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Fernanda Soares de Sousa

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Course number: 547.E89

Portuguese proverbs

Portuguese Proverbs English translation

A esperana a ltima que morre Hope is the last one to die
A fome o melhor tempero Hunger is the best seasoning
A grama sempre mais verde do lado do The grass is always greener on your
vizinho neighbor's yard.
A unio faz a fora. Our union makes us stronger
Amigos amigos, negcios parte Friends are friends, business are
As aparncias enganam Appearances are deceiving
As paredes tm ouvidos Walls have ears.
De boas intenes o inferno t cheio Hell is crowded with people of good
Deus escreve certo por linhas tortas God writes straight by broken lines
Em boca fechada no entra mosca In a closed mouth the flies cant come in.
Em briga de marido e mulher ningum In a quarrel between a husband and his
mete a colher wife, keep away
Errar humano, permanecer no erro Make an error is human, keep doing it is
burrice foolishness.
H males que vm para bem Some bad things come for good.
O barato sai caro The cheapest things are the most
expensive ones.
Quem vivo sempre aparece Who is alive, always drop in
Quem t na chuva pra se molhar Who is in the rain, wants to be wet.