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Antnio Mrcio


Valor da Prova:

40 pontos

Assinatura do responsvel:
Orientaes gerais:
1) Nmero de questes desta prova: 12
2) Valor das questes: Abertas (4): 6,0 pontos cada. Fechadas (8): 2,0 pontos cada.
3) Provas feitas a lpis ou com uso de corretivo no tm direito reviso.
4) Aluno que usar de meio ilcito na realizao desta prova ter nota zerada e
conceituao comprometida.
5) Tpicos desta prova:
- Quantifiers
- Texts
1 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier:
Not ______________ days ago I met a very interesting person.
a) much
b) many
c) little
d) less
e) nda

Nota =

2 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier:

I have to go to the post office because I have ________ letters to mail.
a) fewer
b) a little
c) a few
d) less
e) nda

Nota =

3 Questo:
Lost, Alone, and Injured on a Mountain

Nota =

Yesterday Gary Smith celebrated his twenty-first birthday, but hes lucky to be alive. In
March this year, he was mountain climbing, when he lost his way and spent 16 hours in subzero
"My friends laughed at me for having so much survival equipment, but it saved my life." On the
first night, the weather was so bad that it tore his new mountain tent to pieces, so he moved into
a Youth Hostel. He left the hostel at 10:00 the next morning, but that afternoon he was in trouble.
"I fell off a rock and broke my left leg. I couldnt move." Mountain rescue teams went out to look
for Gary, and found him at 9:00 the next morning. A helicopter took him to a hospital, where he
needed several operations. "Next time Ill go with my friends, not on my own!" he joked.
a) De acordo com o texto, no ms de maro, o que aconteceu a Gary Smith?
2 P.R. / Ingls / Antnio Mrcio / 1 / pg : 1

b) Por que Gary passou a primeira noite em um albergue para jovens?

4 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier.
Everyone needs _______________ luck in life.
a) a little
b) less
c) many
d) very
e) nda

Nota =

5 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier.

_____________ people are waiting for the pop star.
a) Much
b) less
c) A lot of
d) Very
e) nda

Nota =

6 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier.

There are ______________ inhabitants in London than in So Paulo.
a) fewer
b) less
Nota =
c) very more
d) very
e) nda
7 Questo:
For 250 million children, today is a workday, not a school day. Children as young as five
years old are part of the global workforce. In factories and in fields, children work up to 15 hours a
day, seven days a week. Matches, rugs, soccer balls, leather goods, paper cups, toys, shoes,
fireworks all of these products are made by tiny hands.
Child labor is one of the worst forms of exploitation. Child workers are deprived of
schooling, beaten and sexually abused, and crippled by work-related illnesses and injuries.
Children are sold to employers who pay impoverished families for the use of their children, often to
In Brazil, the Solidarity Center is working with unions, government organizations,
businesses, and community groups to promote worker rights, racial equality, and social justice.
The Solidarity Center is fighting child labor worldwide. Thanks to Solidarity Center
programs, more kids are staying in schools.
Nota =
a) Qual a funo do Solidarity Center (Centro de Solidariedade) no mundo?
b) O que o Solidarity Center est fazendo no Brasil?
8 Questo: Answer in Portuguese according to the text.

Nota =

There are nowhere near enough donor organs for all the people who need transplants. Nearly
111,000 are on waiting lists in the United States, but last year, only 28,663 transplants were
2 P.R. / Ingls / Antnio Mrcio / 1 / pg : 2

performed, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing, which oversees the transplant
system nationwide. This year, 6,000 to 7,000 people are expected to die waiting.
a) How many people are on waiting lists for transplants in the United States?
b) How many transplants were performed last year?
c) How many people are expected to die waiting for transplants this year?
9 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier.
___________ has been written on this low-carb diet.
a) Very
Nota =
b) A few
c) Much
d) less
e) nda
10 Questo: Which alternative completes the sentence correctly ?
Do you have 10 dollars?
No, I dont, but Peter has _____ money with him
a) a lot of
Nota =
b) much of
c) many
d) many of
e) lots

11 Questo:
Diabetes affects millions of people in North America, almost half of whom do not realize they have
the disease. At risk are people who have a family history of diabetes, are obese, have a history of
large birth weight and are over age forty.
People with diabetes do not convert food into energy the same way most people do. If a person
without diabetes eats a peace of candy, for example, the pancreas will produce insulin which then
converts those carbohydrates into glucose or sugar. That glucose is then used by the cells for
energy. However, glucose is not automatically accepted into the cells. It requires a specific key
insulin to be converted into energy. Without insulin, glucose is locked out of the cells, causing
the body to build up extra supplies of it. In people with diabetes, who do not produce insulin, this
can eventually lead to hyperglycemia or diabetic coma, also known as high blood sugar.
a) Que substncia o corpo requer para transformar os alimentos em energia?

Nota =

b) Qual o grupo de risco mencionado no texto com relao ao diabetes?
12 Questo: Circle the correct quantifier.
Which alternative completes the sentence correctly ?
Only _____ survived the accident
a) much
Nota =
b) many
c) any
d) a few
e) a lot
2 P.R. / Ingls / Antnio Mrcio / 1 / pg : 3

2 P.R. / Ingls / Antnio Mrcio / 1 / pg : 4

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