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Te kee NOU eel reds ls ~ BX, j _ Fu NY TOI BR: see Mm jane RS My ve i, WrN ee a Oe SS MSCHOLASTIC eae Tereword MG ira Tettiee takey ces ome lo et ee mans eto er wie teeta ees Now Mare as gone one step further: He has produced this kook that shows exactly how he creates his masterpieces—so you can re-create them, too! Zale [Godel Emily Rodda Of orsecorcon ea ot eh A Sen Canalo bea key to unlock ur tagination and take ws ona journey. There ae no ues when i comes to deawing--everyone has diferent syle and method. “The only eal way to become Peter at drown so practise If you go through each seep this book wth me, you vl ral up wi your very own set of Dra ‘monsters Following these sep wil abo ake i easier for you to ‘When you colour each monster, think about what mood you want to express Different colours can help achieve diferent ‘effects—sime colours make us feel happy, others sad. ’Also, some ae hot, au some are cold, There is no right ‘or wrong about which colours you use. Bu there are two basic rules colours get lighter as they et farther away; and you should stare with lighter colours before gadlly adding che darker ones. Learn fiom your mistakes For example, when I sil green paint over a picture and atbed it off wth a cloth, [discovered a great new way to create tees! Like ‘any jourey, panting ean be more fun when you don't know exactly where you are goin never know what a painting will look like until finshed ‘Come and have some fun deaving Deltora monsters with me Oe Mate McBride C. relents Gorl Soldeen Vraal 3 Ak-Baba Muddlet 4 Sand Beast Dragon a : ( Gellick UY , The Glus Reeah Colour Drawing 8-11 12-15 16-19 20-23 28-31 36-39 40-43 44-47