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REPUBLICA AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS POVOA DE SANTA IRIA a PORTUGUESA Escola Basica e Secundaria D. Martinho Vaz de Castelo Branco rid ueuee Ano letivo 2017/18 a CONNECTORS Remember: Connectors are used to join clauses. en |S aae [Therefore | cause and result She doesn’t eat animal products. | Therefore, she is vegan. However | contrast He doesn’t have many friends. However, he feels confident. Even though | contrast Even though he feels down, he doesn’t | want to see a doctor. Either... or | a choice between two You can either go by car or by train. things Neither... to join two negative ideas _| You eat neither salads nor fruit. You have nor very bad eating habits. A. Choose the correct option. 1. He doesn’t eat properly; therefore, / however, / even though he is feeling dizzy. 2. Therefore, / However, / Even though she felt confident, her peers managed to bring her down. 3, He has problems with his family. However, / Therefore, / Even though he feels happy and optimistic. 4, Even though / However, / Therefore, he studied hard, he failed his exam. He feels so stressed! B. Fill in the gaps with however, therefore or even though. 1. He felt lonely and depressed. _ he started binge drinking. 2. she had a iow self-esteem, she knew she had to fight negative thoughts. 3. They were bullied at school, _ , they didn’t tell anyone. 4 she feels sick, she doesn't want to go to the doctor. C. Rewrite the sentences using elther ... or / neither... nor. 1. Whenever | go abroad | eat fast food or some salad. 2. Her friend isn’t skinny. She isn’t fat. 3. He has problems with his knees. He can’t practise football and he can’t practise handball. 4. You have a temperature. You should go to the hospital or to your grandparents’ house. Coaration A. 4. tyenefone 2, Hoxsena 3. Ronaer 4. Even though B. A. Moaskrne 2. Exen Mase) 3- Howaxe 4. Bren Mou CM Wearever Igo clorox, ciftee I sot Last Lod oa rove roiled. 2) Wea Paierd is neither Stang oe Sax. 3) Re Gar [padoims cuit ur Kases. He cam [paadise malbue Qostloat\ raf Rermdleoit &) Fou fave o demiperstinr Jou sheull citer ge te the thesbitat en te gour gnowellmnents Roure.

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