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excelncia em educao


Aluno(a): Ano: Professor: 1 Turma: Data: 04/04/2011 N Nota: 40 pontos

Antonio Marcio

Valor da Prova:

Assinatura do responsvel:

Orientaes gerais: 1) Nmero de questes desta prova: 12 2) Valor das questes: Abertas (4): 6,0 pontos cada. Fechadas (8): 2,0 pontos cada. 3) Provas feitas a lpis ou com uso de corretivo no tm direito reviso. 4) Aluno que usar de meio ilcito na realizao desta prova ter nota zerada e conceituao comprometida. 5) Tpicos desta prova: - Pronomes - Interpretao de texto

Complete the following exercise with the correct pronoun: 1 Questo: Marilyn is not English; ............... is Australian a) He b) She c) Him d) Her e) It

Nota =

2 Questo: Jessy and Ygor are in love; ............... are going to get married. a) We b) They c) Us d) He e) She

Nota =

3 Questo: Give ............... some advice please; they are so worried. a) me b) us c) him d) her e) them

Nota =

... Not long ago, mentioning Brazil conjured images of street children or mountains of foreign debt or, at best, a lady in a tutti-frutti hat. For all the world knew, or cared, Brazil was just another big, affable Latin country Mexico on steroids tucked away somewhere below the equator. Even some

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heads of state seemed clueless. Its nice to be in Bolivia, Ronald Reagan told an audience on his first state visit to Brazil in 1982. His hosts took it sportingly. The people of Bolivia welcome the president of Canada, read the next days newspaper. But beyond the gaffes and guffaws was a major hole in the mappamundi of the Western mind. 4 Questo: Cite duas imagens s quais o Brasil era associado no exterior. 1)

2) Nota =

5 Questo: O texto menciona um incidente ocorrido com um ex-presidente americano em 1982. a) Qual foi o incidente?

b) Qual foi a resposta dada por um jornal? Nota = Complete the following exercise with the correct pronoun:

6 Questo: The police are patrolling the town centre. Have you seen ...............? a) it b) us c) he d) them e) him

Nota =

7 Questo: I am very thirsty. Would you give ............... something to drink please? a) me b) us c) it d) her e) him

Nota =

8 Questo: Tom is drinking ............... drink. a) my b) his c) her d) mine e) our

Nota =

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9 Questo: Global Handwashing Day October 15, 2009 Although people around the world wash their hands with water, very few wash their hands with soap at critical moments. Global Handwashing Day will be the centerpiece of a week of activities that will mobilize millions of people across five continents to turn handwashing with soap before eating and after using the toilet into an ingrained habit. This could save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention, cutting deaths from diarrhea by almost half and deaths from acute respiratory infections by about a quarter. Nota = a) Que hbito a campanha descrita no texto pretende incentivar?

b) Segundo o texto, em quanto esse hbito pode reduzir as taxas de mortalidade?

Complete the following exercise with the correct pronoun:

10 Questo: I am working on ............... homework. a) my b) mine c) our d) us e) its

Nota =

11 Questo: That is John's car over there; a) mine b) hers c) its d) his e) hers

it's ................

Nota =

12 Questo: My name is Joe. That is what my colleague, Milton Davidson, calls me. He is a programmer and I am a computer. I am Miltons experimental model. His Joe. Milton has never married, though he is nearly 40 years old. He has never found he right woman, he told me. One day he said, Ill find her yet, Joe. Im going to find the best. Im going to have true love and youre going to help me. Im tired of improving you in order to solve the problems of the world. Solve my problem. Find me true love. a) Do que Milton Davidson est cansado?

b) Por que Milton Davidson no se casou e o que ele espera que Joe faa por ele?

Nota =

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