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Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

1ST Part | Grammar Skills 5 | FATEC 2007

Assinale a alternativa que apresenta a forma correta do adjetivo +
sufixo 'IBLE' como em 'Edible Cotton':
Adjectives and Adverbs
a) Managible
1 | UNITAU 1995
b) Gullible
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à tradução mais adequada
c) Drinkible
da seguinte sentença:
d) Lovible
The man gave a five-pound note to the shoe-repairer. e) Thinkible

a) O homem deu uma nota de cinco libras para reparar o sapato. 6 | UNITAU 1995
b) O homem deu cinco potes de notas para reparar o sapato. Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à tradução mais adequada
c) O homem deu um maço de cinco notas para consertar o sapato. da forma adjetiva destacada a seguir:
d) O homem deu uma nota de cinco libras para o sapateiro.
e) O sapateiro recebeu uma nota de cinco libras do bom homem. Literally thousands of parts are used to make up even THE
SMALLEST family saloon.
2 | MACKENZIE 1999
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following a) o menor
sentence: b) o maior
c) o pequeno
They finally decided to buy a ______________ . d) o grande
e) o amplo
a) four-doors car
b) four doors car 7 | UNITAU 1995
c) four-door car Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à tradução mais adequada
d) four-door-car da expressão, em destaque, a seguir:
e) four-car
Você é a pessoa MAIS INTERESSANTE que já conheci.
3 | MACKENZIE 1999
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following a) the more interesting
sentence: b) the interestinger
c) the most interesting
The building has nine stories. It is ______________ . d) the much interesting
e) the best interesting
a) a nine-stories-building
b) a nine-story building 8 | CESGRANRIO 1994
c) a nine's-story building "The new generation of MT programs is less ambitious" is an
d) a nine-stories example of comparative form. Mark the item which also contains a
e) a building's nine stories's comparative form:

4 | MACKENZIE 1999 a) Of the four translations, I like this one best.

Indicate the alternative that best completes the following b) That young boy behaves the most carelessly of all.
sentence: c) This is the worst ice cream I've had in a long time.
d) This is the least expensive computer that we have.
The flight lasted two hours. It was_______________. e) The airport is farther than the university.

a) a flight's two-hours's 9 | FEI 1995

b) a two-hours-flight Indique a palavra que significa "mais forte":
c) a two'-hours's flight
d) a two-hours a) larger
e) a two-hour flight b) clearer
c) higher
d) better
e) stronger

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

10 | FUVEST 1978 Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche

Assinale a alternativa que completa corretamente a sentença: corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada a seguir:

Of all the movies I have seen lately, the one I saw yesterday was - "Did Jerry come to work yesterday?"
_______________ . - "Yes, he did. He arrived ______________ than his colleagues,
but worked the ____________ so that he got as much done as
a) worse.
the others."
b) worst.
- "Good. He's a very responsible fellow."
c) the worse.
d) the worst. a) late - harder
e) the most worse. b) later - hardest
c) earlier - hard
11 | UDESC 1996
d) early - hardest
Choose the correct grammatical answer: e) sooner - harder

15 | EN 1983 Fill in the gap:

I have been studying ____________ I can to learn English.
- "You look fatter".
a) as hard as - "That's because I've been eating ________________than I used
b) so hard as to".
c) as harder as
d) so harder so a) many more
e) so hard so b) much more
c) a few
12 | MACKENZIE 1996 d) more than
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following e) any more
16 | UNESP 1985 Assinale a alternativa correta:
I. Which city is the ____________ from São Paulo?
II. My ___________ brother works at Mackenzie. Our next examination may be ______________ the last one.
III. Do you need any ____________ data on that matter?
IV. Which is the ___________ building in São Paulo? a) more bad than
V. Ribeirão Preto is the city that has the _____________________ b) more worse than
problems with pollution in Brazil. c) much bad than
d) worse than
a) I. furthest; II. elder; III. more; IV. farthest; V. oldest e) more badly than
b) I. further; II. older; III. farther; IV. eldest; V. less
c) I. nearer; II. oldest; III. farthest; IV. longest; V. least 17 | UNESP 1987
Peter's house is ____________ mine.
d) I. nearest; II. elder; III. furthest; IV. eldest; V. biggest
e) I. farthest; II. eldest; III. further; IV. oldest; V. fewest
a) larger as
13 | PUCCAMP 1992 b) most larger than
Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche c) larger than
corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada: d) so large than
e) more large than
Mr. Smith: I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. I believe the candidate you sent
us will not suit our purposes. We need somebody than he. 18 | UNESP 1988
He is ___________ boy in town.
Mr. Johnson: In that case I would suggest Miss Cary. She's
definitely the____________ person in our group.
a) so rich
b) richer
a) smarter - most intelligent
c) the richest
b) smart - intelligent
d) richest
c) smartest - more intelligent
e) the most rich
d) as smart - as intelligent
e) as smart - as intelligent as
14 | PUCCAMP 1994

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

19 | UFRS1997 24 | UEL1994
The word that does not form the comparative in the same way as Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
large or short is: frase a seguir:

a) bad The more time people spend at an exhibit, ________________ they

b) sad learn.
c) glad
a) more
d) great
b) most
e) late
c) much
20 | EFOMM 2007 d) the more
'In London there are lots of streets with the same name and e) the most
it's very ____________if you are a tourist. Another problem is
25 | UEL1997
that it's a huge place. We walked everywhere on our last trip
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
and we were ____________ at the end of each day. But it's an
frase a seguir:
___________ city, with so much to do.'
I firmly believe that the tougher the laws, _________________ the
a) confused - exhaust - excited criminal rate.
b) confusing - exhausted - exciting
c) confuse - exhausting - exciting a) the lowest
d) confusing - exhaust - excited b) lowest
e) confused - exhausted - excited c) the lower
d) lower
21 | EFOMM 2008 e) low
The lecture we've attended was not good. It was quite , and the
audience was. 26 | UNESP 1989
The sooner a man begins to work ______________.
a) amusing - amused
b) bored - boring a) the bad
c) amused - amusing b) the best
d) boring - bored c) the worst
e) interesting - interested d) the better
e) the good
22 | EFOMM 2008
Caren has a strange look. She seems to live on _________________ 27 | PUC 1975
frozen meals.
Fill in the blank of the following sentence correctly:
a) bad-prepare
b) recent-cooking The hole in front of his garage is becoming _______________ .
c) old-make
d) new-preparing a) deep and deep
e) ready-made b) deeper and deeper
c) deep and deeper
23 | UNESP 1983 Assinale a alternativa correta:
d) deeper and deepest
Life in New York City is sometimes _______________ harder than e) deepest and deepest
in any other town in the world.
28 | UNESP 1997
a) very A lion is ____________ than a dog.
b) much
a) strong
c) many
b) strongest
d) so
c) more strong
e) as
d) stronger
e) most strong

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
29 | UNESP 1998
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da 34 | PUCPR 1998
frase adiante: Choose the only correct alternative to complete the spaces:

This hill is ____________ than I thought it was. I. The United States is not _____________ as Brazil.
II. The Everest is ____________ mountain in the world.
a) more lower III. Chimpanzees are ____________ than dogs.
b) lowest IV. Aids is ___________ disease of human being.
c) lower V. Mike Tyson is ____________ as Evander Holyfield.
d) more low
e) more high a) as beautiful - the higher - so intelligent - the bad - more strong
b) more beautiful - the most high - as intelligent - the baddest - so
30 | MACKENZIE 1997 strong
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following c) so beautiful - the high - most intelligent - the badder - stronger
sentence: d) so beautiful - the highest - more intelligent - the worst - as
His salary as a pilot is much higher ______________ . e) as beautiful - as highest - more intelligent - the worst - strongest

a) in comparison of teachers 35 | UNESP 2000

b) to compare as a teacher's Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
c) than that of a teacher frase apresentada:
d) than of teachers'
e) than a teacher This is the ____________ day I have ever had.

31 | FEI 1997 Complete: a) worse

b) bad
John is ____________than the other students in his classroom, c) worst
but he is the ____________ . d) less good
e) very bad
a) younger - most intelligent
b) younger - more intelligent 36 | UNESP 2001
c) more young - intelligentest Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
d) most young - more intelligent frase apresentada:
e) more young - most intelligent
Depending on the situation, having a computer may be having a
32 | MACKENZIE 1999 Which one is correct? telephone.
a) More have they, more want them. a) easier
b) As more they have, as more they want. b) more useful
c) More they have, more they want. c) more convenient than
d) The more they have, the more they want. d) the most difficult
e) Do more they have, do more they want. e) useful than
33 | UNESP 1999 37 | PUCRS2001
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da Which of the following words DOES NOT form the comparative the
frase adiante: same way as friendly in friendlier?
Paris is ___________ than Rome. a) high
b) healthy
a) the most beautiful
c) sexy
b) small
d) costly
c) more rich
e) ugly
d) more beautiful
e) largest

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

38 | UFPE 2002 42 | FEI 2000 WORST é

"The caveman had a much harder life" means that his life was: superlativo de:

a) much easier. a) well

b) more difficult. b) good
c) less dangerous. c) worn
d) just as thrilling. d) bad
e) not as hard as ours. e) wealthy

39 | FATEC 2002 43 | PUCPR 1999

Interactivity makes life ______________ , yet ____________ and Which is the option that completes the sentences CORRECTLY?
consumer-oriented. Plus, it's turning the world into a teeny,
homogenized global village and that is ultimately boring! I. English is not ___________ as Portuguese.
II. Australia is ____________ island in the world.
- A alternativa que preenche correta e respectivamente os III. In my opinion, Frank Sinatra was ________________ singer of
espaços em branco é: this century.
IV. São Paulo is ____________ as New York.
a) more easier - hurrier
V. Europe is ____________ from Brazil than EUA.
b) more easy - more hurried
c) easyer - hurrieder a) so difficult - bigger - the best - more noisier - as farther
d) easier - hurrieder b) difficultest - biggest - the good - as noisier - farther
e) easier - more hurried c) as difficult - the biggest - the best - as noisy - farther
d) as difficult - the bigger - the best - so noisy - farther
40 | PUCPR 2001
e) difficulter - most big - better - noisiest - so farther
About adjectives, choose the alternative that completes the
sentences correctly: 44 | PUCMG 1999
The capital expression in "The moment of discovery was NO LESS
I. Is this | 1 one you have?
MAGICAL THAN the day in 1922" means that the moment:
II. Celine Dion sings | 2 Madonna, but Madonna dances | 3.
III. I wish I was | 4 Sean Connery. a) was as magical as
IV. The church is | 5 monument of the town. b) was more magical
c) was less magical
a) 1. the better; 2. best than; 3. well; 4. so handsome as; 5. the
d) wasn't magical
more ancient
e) was most magical
b) 1. the best; 2. so well as; 3. best; 4. more handsome than; 5. the
ancienter 45 | PUCRS 1999
c) 1. the worst; 2. worse than; 3. better; 4. most handsome than; The expression "as many as 80" expresses a capacity of:
5. the most ancient
d) 1. the best; 2. as well as; 3. better; 4. as handsome as; 5. the a) not more than 80.
most ancient b) at least 80.
e) 1. the worse; 2. better than; 3. best; 4. as handsome than; 5. c) over 80.
the least ancient d) less than 80.
e) close to 80.
41 | MACKENZIE 2001
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following 46 | UNIT 1999
sentence: "Less intimate and more isolated" are comparatives. Check the
item that contains the correct superlative from of the two
The more I read this book, ______________ . adjectives:
a) the less I understand it a) The intimatest and the more isolated.
b) most is what he doesn't know b) The intimatest and the least isolated.
c) the least do I understand it c) The most intimate and the less isolated.
d) more I like d) The least intimate and the less isolated.
e) the most I can understand e) The least intimate and the most isolated.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

47 | FEI 2000 52 | UFPE 2003 - ADAPTED

The sidewalks are getting NARROWER. Indique o antônimo de The expression more and more, in "more and more complex" and
NARROWER: in "more and more intelligent":

a) broader ( ) indicates emphasis.

b) thinner ( ) carries the meaning of even more.
c) more limited ( ) means greater in degree.
d) shorter ( ) is used as an intensifier.
e) higher ( ) signifies equal or identical in degree.

48 | UEL 2000 - ADAPTED a) V V V V F

O adjetivo GREATEST, no fragmento abaixo, está no grau: b) V V V V V
c) V V F V F
One of the GREATEST meteor showers of OUR lifetime may (...)
d) V F V V F
soon light up the night sky.
e) F V F V F
a) comparativo de igualdade.
53 | PUCRIO 2004
b) superlativo de superioridade. The only item that contains an adjective used in the superlative
c) comparativo de superioridade. form is:
d) comparativo de inferioridade.
e) normal. a) "The widespread destruction (... ) is happening before we even
know the most basic facts about what we are losing."
49 | UFRS 2001 b) "Covering only 6 percent of the Earth's surface, tropical moist
Os antônimos corretos das partes destacadas da expressão "THE forests contain at least half of all species."
BEST and THE NEWEST facilities" são, respectivamente:
c) "Scientists estimate that (... ) as much as 20 or 25 percent of the
a) the most good - the youngest world's plant species will soon be extinct."
b) the baddest - the oldest d) "However, the chemical structures of most natural drugs (...)
c) the worst - the most old simple extraction is usually less expensive than synthesis."
d) the poorest - the most recent e) "Tropical forests offer hope for safer contraceptives for both
e) the worst - the oldest women and men."

50 | UFRS 2002 54 | UFRS2005

As palavras a seguir seguem o mesmo processo de formação de Considere a frase:
WEARER, à exceção de:
This program teaches FASTER THAN any other language program.
a) computer.
- A alternativa que apresenta o significado antônimo da
b) player.
expressão destacada é:
c) weaker.
d) murderer. a) less faster than.
e) writer. b) more slowly than.
c) as slow as.
51 | UFV 2003
d) as fast as.
All the alternatives below are examples of comparatives, EXCEPT:
e) the slowest.
a) "...children as young as two... "
55 | UFRRJ2003
b) "...scored higher than people who... "
The sequence that has the same formation of the words "newer"
c) "...listening longer results in staying smarter longer".
and "higher" is:
d) "...Mozart was | ... a quick thinker".
e) "Mozart makes you smarter!" a) good - dark - late.
b) tough - tight - clear.
c) great - far - easy.
d) distant - tidy - thick.
e) big - wide - dangerous.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

56 | UERJ2004 61 | UFRS2007
"If it's noisy, call back from somewhere quieter." Select the correct alternative to complete the sentence below:
The suffix -er in quieter is semantically equivalent to the suffix in: The opposite of SMALLER and LIGHTER is respectively
__________ and ____________ .
a) manners.
b) users. a) littler - easier
c) caller. b) larger - heavier
d) louder. c) larger - easier
d) little - heavier
57 | UFV 2004
e) bigger - greater
All the options below are examples of comparatives, except:
62 | FATEC 2008
a) younger.
Assinale a alternativa que apresenta o uso correto do termo fewer
b) controller.
como no exemplo "fewer than one in five owners of a mobile-
c) rarer.
wallet handset":
d) harder.
e) smaller. a) Mary has fewer money than John.
b) My teacher has fewer patience than the other teachers.
58 | UFV 2005
c) This company has fewer equipments than the others.
Choose the alternative in which BOTH words are examples of the
d) My brother plays fewer musics than I do.
comparative form:
e) Sue has fewer friends than her sister does.
a) lower / friendlier
63 | UNESP 2008
b) good-natured / miners
Indique a alternativa que expresse o mesmo significado de
c) well-regulated / friendlier
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".
d) lower / miners
e) well-regulated / miners a) Imitation is the best form of provocation.
b) Imitation is a true form of irritation.
59 | UFSM 2005
c) Imitation is a real form of harassment.
A palavra "wider" apresenta uma marca de comparação. A mesma
d) Imitation is the most accurate form of exasperation.
marca de comparação é apresentada na palavra:
e) Imitation is the most genuine form of adulation.
a) speaker.
64 | MACKENZIE 1976
b) easier.
Mark the correct item:
c) greatly.
d) learners. She is beautiful, but she is _____________ her brother.
e) together.
a) most beautiful of
60 | UFPE 2007
b) less beautiful
Select the phrase that is in the comparative degree of superiority:
c) as beautiful
a) An enormous man. d) not so beautiful
b) Dinner on the top floor. e) not as beautiful as
c) On the opposite corner.
65 | FATEC 2003
d) Earlier this evening.
Assinale a alternativa em que o adjetivo é composto por dois
e) São Paulo's tallest building.
substantivos, como na palavra "weight-loss":

a) low-cholesterol meals.
b) high-fat intake.
c) western-style boots.
d) well-known people.
e) ice-cream flavors.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
66 | FGV 2007 70 | UFSC 1997 - ADAPTED
In the sentence "Brazil's strong currency will likely also lead to a Select the proposition(s) in which the capital letters are
loosening of foreign exchange restrictions", the word LIKELY ADJECTIVES:
indicates a:

a) comparison.
b) conclusion. (1) The sun's rays are very POWERFUL.
c) probability. (2) Don't take your VALUABLES on the beach.
d) preference. (04) COCONUTS are delicious.
e) certainty. (08) The coral reef is BEAUTIFUL.
(16) Monkeys can be DANGEROUS.
67 | UNESP 1984 Assinale a (32) The hotel is not RESPONSIBLE for your valuables.
alternativa correta:
a) 01 + 02 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 59
a) That is a five-storey building. b) 02 + 04 + 16 = 22
b) That is a building five storeys. c) 02 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 58
c) That is a five-storeys building. d) 01 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 57
d) That storey building is five. e) 01 + 02 + 04 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 63
e) That building storey is five.
71 | PUCSP2007 - ADAPTED
68 | ITA 1996 - ADAPTED Na sentença "Although American youth are more likely to use the
Assinale a opção cujo adjetivo possa substituir, de maneira Internet every day", a palavra LIKELY indica:
bastante aproximada, os adjetivos different e appealing, em
destaque no texto a seguir: a) preferência.
b) desejo.
Who are these Blur blokes who, after a shaky start, have shaken c) similaridade.
the world? And what makes them so different, so appealing as Pop d) probabilidade.
Artist Richard Hamilton once asked in a collage that they doubtless e) superioridade.
studied at art school. Is it art school itself (they all attended
Goldsmith') that sets apart? (.) 72 | MACKENZIE 2007 - ADAPTED
The opposite of "overall" in the text below is:
(Q. March, 1995)
These skills are regarded as essential components of a diagnostic
a) outstanding test which measures overall linguistic proficiency.
b) fancy
a) specific.
c) lousy
b) challenging.
d) nice
c) regular.
e) awful
d) forbidden.
69 | ITA 1998 - ADAPTED e) refreshing.
Morfologicamente, as palavras KOBE e JAPAN, na primeira linha do
73 | ITA 1999
texto a seguir, devem ser classificadas como:
Determine a função gramatical de impaired em "visually impaired
The cause of the magnitude 7.2 Kobe, Japan, earthquake in people" e de mouse em "mouse pad":
January 1995 is unknown.
a) adjetivo - adjetivo
a) adjetivo. b) verbo - substantivo
b) substantivo. c) adjetivo - substantivo
c) advérbio. d) substantivo - adjetivo
d) vocativo. e) verbo - adjetivo

74 | MACKENZIE 1997
The same as 'They hardly ever go to the movies' is:

a) Hardly ever they go to the movies.

b) Hardly they ever go to the movies.
c) Ever they do hardly go to the movies.
d) Hardly ever do they go to the movies.
e) They go to the movies hardly ever.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

75 | MACKENZIE 1997 80 | JFS 2008

The same as 'Mr. Burton hardly talked to me.' is: BARELY is used in "Mike and Josh have barely enough to pay the
rent this month."
a) Hardly did Mr. Burton talked to me.
b) Hardly Mr. Burton talked to me. - Mark the option in which it must also be used to complete the
c) Hardly did Mr. Burton talk to me. sentence meaningfully.
d) Did Mr. Burton hardly talk to me.
e) Mr. Burton talked to me hardly. a) Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a shock
when she _________________ died.
76 | MACKENZIE 1997 b) If you miss this train you can _______________ catch the next
A sentença "Mal sabia ele que ela era casada", em inglês, seria: one.
c) He almost never washes the dishes and he rarely, if , does
a) He didn't little know that she married. any cleaning.
b) Did he little know that she was married. d) She was _____________ fifteen when she won her first
c) Badly knew he that she married. championship.
d) Little did he know that she was married. e ) __________ I'll have a piece of chocolate after the meals,
e) Little knew he that she was married. but it's quite rare.

77 | AFA 2004 81 | FUVEST 1979

"An elderly German decided to commit suicide. Took a lot of pills, Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas:
tied a briefcase full of stones around his neck, rowed out into the
middle of the Rhine and was found sound asleep in his boat." It's ___________ difficult to find ____________ a good wine.

(Buffalo News) a) so - such

b) such - so
In the first sentence "An elderly German decided to commit c) such - such
suicide" the word elderly is used as: d) so - so
e) such a - so
a) a more polite form for old.
b) a synonym for eldest. 82 | FUVEST 1979
c) the comparative form of the adjective elder. Assinale a alternativa de significado equivalente palavra entre
d) the comparative form of the adjective old usually used when aspas:
we compare members of a family.
He was 'fast' asleep.
78 | UFRS 2005
The word that could be placed between HAD and MET in the a) almost
is: c) sound
d) very
a) still. e) nearly
b) ever.
c) yet. 83 | UEL 1996 - ADAPTED
d) though. No texto a seguir, 'very' significa:
e) already.
The seven-room 84th Street cooperative on Central Park West in a
79 | UNESP 1995 solid if decidedly uncharismatic building came on the market that
This boat is ____________ small that we can't all get in. 'very' morning.

a) very a) pouco mais que.

b) so b) mais que.
c) many c) demasiado.
d) much d) muito.
e) then e) mesma.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

84 | MACKENZIE 1997
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following 89 | UFPE 2000 Allen: You're pretty dirty.
sentence: Helen: I'm even prettier when I'm clean.

We're having _____________ beautiful weather everybody - In "pretty dirty", pretty is equivalent to:

1) very
a) so - can relax 2) somewhat
b) such a - wants to go out on the weekends 3) more
c) so - likes it 4) beautiful
d) such a - have been having fun 5) ugly
e) such - feels good
- The correct choices are:
85 | MACKENZIE 1999
I have been studying ____________ I can ____________ English. a) 2 - 3
b) 4 - 5
a) as hard as - to learn c) 3 - 4
b) so hard as - learning d) 1 - 2
c) more hard as - to be learning e) 1 - 5
d) harder than - to have learned
e) as much hard - to learn 90 | FATEC 2005 - ADAPTED
O advérbio SO na frase "he did so efficiently and discreetly" pode
86 | MACKENZIE 1999 ser substituído de forma adequada e sem prejuízo de significado
Please turn off the lights. I have to develop this film and it's por:
___________ here.
a) very.
a) bright enough b) too.
b) much bright c) enough.
c) too bright d) less.
d) brighter e) a little.
e) enough bright
91 | MACKENZIE 1996
87 | UECE 1998 - ADAPTED Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentence:
O vocábulo quite na sentença a seguir exerce a função de:
Mr. Myers told me he will leave ______________ .
She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the chair,
quite motionless. a) by train; for Paris; at 8 o'clock; next week.
b) for Paris; at 8 o'clock; next week; by train.
a) substantivo. c) next week; at 8 o'clock; by train; for Paris.
b) adjetivo. d) at 8 o'clock; next week; for Paris; by train.
c) verbo. e) for Paris; by train; at 8 o'clock; next week.
d) advérbio.
92 | EFOMM 2010
88 | UEL 1998 - ADAPTED In the sentence "There was a lengthy pursuit, over seven hours",
A lacuna é corretamente preenchida pela alternativa:
there is a word formed by the suffix "y". In which option below the
word is formed by the same suffix?
We've been working ______________ to ensure all wood comes
from well managed forests.
a) lately
a) lot. b) mostly
b) hardly. c) fury
c) hard. d) ally
d) very. e) healthy
e) many.

93 | MACKENZIE 1998 Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following 98 | UFV 2000
sentence: In the sentence "What is the BEST way to live?", the capital word
is the superlative form of the adjective:
___________ he studies, ____________ he seems to know.
a) far.
a) More - least b) bad.
b) As much - as much c) fun.
c) How much - more d) fair.
d) The more - the less e) good.
e) The least - the more
99 | UFV 2001
94 | FATEC 1999 The adjective forms "bad" and "better" have as their superlative
Indique a alternativa que corresponde ao sentido oposto de LESS forms, respectively:
GUILTY empregado em "It enables them to feel less guilty":
a) worse and the best.
a) Guiltier. b) the worst and the best.
b) Guiltiest. c) the best and worse.
c) More guilty. d) good and better.
d) Most guilty. e) better and the best.
e) Much guilty.
100 | JFS 2000
95 | UFPE 1998 - ADAPTED After reading the following sentences attentively, mark the
"Learn and live" is the motto of Britain's _________________ and alternative which contains the correct sequence of the adjectives:
most innovative university - the Open University.
a) My brother bought a comfortable big American car.
a) larger b) Patty has a Colombian leather beautiful new jacket.
b) largest c) I like tall Brazilian stout charming women.
c) the largest d) She has two chubby 3-year-old mischievous children.
d) the larger e) Marion has a terrific book in English up-to-date language.
e) large
101 | JFS 2000
96 | UFRRJ1999 Qual a alternativa que possui a sequência correta dos adjetivos?
The word below that forms its superlative like "cheapest" is:
a) A leather light brown new suitcase.
a) unusual.
b) Two long stainless steel practical zips.
b) intelligent.
c) A small Egyptian copper jar.
c) good.
d) A square silk French red scarf.
d) small.
e) A plastic small red doll.
e) Parisian.
102 | FURG 1999
97 | UEL 1999 - ADAPTED
Preenche corretamente a lacuna na sentença a seguir a alternativa:
NOTORIOUS equivalem respectivamente a:
Movie star Paul Newman has unveiled his _____________________
project. a) os mais pobres, as menos populosas, os mais notórios.
b) os menos pobres, as menos populosas, os menos notórios.
a) the latest c) os menos pobres, as mais populosas, os menos notórios.
b) latest d) os mais pobres, as menos populosas, os menos notórios.
c) latter e) os mais pobres, as mais populosas, os mais notórios.
d) later
e) late

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
103 | OSEC 1977 108 | EEAR 2008
In "It was a fair game", we conclude that the game was played:
Complete the sentence meaningfully:
a) well.
Everybody feels ____________ in spring time. b) badly.
c) honestly.
a) gooder d) brilliantly.

b) more good 109 | ITA 1995

c) so good O termo seldom, entre aspas no trecho adiante, poderia ser
d) better substituído por:
e) as good
As an American Express Card member, you will enjoy a relationship
104 | FAAP 1975 with us that goes beyond the ordinary. You will be treated as a
Marque a alternativa correta:
MEMBER, not a number. And you will receive the respect and
recognition 'seldom' found today.
Your classroom is not so ______________ as mine. Mine is the
___________ in the school.
a) occasionally.
a) bigger - biggest b) rarely.
b) greater - greatest c) often.
c) great - greater d) usually.
e) always.
d) large - largest
e) large - more large 110 | UEL1996
In the text bellow, the word nearly means:
105 | EFOMM 1997
Take it easy, John! You need not work so _______________ .
After 20 years of scientific advances, 'nearly' three out of four
infertile couples seeking medical assistance to have a child still go
a) hardly
home to an empty crib.
b) harder
c) hard a) almost.
d) hardest b) hardly.
e) hardy c) close.
d) far.
106 | EEAR 2008
"You can fold most umbrellas" means that we can: e) over.

a) enlarge them. 111| UNESP1990

The sun____________ rises in the west.
b) open them easily.
c) hardly carry them. a) always
d) make them smaller. b) never
c) often
107 | EEAR 2008
Read the sentence below: d) sometimes
e) usually
"In Mexico, 60% of men and 40% of women are overweight."
112 | UFRS1996
- According to the sentence above, we can conclude that the Gradually and powerfully are adverbs formed from the adjectives
percentage of overweight men is: gradual + ly and powerful + ly, respectively. Other adjectives can
take the same suffix to form adverbs, in the same way, except:
a) lower.
b) highest. a) historic.
c) higher. b) usual.
d) lowest. c) wild.
d) abrupt.
e) intelligent.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

113 | FUVEST 1977 118 | JFS 2012

Which word is not an adjective?
Qual destas alternativas só contém expressões que indicam
a) Beautiful.
a) suddenly, at the same moment, through, just in time. b) Harmful.
b) just, suddenly, apparently, all her life. c) Colourful.
c) just, after, all, then. d) Roomful.
d) any more, apparently, at the same moment. e) Sorrowful.
e) right now, all her life, at the same moment, then.
119 | JFS 2012
Which word is not an adverb?
114 | MACKENZIE 1976 Complete:

- "Have you finished your book yet?" a) Wholly.

- "Yes, I've ____________ done it." b) Weekly.
c) Earthly.
a) still d) Sadly.
b) yet e) Proudly.
c) already
d) ever 120 | ITA 2010 - ADAPTED Leia o seguinte fragmento:
e) não sei
With Japan about to hold an election that could end 55 years of
115 | FEI 1994 almost uninterrupted one-party rule, the
Qual das palavras a seguir significa "brevemente"? ___________ (I) ordinary citizens can fill the power vacuum
by taking part in public life, the ______________ (II).
a) Now.
The Economist, de 8/8/2009.
b) So.
c) Also.
Assinale a opção que preenche corretamente as lacunas I e
d) However.
II, no excerto acima.
e) Soon.
116 | UNESP 1998
They are going to work again _____________. a) most best
b) least better
a) yesterday c) more best
b) later d) more better
c) last year e) less best
d) last month
e) last week
"The secret of getting things done is to act!"
117 | MACKENZIE 1996 Dante Alighieri
The same as "She little realizes how smart she looks" is:

a) How smart does she realize she looks.

b) How smart she looks she doesn't realizes.
c) Little she realizes how smart she looks.
d) Does she realizes how smart she looks little.
e) Little does she realize how smart she looks.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
5 | PUCMG 2001 - ADAPTED
Pronouns I had just participated in a project that was to determine the
1 | ITA 1995 - ADAPTED minimum size of forest fragment necessary to save native species
The defenders of Normandy were not the best of Hitler's army. of animals and plants from extinction. With this information,
Those were in Russia and Italy, as well as in France, but on the scientists could then work to form preservation areas in the forest
other side of the Seine, the Pas-de-Calais, which the Germans fragments left behind by cattle ranchers.
thought the more likely invasion target.
- The word THIS refers to the:
(Extracted from Time - June 6, 1994)
a) utilization of many valuable native species
- O pronome demonstrativo "those" faz referência aos: b) necessity of urgently saving birds from extinction
c) size of the forest needed for wildlife reserves
a) Soldados escalados para a defesa da Normandia. d) destruction of thousands of native species
b) Soldados soviéticos da Ásia Central. 6 | UNIFESP 2002 - ADAPTED
c) Soldados mais adestrados do exército de Hitler. The rise of molecular biology since the late 1950s has had the
d) Soldados das divisões estacionárias. gradual and quite unforeseen effect of turning the eyes of medical
e) Soldados russos, italianos e franceses. scientists increasingly toward the basic mechanisms of life, rather
than disease and death. Of course, this has always been the
orientation of all nonmedical biologists, studying growth,
Researchers at Ohio State have developed a way to speed up the
reproduction, nutrition or any of the other characteristics shared
growth of native shade trees - and the local utility plans to help
by all living things.
promote these saplings to homeowners.
- A palavra "this" refere-se a:
(Popular Science - October, 1994, p.39)
a) research in molecular biology.
- A palavra THESE em "...and the local utility plans to help
b) gradual and unforeseen effect.
promote these saplings to homeowners" refere-se a:
c) medical scientists.
a) plans. d) study of basic mechanisms of life.
b) trees. e) study of disease and death.
c) researchers.
7 | MACKENZIE 1998 Choose
d) bills.
the correct alternative:
e) costs.
"Aquele é o Tim perto da porta?"
3 | UFMG 1995 - ADAPTED "Não, Tim é o que está na janela."
PISCES 20 Feb. - 20 March
Every 200-odd years your fate becomes closely linked, for a while, a) "Is that Tim on the door?"
to your neighboring sign Aquarius. This is one of those times - so "No, Tim is the one on the window."
read their horoscope as well! b) "Is that Tim near the door?"
"No, Tim is the one on in the window."
- THIS in refers to: c) "Is that Tim next to the door?"
"No, Tim is that one through the window."
a) Aquarius.
d) "Is that Tim over the door?"
b) confusion.
"No, Tim is that one across the window."
c) horoscope.
e) "Is that Tim by the door?"
d) travelling.
"No, Tim is the one at the window."
e) urging.
8 | UNESP 1984
4 | UFAL 2000 - ADAPTED I know he'll tell ____________ a different story.
If you're planning a trip abroad _______________ summer, don't
let phrasebooks leave you tongue-tied. a) they
b) his
a) a
c) your
b) an
d) we
c) the
e) us
d) this
e) that

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

9 | UFMG 1995 13 | UFSC 1996 - ADAPTED

Choose the GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT propositions to complete
Love Among the Laundry the blanks in the following sentence:
When Sally found a man's striped sock curled among her clothes at __________ were working, when she _____________ .
the launderette she returned it to the tall dark young man with a
shy smile. They met there every week for several months, then 1. They - arrived.
were seen no more. One of their wedding presents had been a 2. He - Arrives.
washing machine. 04. We - left.
08. Mary - is writing.
(Molly Burnett)
16. You - called.
32. David and Gregoire - came in.
- The word IT in "she returned it to the tall dark young man" refers
to: - Now, mark the correct sequence:

a) a smile. a) 01 + 04 + 16 + 32 = 53
b) a sock. b) 01 + 02 + 04 + 08 = 15
c) the launderette. c) 01 + 04 + 08 + 16 = 29
d) the laundry d) 02 + 04 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 62
e) the machine. e) 02 + 08 + 32 = 42
10 | UNITAU 1995 14 | UFV 1996
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à sequência de pronomes The word THEY in the sentence "Personality questionnaires were
que mais adequadamente completam a sentença a seguir: sent out to more than 2000 men and women without prior
selection; when THEY were returned, the birth dates were noted
___________ cat is sick because _____________ ate ____________
spoiled food over there. and the results were put through a computer", refers to:

a) Its; he; that a) results.

b) Its; he; this b) men.
c) His; its; this c) questionnaires.
d) Its; it; that d) birth dates.
e) His; it; that e) women.

11 | UEL1996 15 | CESGRANRIO 1991

Mexicans can thank the peso crash for one thing: IT has forced The pronoun IT in the sentence "When we eat something with
them to confront the country's deep-seated political problems. sugar in it, particularly refined sugar, enzymes in the saliva in the
Disappointed with the ruling party, the PRI, they are demanding a mouth begin to work immediately to change that sugar into a type
of carbohydrate" refers to the word:
truly First World government.
a) saliva.
- In the above text, IT refers to:
b) sugar.
a) Mexicans. c) mouth.
b) peso crash. d) something.
c) PRI. e) refined sugar.
d) Mexico.
16 | UNESP 1998
e) political problems.
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente cada lacuna da
12 | UNESP 1989 frase adiante:
___________ work in the field of engineering.
Do you think ___________ is as experienced as _____________ ?
a) She
b) They a) her - I
b) him - she
c) He
c) she - I
d) Them
d) myself - we
e) It
e) they - him

17 | PUCPR1997 Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
Fill in the blanks of the text below with the appropriate pronouns: 21 | UNESP2001
As a tool, the computer assists _______________ to perform a lot
Dear Debbie, of activities.
How are you? Lisa and I are having a marvelous holiday. We
are really enjoying _____________ . We brought three tubes of a) we
suntan cream with _____________ and we've used _____________ b) us
all up already. Lisa is a bit annoyed because her suntan isn't as c) ourselves
good as ______________ . d) they
e) to us
a) ourselves - we - them - mine
b) ourselves - us - them - mine 22 | UEL2001 - ADAPTED
c) us - us - they - my "A Chinese employee at Motorola complained that the company
d) us - we - themselves - mine had been cheated when it bought numbers wholesale for its own
e) ourselves - ourselves - they - my staff, because IT was given numbers that all ended in 4 (e.g. 54-
7424), which means death."
18 | CESGRANRIO 1993
Mark the option which completes the following sentences with the - The capital word IT in the sentence above refers to:
adequate pronouns:
a) wholesale.
I. Businessmen have_____________ own priorities. b) a Chinese employee.
II. Everyone must feel happy with _________________ working c) the Motorola company.
habits. d) the number 54-7424.
III. Working from home allows a mother to spend more time with e) death.
IV. If you have never tried to work at home, you cannot discuss 23 | PUCSP2002 - ADAPTED
disadvantages. Na frase "Women now become doctors at nearly the same rate as
men, but they become physicians, not surgeons", o pronome they
a) I. his, II. their, III. her, IV. their refere-se a:
b) I. their, II. its, III. their, IV. its
c) I. their, II. his, III. her, IV. its a) doctors.
d) I. its, II. your, III. its, IV. their b) physicians.
e) I. his, II. his, III. their, IV. your c) surgeons.
d) men.
19 | FEI 1997 Complete: e) women.

Stay with ____________ while I drive ____________ car. 24 | UFV 2001

In the sentence "Please give us the intelligence to save what is left
a) I - your of our environment", the pronouns us and our relate to:
b) she - you
c) me - your a) we.
d) me - yours b) they.
e) her - yours c) I.
d) she.
20 | UECE 1998 e) you.
Em "It was HER sister Josephine who told HER", os vocábulos em
maiúsculo classificam-se respectivamente como: 25 | UNESP 1995 Assinale a
alternativa correta:
a) pronome adjetivo/pronome objeto
b) pronome substantivo/pronome sujeito They saw men and women talking to ____________________ own
c) pronome adjetivo/pronome sujeito hearts.
d) pronome substantivo/pronome objeto
a) his
b) her
c) them
d) they
e) their

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
26 | PUCPR 2001 30 | PUCSP2006 - ADAPTED
Which option contains the correct use of the pronouns? When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil five centuries ago, they
encountered a fundamental problem: the indigenous peoples they
I. Could you tell ____________ what has happened in the pub? conquered spoke more than 700 languages. Rising to the
II. His uncle gave ____________ the money to set up his new challenge, the Jesuit priests accompanying them concocted a
business. mixture of Indian, Portuguese and African words they called
III. It was kind of you to let me borrow ______________________ "língua geral," or the "general language," and imposed it on their
computer. colonial subjects.
IV. She ignored ____________ father's warning and jumped
into the swimming pool. Adaptado de www.nytimes.com
V. Just a minute, I'm going to hang _______________ jacket in the
- No texto acima, palavra "THEM" refere-se a:

a) I. me; II. him; III. your; IV. her; V. my a) povos indígenas.

b) I. them; II. her; III. your; IV. her; V. your b) padres jesuítas.
c) I. him; II. them; III. his; IV. its; V. mine c) sujeitos colonizados.
d) I. her; II. us; III. their; IV. our; V. yours d) índios, africanos e portugueses.
e) I. us; II. his; III. her; IV. his; V. him e) portugueses.

27 | UFRN 2000 - ADAPTED 31 | JFS 2000

Portugal gave her people, her religion, her language, her building Dadas as sentenças:
and decorative arts, her culture and habits, to Brazil, to West and
I. THE TITANIC sank in the beginning of the XX century.
East Africa, to the Red Sea, to India and Sri Lanka, to China and II. THE BABY OF OUR UPSTAIRS NEIGHBORS is crying aloud.
Japan, to the East Indies. III. MY PET is the smartest of the neighborhood. Everybody enjoys
seeing him.
Highlife, London: British Airways. July 1997. p. 121-122.
- A alternativa que possui os pronomes que substituem
- No texto acima, o vocábulo "her" ocorre cinco vezes e, em todas
corretamente os termos em destaque é:
essas situações, refere-se a:
a) It - She - It
a) cultura.
b) It - She - He
b) povo.
c) He - She - He
c) China.
d) She - He - He
d) Portugal.
e) She - It - He
28 | UFAL 1999 - ADAPTED
32 | PUCCAMP 1992
Between 1950 and 1960, Japanese manufacturing output grew at
Peter L. Berger, one of America's most important sociologists,
an average annual rate of 16.7 per cent and
exhorts politicians to operate with "the ethic of responsibility"
___________ GNP (Gross National Product) at about 10 per
(borrowing a phrase from Max Weber) and consider the moral
consequences of their actions.
- Preencha corretamente a lacuna do texto:
Adapted from Dialogue, 2/1989
a) theirs
- In the text, the pronoun "their" refers to:
b) our
c) it a) sociologists.
d) ours b) philosophers.
29 its| FAAP 1997
His niece has ____________ meals in town. c) politicians.
d) consequences.
a) her e) actions.
b) their
c) your
d) his
e) yours

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
33 | UNESP 1983
That sports car is very expensive. The car dealer told me that 39 | UFSM 2002 - ADAPTED
___________ price is 10,000 dollars. Stars do it. Sports do it. Judges in the highest courts do it. Let's do
it: that yoga thing.
a) her
b) his - Observe que o "it" se repete. A que se refere?
c) its
d) their a) Stars.
e) hers b) Sports.
c) Judges.
34 | UNESP 1983 d) India.
I have met that girl before, but I can't remember name. e) Yoga.

a) her 40 | CESGRANRIO 1991

b) his Mark the option that contains the appropriate pronouns to
c) your complete the sentences below:
d) its
e) yours Animals' teeth are changing (I) composition.
That animal had (II) teeth in perfect conditions.
35 | UNESP 1984 He brushes (III) teeth whenever he eats something.
Peter brought his dogs and I brought ______________ . If the patient dies, we call (IV) relatives.
The bacteria found (V) way to the stomach.
a) my
b) your a) (I) their, (II) its, (III) his, (IV) his, (V) their
c) mine b) (I) its, (II) their, (III) its, (IV) his, (V) its
d) the mine c) (I) their, (II) its, (III) her, (IV) her, (V) his
e) our d) (I) his, (II) their, (III) his, (IV) her, (V) their
e) (I) their, (II) his, (III) their, (IV) its, (V) her
36 | UNESP 1985
This dictionary is in _____________ fourth edition.
41 | UFRS1996
The phrase "a book of mine" could be replaced by:
a) his
b) her a) mine books.
c) its b) my books.
d) it's c) some of my books.
e) their d) a book of my.
e) one of my books.
37 | UNESP 1986
Which team won the game? 42 | PUCPR 1996
___________ team did. Choose the alternative that best completes the dialogue below:

a) Theirs Bob: Do you always get good marks on ______________________

b) They examinations?
c) Their James: Yes, I do. I guess it's because I do _____________________
d) Them homework assignments and study a little every day.
e) Yours Bob: How about Maria? Are _____________ grades good too?
James: Yes. She's very bright and enjoys studying very much.
38 | UNESP 1996
He said he was going to pass _____________ exam.
a) yours - my - his
b) you - my - hers
a) his
c) your - me - your
b) her
d) your - mine - yours
c) its
e) your - my - her
d) their
e) our

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
43 | ITA 1997 - ADAPTED 47 | UNESP 2004
The computer giant IBM has offered $1.1 million (730.000 pounds) Nas orações - "Your click on the Fund Free Mammograms button
for a chess rematch between Garry Kasparov and ITS super- helps fund free mammograms" e "The National Cancer Institute
computer, Deep Blue. and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend
that women in their forties and older have mammograms every
- O termo ITS em maiúsculo no texto refere-se: one to two years", os adjetivos possessivos YOUR e THEIR referem-
se, respectivamente:
a) ao computador de Garry Kasparov;
b) a Deep Blue; a) ao clique e a quarenta anos ou mais.
c) à IBM; b) ao botão e a recomendar.
d) ao computador gigante da IBM; c) ao leitor e às mulheres.
e) a Garry Kasparov. d) ao leitor e a quarenta anos ou mais.
e) ao botão e às mulheres.
44 | UDESC 1997
Complete the sentence with the CORRECT alternative: 48 | UFPE 1996 - ADAPTED
Read the following sentence:
- Whose are these shoes?
- They are ____________ shoes. They belong to Computers and networks isolate us from ______________ .
They are ___________ . - The correct choice to fill in the blank space is:
a) their - them - theirs
a) each other's.
b) yours - you - your
c) his - he - him b) ourselves.
d) our - us - ourself c) one another.
e) hers - she - hers d) themselves.
e) herself.
45 | UNESP 1999 Assinale a
alternativa correta: 49 | UNESP 1997
Those two women always help _____________ .
In some cities people do not pay for ______________ tickets.
a) other each
a) them b) each other
b) his c) one other
c) our d) other one
d) her e) another each
e) their
50 | PUCPR 2007
Lucy hates John and John hates Lucy. Lucy and John hate
46 | ITA 1999
Leia o recado de Ho Chi Minh aos franceses, em 1946.

"You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of a) themselves

___________ , yet even at those odds, you will lose and I will b) itself
win." c) each other
d) herself
- A lacuna encontrada na frase acima deve ser preenchida por: e) himself

a) yours. 51 | UEL1994
b) them. Here is some money. Go and buy ________________some decent
c) you. clothes.
d) theirs.
e) your. a) myself
b) herself
c) themselves
d) himself
e) yourself

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

52 | UNESP 1988 Assinale a alternativa correta: 57 | UNESP 2000

Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
People should know about _____________ . frase apresentada:

a) yourself Catherine is making _____________ a dress.

b) herself
c) himself a) to him
d) themselves b) to her
e) yourselves c) himself
d) herself
53 | UNESP 1996 Assinale a alternativa correta: e) they

You can do that _____________. 58 | UFV 2000

In the sentence "We look for answers within OURSELVES", the
a) myself
capital word has a meaning related to:
b) himself
c) herself a) them.
d) yourself b) him.
e) ourselves c) you.
d) us.
54 | FAAP 1997
e) her.
Assinale a alternativa correta:
59 | UERJ2006
Reflexive pronouns have two distinct uses: basic and emphatic.
I took my husband to the airport ______________ .
The reflexive pronoun used emphatically is found in the option:

a) himself a) The oppressed resign themselves to their doom.

b) oneself b) They tacitly adjust themselves to oppression.
c) myself c) The enforcement of the law itself is a form of peaceful
d) herself persuasion.
e) yourself d) Our end is a community at peace with itself.

55 | FAAP 1997 60 | PUCRS 2008 - ADAPTED

Assinale a alternativa correta para preencher o espaço na sentença The pronoun themselves in the sentence "the things themselves
a seguir: had existed from the beginning of the world" is used:

Mr. Dean's secretary was ill yesterday, so he had to type the letters a) as the complement to the verb "had existed".
_________________ . b) to emphasize the subject of the verb "had existed".
c) in relation to people taken in general.
a) yourself d) to specify which things are arranged.
b) themself e) as a personal pronoun.
c) himself
d) herself 61 | UNITAU 1995
e) itself Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à denominação do
pronome, em destaque, a seguir:
56 | UECE 1996
Choose the incorrect alternative: ANY day is a good day for walking.

a) The hunter shot itself with his own gun. a) Adjetivo possessivo.
b) She wants to buy herself a new coat. b) Adjetivo indefinido.
c) Most girls like to look at themselves in the mirror. c) Adjetivo demonstrativo.
d) I locked myself out of the house. d) Adjetivo relativo.
e) Adjetivo definido.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
62 | UEL 1994 67 | FUVEST 1997
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase Choose another way of saying "There isn't anything really like
a seguir: that":

- "Why didn't you buy that sweater? It was such a good offer!" a) There is nothing really like that.
- "Because I didn't have _____________ money on me."
b) There aren't many things really like that.
a) a c) There aren't no things really like that.
b) no d) There is anything hardly really like that.
c) any e) There are a few things really like that.
d) some
68 | UEL 1997 - ADAPTED Assinale a alternativa correta:
e) none
Despite this violent activity, poltergeists in fact never hurt
63 | UNESP 1985 Assinale a alternativa correta:

Those organisms pose _____________ danger to human life.

a) something
a) any b) nothing
b) none c) none
c) no d) nobody
d) not e) anybody
e) no one
69 | UEL 1997
64 | UNESP 1986 said she is right. Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
frase a seguir:
a) Somebody
b) Anybody I will ___________ longer stand his bad manners.
c) Anyone
a) no
d) Something
b) very
e) Anything
c) too
65 | UNESP 1987 Assinale a alternativa correta: d) much
e) many
Would ___________ like to hear music tonight?
70 | UFRS1997
a) somebody Only about 160,000 red squirrels remain, against an onslaught of
b) someone some 2.5 million grays.
c) anything
d) anyone - A palavra SOME poderia ser substituída sem alteração do
sentido por:
e) something

66 | JFS 2008 a) fully.

I do not want to stay home tonight. I want to go b) partly.
c) approximately.
d) more than.
a) nowhere e) average.
b) somewhere
c) nowhere else 71 | FATEC 1999
d) everywhere else Escolha a alternativa que mantém o mesmo significado de NO ONE
e) none em "no one passes or fails a TOEFL":

a) Anybody
b) Everybody
c) Nobody
d) Somebody
e) Someone

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

72 | FEI 1997 Complete o diálogo: 76 | UFRS2002

A expressão HARDLY ANY em "He was a big, beefy man with hardly
- "Would you like ____________ apples?" any neck" poderia ser traduzida por:
- "No, thank you, I don't want _____________ apple."
- "And you?" a) raramente visto.
- "Yes, I'd like ____________ ." b) dificilmente algum.
c) bom tamanho.
a) some - any - any d) quase nenhum.
b) an - any - no e) especialmente longo.
c) any - no - some
d) some - any - some 77 | PUCRIO 2002
e) an - some - any

73 | ITA 1999 - ADAPTED

Hardly ____________ took Louis Frank seriously when he first
proposed, more than 10 years ago, that Earth was being bombarded
by cosmic snowballs at the rate of as many as 30 a minute.

- A lacuna deve ser preenchida por:

a) somebody.
b) anybody.
c) someone.
d) everybody.
e) nobody.

74 | PUCPR 2003
Put in the missing words:

_____ more tea, please.

I go fishing. "International Herald Tribune", August 30, 2001.
I. I want
- Mark the sentence which must be completed with "anywhere":
I. It doesn't rain
IV. I'm sorry, but I have__________
V . __________ knows it's wrong. a) The manager had to go off _________________ else for an
to give you. appointment.
a) I. some; II. Every time; III. someday; IV. b) The dangerous dog was approaching but there was to hide.
nothing; V. Somebody c) Britney says she didn't go _____________ yesterday.
b) I. any; II. Sometimes; III. every day; IV. d) This is part of the original castle build _______________ around
anything; V. Everybody 1700.
c) I. some; II. Sometimes; III. every day; IV. nothing; V. Everybody e) Have you seen my glasses? I've looked _____________
d) I. any; II. Every day; III. sometimes; IV. nothing; V. Everyone them.
e) I. some; II. Everywhere; III. every time; IV. anything; V. Somebody
75 | UFRRJ1998 78 | UNESP 2004 Eating
The sentence "there aren't any elephants here" in the affirmative disorders
boundaries. Therefore, they can
form is: affect
class, cultural, or gender
a) there are many elephants here. a) knows no - anyone.
b) there are plenty of elephants here. b) know no - someone.
c) there are some elephants here. c) know some - nobody.
d) there are a few elephants here. d) can know - nobody.
e) there are a lots of elephants here. e) don't know any - anyone.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

79 | UEL1998 84 | MACKENZIE 2000

Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche I'm a person _____________ technical knowledge of computer
corretamente a lacuna da frase apresentada: will impress ____________ .
Here is a riddle for you: Which hand should you stir soup with? a) who - everyone
___________ . You should use a spoon.
b) which - someone
a) Both c) for whom - nobody
b) Either d) whom - everybody
c) All e) whose - anyone
d) Neither
85 | UFSM 2002
e) No one
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da
80 | MACKENZIE 1998 frase apresentada:
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following
There are many evidences that _____________ can live alone.
Those ____________ marriage ends generally suffer from
Being considerate means thinking about _________________ , not depression.
only about yourself.
a) any - who
a) the others b) nobody - whose
b) others c) no - whose
c) another d) nobody - who
d) the other e) any - which
e) every other
86 | UFRS 2000 - ADAPTED
81 | MACKENZIE 1999 The expression "whatever it likes" in the text below could be
Vote for ____________ candidate you like. translated as:

a) wherever The screenplay (...) dares to imagine whatever it likes about the
b) whenever link between Shakespeare's artistic passions and his mad yearning
c) whoever for a certain aristocratic beauty.
d) whomever
e) whichever a) qualquer que.
b) seja lá o que for.
82 | UNESP 2000 Assinale a alternativa correta: c) nem tudo que.
d) todos que.
___________ finds the money may keep it.
e) nem sempre que.
a) Who he
87 | UNITAU 1995
b) Whom Assinale a alternativa que corresponde ao referente do pronome
c) Whose
relativo em destaque a seguir:
d) Whomever
e) Whoever Both research and commercial perspectives are considered,
making the event essential for all researchers, designers and
83 | UFSM 2003
manufacturers WHO need to keep abreast of developments in HCI.
___________ campaign _______________ benefits children
education is worth doing. a) research and commercial perspectives
b) developments in HCI
a) Some - which
c) interface design, user modelling, tools, hypertext, CSCW, and
b) Any - whose
c) Any - which
d) recent trends and issues
d) None - that
e) all researchers, designers and manufacturers
e) Some - what

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
88 | UNITAU 1995 92 | UNESP 1986
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde ao referente do pronome That is the one _____________ I always use.
relativo em destaque a seguir:
a) whose
Since then, microchips, satellites and nuclear power have become b) who
realities THAT define everyday life. c) what
d) which
a) every day e) whom
b) life
c) intellectuals 93 | UNESP 1990
d) realities The doctor to _____________ Mrs. Jones went told her to eat
e) scientists less.

89 | CESGRANRIO 1994 a) where

WHERE in "They are limited to texts where the possibilities of b) what
linguistic error are minimal" could be replaced by: c) whose
d) who
a) that. e) whom
b) which.
c) whose. 94 | CESGRANRIO 1990
d) in which. In "Men don't often have the lump-in-the-throat feeling that many
e) whereby. women experience", the pronoun THAT could be replaced by:

90 | CESGRANRIO 1995 a) who.

The pronoun WHO is used in "To help anxious shopaholics, who b) whom.
often wind up with major financial and personal difficulties, c) whose.
researchers at several universities in the United States are working d) what.
on a variety of therapeutic approaches". Mark the option in which e) which.
WHO and THAT are interchangeable:
95 | CESGRANRIO 1991
a) The drug ____________ you ordered last week has arrived. In the sentence "This same syndrome is reflected in the models
b) The hospital _____________ your father recommended is who are shown in current advertising", the relative pronoun WHO
now closed. could be replaced by THAT. The item in which the relative WHO
c) We hope ____________ the psychiatrist will arrive soon. could NOT be replaced by THAT is:
d) This is the researcher_____________ handled the project.
e) I met your doctor, but he didn't know ______________ I was. a) Journalists who also write ads earn a lot of money.
b) The girl recognized the man who had committed the crime.
91 | UNIRIO 1995 - ADAPTED c) The salesgirl told the manager who had stolen the dress.
To make spending time outdoors safer, a company called Frogskin, d) Some advertisements show models who are quite exotic-
Inc., located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is marketing a line of clothing looking.
called Frogware THAT, wet or dry, protects the user from the e) One of the boys who visited us yesterday is a model.
damaging effects of the sun more effectively than sunscreens.
96 | FEI 1996
- The word THAT can be replaced with:
Escolha a alternativa correta para completar a frase a seguir: It
a) what.
b) whose. was Eiffel _____________ constructed the metal framework.
c) which.
d) who. a) whom
e) whichever. b) which
c) whose
d) why
e) who

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
97 | CESGRANRIO 1993 101 | FEI 1997 Complete:
In the sentence "it's time to meet people who work from their
homes", the pronoun WHO can be replaced by THAT. My neighbor, ____________ is very beautiful, was here this
- Mark the option that can only be completed with the relative
pronoun WHO: a) which
b) whose
a) That is the consultant _____________ I met in São Paulo last c) who
week. d) when
b) My brother, _____________ works as a consultant, makes e) what
much money.
c) Would you like to work with bosses ___________________ are 102 | CESGRANRIO 1997
understanding? Mark the sentence that can only be completed with WHOSE, the
d) Employees ____________ work from home part of the time relative pronoun:
are happier.
e) The tele-commuter to _______________ I was introduced a) This is Patricia,_____________ sister you met last week.
yesterday is Asian. b) One should be loyal to _____________ one is married.
c) She's married to a doctor of ______________ you have heard.
98 | PUCPR 1996 d) AIDS, ____________ kills thousands of people, hasn't been
Fill in correctly with a relative pronoun: wiped out.
e) I don't like people _____________ lose their tempers easily.
The flower exhibit _______________ was held in the Botanical
Garden in Curitiba, last September, showed beautiful orchids from 103 | PUCPR 1998
all over the world. Choose the right alternative to complete the spaces:

a) that I. George Washington, _____________ became president of the

b) whose United States, never told a lie.
c) whom II. In Norway, ____________ is a Baltic country, you can see
d) where the midnight sun.
e) who III. Melanie Griffith, with _____________ Antonio Banderas got
married, is very jealous.
99 | PUCPR 1997 IV. Bernard Shaw, _____________ books were known in all the
Insert the appropriate relative pronoun:
world, was a very clever writer.
Gossips, to_____________ you should pay no attention, is a V. Le Corbusier, about ____________ we are learning now, was
bad thing. a famous modernist architect.
Dr. Smith, ____________ car is outside, has come to see a
a) whose - that - which - who - whose
b) whom - which - that - whose - whom
My friend Jack, ____________ is in hospital, is very ill.
c) who - which - whom - whose - whom
This is my Uncle John, _____________ you have heard so much
d) which - whom - who - whom - which
e) that - who - whose - which - who
a) which, whose, who, whom
104 | MACKENZIE 1999 Choose the correct alternative:
b) that, whose, whom, which
c) which, whom, that, who a) Caetano Veloso's, who latest CD, I bought last week, is
d) whom, whose, that, whom wonderful.
e) that, whom, who, which b) Caetano Veloso's latest CD, which I bought last week, is
100 | MACKENZIE 1997
c) Caetano Veloso's latest CD whom is wonderful I bought last
Os períodos simples provenientes do composto SHE WAS A GIRL
d) Caetano Veloso, which is wonderful, I bought last week latest
a) She was a girl. Whom it was difficult to know well. CD.
b) She was a girl. It was difficult to know her well. e) Caetano Veloso's latest CD, whose I bought last week, is
c) She who was a girl. It was difficult to know well. wonderful.
d) She was a difficult girl. It was difficult to know well.
e) She was a girl. It was difficult to know whom well.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
105 | JFS 2010
In his last book, the author decided to talk about the people and 109 | UFV/PASES2000
the places ________________ he loved. Complete the sentence below correctly:

a) who Don Pedro, _____________ was one of the visitors, was also
very impressed with Bell's invention.
b) whom
c) which
a) who
d) that
b) whose
e) whose
c) when
106 | FATEC 2002 d) where
e) which
O pronome which em "Many mobile phone operating companies
would rather give out new handsets than see their clients defect to 110 | UFRRJ 2000 - ADAPTED
rival services, which often try to lure customers by offering the In the sentence "about 20% of lung-cancer patients are found to
latest mobile phones free for switching services" refere-se a: have a tumor WHOSE biological characteristics and small size give
them a good chance of being cured if the malignant growth is
a) clients.
surgically removed", the capital word refers to:
b) handsets.
c) rival services. a) patients
d) customers. b) blacks.
e) mobile phone operating companies. c) tumor.
d) lung cancer.
e) about 20%.
Assinale a(s) alternativa(s) na(s) qual(is) os pronomes that, who e
which estão utilizados corretamente: 111 | PUCPR 2003
Supply the sentences with the correct alternative:
( ) Athletes are basically the consumers who are going to buy
Jui2ce. I. This is the hardest problem ______________ I have ever had to
( ) Jui2ce is a juice that offers a series of benefits to your health. face.
( ) Mandarin Mango is a flavor which provides vitamin A. II. A doctor, _____________ patients trust him, has great
( ) Calcium is one of the components who is good for health. responsibility.
( ) Young people that usually drink the Jui2ce say it is delicious. III. Vesuvius, ____________ is a lofty volcano, overlooks the
( ) Jui2ce has beta-carotene, who is said to be excellent for health. Bay of Naples.
IV. My friend Marcello, _____________ is in hospital, is very ill.
a) V F V F F F V. There's something _______________ I must tell you in
b) V F V F V V confidence.
c) V V V F F V
d) V V F F V F a) I. that; II. which; III. what; IV. who; V. that
e) V V V F V F b) I. which; II. whose; III. that; IV. whose; V. which
c) I. that; II. whose; III. which; IV. who; V. that
108 | UFRRJ 2000 - ADAPTED d) I. what; II. who; III. which; IV. that; V. what
In the passage "I have learned there are large numbers of e) I. that; II. whose; III. what; IV. which; V. that
Americans (maybe not the majority) who are passionate about, or
at least interested in, shaping their lives to be humane, individual, 112 | UNESP 2003 Assinale a
socially tolerant and contributing, and spiritual by some alternativa correta:
definition", the word WHO could be replaced by:
Children who are exposed to TV can learn ________________ ideas
a) which. may be taken away from it.
b) whom.
c) that. a) whoever
d) whose. b) whom
e) the word cannot be replaced. c) who
d) which
e) where

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa

113 | UFRRJ 2003 - ADAPTED 116 | UECE/2- FASE 2007

In the sentence "Under a microscope you can see the bacteria that In the sentences: "Gold's novel was also the start of the 'Jewish-
lives in your gums. It's called gram-negative bacteria and it American' novel, WHICH BECAME AN IMPORTANT TYPE OF
produces a toxin or poison that destroys the bones around your LITERATURE IN THE FIFTIES AND SIXTIES. Gold describes the failure
teeth", the underlined word can be replaced by: of the 'American Dream' for those WHO HAD LEFT EUROPE
LOOKING FOR A NEW AND BETTER LIFE", the parts in capital letters
a) who. are, respectively:
b) whose.
a) defining adjective clause and non-defining adjective clause.
c) whom.
b) non-defining adjective clause and defining adjective clause.
d) which.
c) defining adjective clause and defining adjective clause.
e) what.
d) non-defining adjective clause and non-defining adjective clause.
114 | ITA 2006 117 | UECE/2- FASE 2008
The sentence: "The mimetic theory was dominant for centuries,
only falling into disfavor in the late 18th century with the rise of
Romanticism, which took poetry to be essentially an expression of
personal feeling" contains a/an:

a) object noun clause.

b) subject noun clause.
c) non-defining relative clause.
d) defining relative clause.

118 | UECE/2- FASE 2008

The sentence: "the texts that make up English literature are a part
and a product of the English language and cannot be separated
from it" contains a/an:
- "A man named", no primeiro quadrinho, é equivalente a: a) conditional clause.
a) a man whose name is. b) adverbial clause.
b) a man that the name is. c) relative clause.
c) a man who the name is. d) noun clause.
d) a man whom the name is.
119 | UECE/2- FASE 2008
e) a man that is name.
The writer I am talking about is the one:

115 | PUCRIO 2006 - ADAPTED a) whom hates giving interviews.

In the expression "One-third of the youngest children in the United b) which has just written his autobiography.
States - babies through age 6 - live in homes where the television c) who wrote "Travels in Scriptorium".
is on almost all the time", where could be rephrased CORRECTLY d) whom was persecuted because of his ideas.
120 | FUVEST 1996
a) Live in homes in which the television is on almost all the time. Choose the question for the statement: 'Plague also cropped up in
b) Live in homes that the television is on almost all the time. 1994, in India':
c) Live in homes which the television is on almost all the time.
d) Live in homes the television is on almost all the time. a) How long did plague crop up in India?
e) Live in homes in that the television is on almost all the time. b) How did plague crop up in 1994?
c) When did plague crop up in India?
d) What did plague crop up in India?
e) Why did plague crop up in India?

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
121 | UNIFESP 2008 No 125 | UNESP 1992
trecho: Assinale a pergunta correta para a resposta apresentada a seguir:

"Some soy plantations in central Brazil are being transformed to For two weeks.
sugarcane ethanol operations and environmentalists say that could
lead soy farmers to move into the Amazon for their crop, which is a) How long have you had it?
also in high demand worldwide, particularly from China". b) How many time do you have it?
c) How long did you had it?
- a palavra which refere-se: d) How much time you have got it?
e) There is how long you've got it?
a) ao etanol de cana.
b) aos produtores de soja. 126 | UFPE 2007 - ADAPTED
c) à soja. The word THAT, in: "the United Nations reported THAT of the 41
d) à Amazônia. countries it monitors"; and in: "because THAT might jeopardize
e) à China. their economic growth", and in: "costly mandates and controls
THAT harm the economy":
122 | JFS 2000
O ____________________ pronome completa corretamente a ( ) functions differently in each phrase.
sentença ( ) has equivalent meanings in the three examples.
abaixo e, sintaticamente, é classificado como _______________ . ( ) is a conjunction in both, the first and the last examples.
( ) functions as a demonstrative pronoun in the second example.
A coward is one _____________thinks with his legs every time ( ) is a relative pronoun in the last example and refers only to
he is in danger. controls.

a) who - objeto a) F F V V F
b) who - sujeito b) F F F V F
c) whom - sujeito c) V V V V F
d) that - objeto d) V F F V F
e) which - sujeito e) V F F F V

123 | JFS 2002 127 | UNESP 1993 Assinale a

Those firemen, ____________ saved the little girl from the fire, alternativa correta:
are local heroes.
__________ is your hat?
a) who
b) that a) When
c) whom b) Who
d) which c) Whose
e) a e b estão corretas d) Where
e) How many
124 | UERJ 2005 - ADAPTED
Pronouns may have different functions according to the contexts 128 | CESGRANRIO 1995
where they occur. The use of the pronoun THAT establishing "A compulsive shopper told a researcher that she could never go
reference to the previous content of the sentence is found in: to a supermarket and buy just one bottle of milk".

a) That is a magical and mutually rewarding form of love between Mark the question to which this sentence is an answer:
writer and reader.
b) A battle scar, a light limp, hair that is an untamable mass of a) Where a compulsive shopper buys her milk?
curls, or any other minor flaw will make the character more b) What did a compulsive shopper tell a researcher?
relatable, more lovable. c) Who did a compulsive shopper tell her habits to?
c) What could be more fulfilling than a book that caresses the d) Why has a compulsive shopper told a researcher about her
reader with love, wit, sensuality and a feeling of goodness? habits?
d) A romance novel that combines those elements will seduce the e) How has a compulsive shopper told a researcher her routine?
reader from the first chapter to the last.

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
133 | UNESP 1984 Assinale a
129 | JFS 2000 Complete: alternativa correta:

- Henry is a scientist _____________ wants to know how comets a) Who did discovered America?
are formed. b) Who discovered America?
- The thief ____________ stole my wallet must be mad now. It c) Did who discover America?
was empty. d) What Columbus discovered?
- These precious moments ______________ you are living now e) What did Columbus discovered?
won't last forever.
- They are exploring a continent _____________ surface is icy. 134 | UNESP 1985
- The woman about ____________ we were talking is an expert Can you tell me ____________ ?
on Astronomy.
a) how much does a box of matches cost
a) that - who - * - which - whom b) how much a box of matches costs
b) who - * - that - which - who c) how much did a box of matches cost
c) who - that - which - whose - whom d) how much has a box of matches cost
d) who - that - whose - which - whom e) how much costs a box of matches
e) who - that - which - of which - who
135 | UNESP 1999
__________ people ____________ in Brasília?
130 | FUVEST 1977
a) How many - are there
Qual a pergunta que segue a afirmação "I know that you are the
b) How much - are there
c) What many - was there
a) Whom said I am the winner? d) What many - were there
b) Which one told you that I am the winner? e) How many million - was there
c) Who told you so?
136 | UNESP 1999
d) Who told that to you? __________ farm is that large one? It is ______________ .
e) Who said that I am the winner?
a) Which - Peter's
131 | UNESP 1983 Assinale a alternativa correta: b) Whose - Peter's
c) Whose - of Peter
- These blue jeans are mine. _______________ are those on the
d) Which - for Peter
e) What - Peter's
- They're Peter's.
137 | PUCPR 1996
a) Which
Choose the alternative that best completes the dialogue below:
b) What
c) Where Mr. Wilson is applying for a job. Right now, he is being interviewed
d) Whom by Mrs. Taylor, head of the personnel department.
e) Whose Mrs. Taylor: ____________ is your full name, please?
Mr. Wilson: Thomas Wilson.
132 | UNESP 1983 Assinale a alternativa correta:
Mrs. Taylor: ____________ are you from?
Do you know ______________ ? Mr. Wilson: Canada.
Mrs. Taylor: ____________ were you born?
a) where your brother bought that car Mr. Wilson: I was born on March 7, 1956.
b) where did your brother buy that car Mrs. Taylor: ____________ did you know about our job offer?
c) where does your brother buy that car Mr. Wilson: Through the ad you put in the newspaper.
d) where will your brother buy that car
e) where has your brother bought that car a) How - Where - Why - Who
b) What - Where - How - Why
c) Who - How - Where - When
d) What - Where - When - How
e) What - Who - When - How

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
138 | CESGRANRIO 1994 141 | PUCPR 2007
"The new telephone can deal with 'hello' and other words well We don't know with _______________ he was talking on the
enough." phone.

This sentence contains the answer to all question below EXCEPT a) that
one. Mark it: b) whom
c) what
a) What can the new telephone deal with?
d) which
b) What can deal with "hello" and other words well enough?
e) whose
c) How can the new telephone deal with "hello" and other words?
d) Whose words can the telephone deal with well enough? 142 | UFV 2000 - ADAPTED
e) Which words can the new telephone deal with well enough? Match the Question Words with the appropriate sentences. All
question words must be used:
A new telephone system translates words and phrases from a) Where
English into other languages. Mark the item which contains a b) How
suitable English equivalent for the following Portuguese phrases c) Which
that may be part of a telephone conversation: d) What
e) Why
I. "Como vai você?"
f) Who
II. "Quem está falando?"
III. "Ele não está. Quer deixar recado?" () ____________ do you prefer: fish or meat?
() ____________ didn't they call the police?
a) (I) How do you do? - (II) What's your name? - (III) He's out. Can I
() ____________ are we going to help her?
give him a messages?
() ____________ should I spend my Christmas vacation?
b) (I) How have you - (II) Who's speaking? - (III) He's off. Are there
() ____________ will win the next Nobel Prize for literature?
any messages?
() ____________ was he doing when the lights went off?
c) (I) How are you? - (II) Who's this? - (III) He's not in. Do you want
to leave a message? a) C - B - E - A - F - D
d) (I) Are you okay? - (II) Who are you? - (III) He left. Do you want b) C - E - B - F - A - D
to leave him a note? c) C - E - B - A - F - D
e) (I) What's up? - (II) Who's talking? - (III) He's not here right now. d) E - C - B - A - F - D
Would you like to leave a message? e) E - C - B - A - D - F
140 | PUCPR 2001 143 | FUVEST 2000
Fill in the blanks in the sentences below choosing the best Choose the question for the statement: "the Sydney delegates
alternative: promised that theirs would be the most environmentally-friendly
Games ever".
I . _________ knows how to speak decent French to talk to
the tourists? a) Whose Games the Sydney delegates promised that would be
II. The ticket costs $8._____________ are you going to pay? the most environmentally-friendly Games ever?
III. ___________ can I take the subway to the Guggenhein b) Who did the Sydney delegates promise that would be the most
Museum? environmentally-friendly Games ever?
IV . __________of those buildings is the hospital? c) Who did promise that theirs would be the most
V . __________ will your sister travel to London? environmentally-friendly Games ever?
d) Whose Games did the Sydney delegates promise that would be
a) I. Who; II. How; III. Where; IV. Which; V. When
the most environmentally-friendly Games ever?
b) I. Whose; II. Who; III. How; IV. What; V. Why
e) Which Games the Sydney delegates promised that would be the
c) I. Which; II. Why; III. When; IV. How; V. Whose
most environmentally-friendly Games ever?
d) I. Whom; II. What; III. Which; IV. Where; V. How
e) I. How; II. When; III. What; IV. Why; V. Where

Professor Ivo Barbosa Corrêa
144 | UEL1996 148 | EFOMM 2009
- How about having a party soon?
In the sentence: "If the oceans die, it could cause great
destruction", the pronoun it refers to:
a) Yes, sure a) oceans.
b) I bet he doesn't b) great destruction.
c) It won't last c) atmosphere.
d) I never do d) the oceans' death.
e) We aren't in it at all
e) the cause.
145 | JFS 2000
149 | EFOMM 2009
___________ course do you think is the best one of this
Typhoon "Ida" left a trail of destruction in _______________ wake.
It swept the country from coast to coast.
a) What
a) mine
b) Whose
b) ours
c) How
c) his
d) Which
d) hers
e) Why
e) its
146 | PUCPR 1999
150 | JFS 2012
Fill in the balloons with the right interrogative pronouns. Relate
What would the world be like without the Web?
the numbers given to the pronouns:
__________ almost had an answer, if only for a day. To
protest Congress's consideration of the onerous Stop Online Piracy
Act (SOPA) - which would require Internet service providers to
block access to Web sites that let people infringe on copyrighted
material - Internet companies including Google, Facebook, and
Twitter were rumored to be
coordinating a blackout, taking _____________________ offline
temporarily. I must admit I was kind of hoping the Internet
companies would go through with ________________ , just so we
could remember how we lived before the Internet. And it
seemed for a while that __________________ actually would,
especially after a lawyer who runs a trade group that represents
Internet companies claimed that big-name Web companies were
pondering the AWOL option.

a) 1. Whose, 2. Who, 3. Why, 4. How, 5. Who - Fill in the gaps correctly.

b) 1. Who, 2. Which, 3. What, 4. Why, 5. How
c) 1. What, 2. Whose, 3. What, 4. Why, 5. What a) We - themselves - it - they
d) 1. Which, 2. Who, 3. How, 4. What, 5. How b) They - ourselves - it - we
e) 1. Who, 2. Whose, 3. What, 4. Why, 5. How c) We - ourselves - it - they
d) They - themselves - them - we
147 | UFRS 2006 e) We - themselves - them - they
Em quais das frases a seguir o pronome WHAT é usado
corretamente? 151 | EFOMM 2013
Could I help you, sir?
I. What impresses the visitor about Seattle is its wateriness. Would you be so kind as to tell me how much ?
II. What time does the ferry boat leave for Bainbrigde Island?
III. Seattle offered plentiful resources, what attracted Arthur a) does this CD player cost
Denny's clan. b) this CD player costs
c) cost this CD player
a) Apenas em I. d) is the cost of this CD player
b) Apenas em II. e) cost is the CD player
c) Apenas em III.
d) Apenas em I e II.

154 | Professor
JFS 2013 Jefferson Celestino da Costa
152 | EFOMM 2013 Mark the incorrect item:

Read the following excerpt. I. The man ____________ is near the turnstiles is the principal
of our school.
Increasing ship sizes, human error and the challenge of II. The soccer player ____________ we have to interview is not
shipping in arctic waters are among the biggest risks facing the very famous.
modern maritime industry, according to Allianz Global Corporate III. The dog_____________ barks all night long belongs to our
and Speciality. new neighbors.
The challenge of shipping in arctic waters is among the
biggest challenges facing the modern maritime industry, the report a) who - whom - which
said. b) that - 0 - that
Marking 100 years since the sinking of Titanic, the c) who - that - which
insurers yesterday published a report which noted that, while the d) that - 0 - which
world commercial shipping fleet has trebled to over 100,000 e) who - that - 0
vessels over that period, overall shipping loss rates have declined
significantly. In 1912, they were one ship per 100 per year; in 2009 155 | JFS 2013
they had fallen to one ship per 670 per year. Fill in the gaps correctly.
Despite this, Safety and shipping 1912-2012: from
- I blush ___________ I think about it.
Titanic to Costa Concordia, based on research from Cardiff
- __________ you choose to live there are always going to
University, said the industry faced several key challenges. These
be disadvantages.
include the growing trend to 'super-size' ships and cost pressures
- __________ hungry I am, I never seem to be able to finish
which are forcing ship-owners to source crews from emerging
economies where training standards can be inconsistent. (...) off a whole pizza.

In lines 15-16: 'Despite this, safety and shipping 19122012: from a) whenever - Wherever - However
Titanic to Costa Concordia, (...)', the underlined word refers to: b) whenever - Whenever - However
a) The sinking of Titanic. c) whenever - Whenever - Whatever
b) Maritime industry. d) whatever - Wherever - However
c) Commercial shipping fleet. e) whatever - Wherever - Whatever
d) General shipping loss rate.
156 | IME 2013
e) Shipping in arctic waters. __________ was a brilliant career.

153 | JFS 2008 a) My

Which option contains the same idea of the sentence "something b) I
no other computer had ever done"? c) Mine
d) Me
a) Something any other computer had never done.
e) Not
b) Something no other computer had never done.
c) Something no other computer had already done.
d) Anything some other computer had already done. "It is by acts and not by ideas that people live."
e) Nothing some other computer had ever done. Anatole France