy sem fo Be working propel, Youre done setting up the Commander. I the component does nat operate prope sath loranohercode repeat steps I to 6 and I you still cannot get the Commander to work properly, se “Troubleshooting.” Changing the Component Type on the CBL/ ‘SAT, RCVR, and DVD buttons Atthe factory, “cable box” is assigned on the CBLISAT button, receiver” on the RCVR button, and “DVD player” on the DVD button. By completing the following procedure, you can change this setting so that You can set up any component on these buttons. 1 Press the § (st) button and release it 2 Press the CBL/SAT, RCVR, 0: DVD button. 3 Press and release the Ml (stop) button 4 ress and releaee one ofthe following buttons: @ toasagna VER © to asign 9 digital satelite receiver @ to senna roeever B toasogna CD player to asaign a tape deck D to sesgn an MD deck ora DAT deck tossogns TV © to assign a cable box © wassigna DVD player 5 Press and release the ENT button 6 Enter the component's code number by following steps 20 6 of “Entering the Code Number”, o steps 1 0 7 of “Searching for the Correct Code. ——_—_————— Controlling the Volume of Video Components Connected to an Audio System The Commanders factory preset based onthe assumption that you Rear he sound of yourviéeocomporans ros your PVs epesks, and that you hear the sound of your audio components from the loudspeakers connected to your receiver (or amplifier). Factory Setting: Button Controls the volume of v Tv VCR CBUSAT, DVD" IV RVR ‘Resever (or amplifier) + Tiyow assign an audio component on the CBUSAT or DVD button, you can {ontol he volume of he recver (ampli) on the REVR ttn Ifyou ‘Ssign video comporen on these Buttons you can cotrl the volume Of the wv. Thusyoucn conte the volume of your TV rete muptlien wie operating vides sud component without ft Rngte presse TV or REVR but, For ample, ocd he Volunteer you VCR channels Youd reed pss the TV ton ine Howeve you vides enpinents are connected tan sudo Eyer you probaly heat Your TV's or VER soured fom he TDadopederd conned to your eclver or ample) ot fom Your FV opeier: nts elve, you ned to huge the factory ating Bihar yon am tol he vole your as somponens tranot re having we peich othe over (ample) Toehange te lacey seg forthe volar contrl flow the procedures below Note ‘This feature is effective only when a receiver or amplifier is set up on the REVR button. You cannot control the volume ofa receiver (or amplifier) set up on CBLISAT or DVD button while operating & ‘component of another bution. Changing the Factory Setting for the Volume Control 4 Pres and release the S(t) button. 2 Pret the RCVR button 3 Press the VOLe bution 4 Press the ENT baton fe lane ool sting in change to “receiver /amplifir.” You Cancontol the vlume of fe cece (or ampli) of he REV frtton while selecting any component Notes tif you are using more than one receiver (or amplifier) and have st itdn the BUAT or DVD button. wen sclecting these buttons you ‘cannot control the Volume ofthe receiver (or amplifier of the RCV, button + If you change the setting ofthe RCVR button to a component other ‘than a receiver or amplifier the volume control setting of Video ‘components will return to “TV” even if you have changed the factory preset volume control In this case, you will ot beable to ‘control the volume from auidio components other than a receiver for amplifier To reset to factory preset volume control Instep 3 above, press VOL- instead, Operating a Component * reameratenstteseined ah OB eS 2 Point the Commander dirwctly a the component. 3 Press the button forthe function you want to use. See “Remote Button Descriptions” for complete descriptions of the buttons on the Commander. ties cn Whey wn nos sini Meee ee ecm a a aciaiaaes ie Re Coa lg ee eet a er te cane oa Seabee setae Se aa ene «Pen es canta lc eve eile ond Sec denen Cee ee ee, tm oom 3 Setting a channel with a single button (Channel Macro function) You an program the Chanel Mac Tunton on anya buttons listed below (macro keys). - Forexompe iaeed of pressing, @ and then ENT button to Change he TV chanel ou cn periorn tse operations by preningony the B baton The macro keys are: 44 be mT ond @REC. (During TV, cable box. or digital satellite receiver operations only.) ‘The series of operations that can be prog of two to four sequential pressings of Note The Channel Macro function may not work correctly for some components, To program a series of operations 1 Dress the desired component select button (You can select "TV", “cable box”, or “digital satelite receiver” only.) 2 While pressing the desired macro key, press the buttons required for the operations in sequence For example, to program @ —» @ —» ENT on the Be button, hoki down Be first, press ©, @ and ENT in sequence, and then release . smmed must be consisted to @ buttons or ENT button. Notes + Even if you try to program more than four operations and press the corresponding buttons instep 2 above, only the first four buttons that were pressed will be programmed. ‘Ifyou try to program only one operation on a macro key, the seiting operation will be rejected ++ You can program the Channel Macro function for up to three components only. To program forthe fourth component, frst clear all macro keys for a component To change or clear the program When you want to change the setting or if you are no longer using that programmed operation, follow the procedure below to overwrite or clear the program, 1 Hold down the macro key that you want to change or clea. 2 After waiting for about three seconds, press the new sequence of buttons, or to clear the program, press and release @, and then press and release ENT. 3 Release the macto key Note Be sure to wait for about three seconds in step 2 above. While you are holding down the macro key and waiting, the programmed ‘Signals are transmitted; therefore if you are aiovng the Commander at your component the programmed operations may be performed before you go on with the procedure es Troubleshooting you have problems sting up o using tho Commander: + When setng up the Commander, carfl go through th procedures deseribe in seting the Code” tthe code ats ted rst or Your omponent doce t ork, try al the odes for your somponent