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Atividade Avaliativa

As atividades deverão ser realizadas em DUPLAS ou TRIOS. Não serão aceitas
atividades em grupos maiores.

Deverá ser entregue na data de 08/12/10 no horário da aula

Fonte: Times New Roman 12; espaçamento: 1,5; Capa e folha de rosto

Qualquer dúvida contactar-me: vikkas@oi.com.br

Será composta de três partes:

1 – Introdução: Fazer uma breve consideração sobre o inglês na sociedade e a
importância desse para a área de informática

2 - Analisar o texto seguindo os parâmetros relacionados abaixo

3 – Conclusão: Finalizar o trabalho considerando as contribuições trazidas pela
atividade e pelo curso para o entendimento de textos em língua inglesa.

Para a 2ª etapa deverá ser feito um texto que segue esses parâmetros:

1 – Analisar o título e a imagem do texto e apontar quais são os possíveis assuntos a
serem abordados no mesmo. Esta é uma etapa de previsão do assunto e deverá ser
realizada antes da leitura do mesmo.

2 - Fazer uma análise geral do texto dando a idéia central, explicando as estratégias de
leitura utilizadas. É preciso exemplificar tudo que for dito. Por exemplo, se optar por
identificar as palavras cognatas, alguns exemplos devem ser citados.

3 – Escrever uma conclusão para a análise do texto que integre as etapas de previsão e
de análise do texto (etapas 1 e 2)

Essas três etapas deverão ser redigidas em forma de um ÚNICO texto


We’re addicted to data, and new
inventions like Twitter and the iPhone will
make it worse. The service called Twitter
enables you to broadcast to the world at large,
via the Web or phone or instant message, very
small pieces of personal information: what

Here are three reasons the problem of data addiction is about to get much worse. back into the world of sunlight and cell-phone reception. purses and pockets for whatever mobile digital device we carry. They create a sense that our loved ones are electronically present to us. 16. briefcases. As it does. p. what you have just done. in all its many and splendid forms. above all. n. The Hyperconnected. Internet CEOs have become obsessed with making cell-phone versions of everything we used to get on our desk-tops. But I can’t help wondering if we’re underestimating the counterbalance effect: the cost we’re paying in our disconnection from our immediate surroundings. 168. however far away they may be. . Services like Twitter don’t answer existing needs. Two. 2007. all the people on the train perform the same gesture in unison. and the new category of ultramini PCs is threatening to make computers as portable as cell phones. One. in our dependence on a continuous flow of electronic attention to support our egos and. And three. wi-fi is becoming present everywhere. Time. Twitter creates a unit of content even smaller and more trivial than the individual entry. April 16. We dip into our bags. A case in point: I take the subway to and from work. Internet addiction is an old story. The iPhone will be sold very soon. my train emerges from underground. But we need a broader term like “data addiction” to explain the strong desire for digital stimulation that contemporary technology is creating in us. and shortly before I get home. there’s no longer any reason to lookup at the world around you. a new kind of problem that might be called an addiction to data. but we have yet to take data seriously as a controlled substance. digital information is taking over my ears via my iPod Mini. When it’s not coming in through my eyes. Now that you can Twitter from your phone. Amsterdam. 36-7. Airlines are expected to fire up in-flight wi-fi in the. mobile devices are getting better. they create new ones.next 12 months. It hardly needs to be said that this problem doesn’t damage lives with the ferocity of alcohol or narcotics. This is the behavior not of enlightened digital consumers but of addicts caught in an epidemic. Within 10 years. v.you’re doing. and so on. what you’re going to do. Lev. Dozens of cities and towns in the United States already have it. in a rising inability to be alone with our own thoughts — with that priceless stream of analog data that comes not from without but from within. GROSSMAN. Adaptado. most of urban and suburban America will be offering in free wi-fi service. You can already get Google and YouTube and Citybank on your phone.

. 35) — imaginando. 26) — fidelidade sem fio. “dip” (l. “stream” (l. “device” (l. fluxo. recursos. “wi-fi” (wirelesess fidelity) (l. “CEOs” (Chief Executive Officers) (l. “wondering” (l.“addicted” (l. 15) — dispositivos. 39) — corrente. 29) — executivos. 15) — mergulhamos. 1) — viciados. 1) — dados. “data” (l.