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XXXXXNAAAXAANKNAARY NO DUPLICATION FEE, i FOR THIS PAGE XNKNNARNRASNAERNNN few meet x te fetes Director Feceral Dureen of Investigation Washington, D. Ce LAMA Muited States Bepartment of Bustier Los Angelos, Californie Bovenber 16, 1912 Attention FECHICAL r9 ” Bes perma suse, EveL + Booriat Dear Birt . are enclosed herewith cos white envelope, snd oe ne A ee eee ape ie ablrgneed Br . wactL” contained the sbect of paper which 1s on extortion letter. fa desired that tis exvelope and stest of paper be processed for Letect fiagerpristes It de elec requested that the handwriting on this rien Latter be compared with the handwriting on the exte Letters nov in the Duresa's files if tiie is feasible. ‘Tee Bares 1s also requested to conduct sect other exarinstions end comparisons as Bay be deemed © t necessary that this letter or the exve) ve returned to tbe Los dagelee Piale Divieien. Toare try, GT are sTeRES: ReTEIAT: oO Ra 7 or te x y 4 Ltyad ‘ QOPY DETACHED IN 8. FP