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Paz de esprito (Simes, Janice) Peace of mind (Simes, Janice)

Felicidade paz de esprito, Happiness is peace of mind,

estar em equilbrio, is to be in balance,
amar sem querer nada em troca, is to love without wanting anything in return,
confiar nas prprias escolhas... is to trust your own choices ...
sorrir agradecendo a natureza, ao vento, is to smile by gracing nature, the wind, the
ao calor do sol, heat of the sun,
ao simples farfalhar das folhas... to the simple rustling of leaves ...
viver um eterno cantar .. is to live an eternal chant ..
se deixar levar pelas inconsistncias da It is to be carried away by the inconsistencies
natureza... of nature ...
Felicidade, as vezes, Happiness, sometimes,
somente contemplar e agradecer... it's just to contemplate and thank ...