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March 1, 2017 Page 5A

(-# '( - +#*$ Grand

,-*,("'( ,))%+ Jury
+*,*$-- Tori Treece & Scott Pasket
indicts March 25, 2017
Turner, Pierce & Fultz
,))%+-!*,(($ 18 Hours:
Gift Dept.
(936) 825-6441 ext 22
Turner, Pierce
& Fultz Acct.,
Visa, MC, AMEX
Special to The Examiner Mon-Sat & Discover

,$-$#- The following persons

+)-'(- +,+ were indicted by a Grimes
County Grand Jury last
+-# +-# Wednesday. All persons
are presumed innocent un-
til proven guilty in a court
*#-$#*-&, %)+* of law.
'""'+- ,+- •Victoria Lynnette
Folsom – prohibited sub- Open 7 Days a Week
,))%+,+)) stance in a correctional fa-
!*,(&%'"&*+(- cility, Felony 3
•Juan Carlos
!*+,)-!*,(&%'"&*+( Vazquez-Garcia – driving Fax: 936-870-3307
,(&-!*+,)-!*+,) while intoxicated, third of-
fense, Felony 3
9416 HWY 6 Loop • Navasota
!*,(&%'"&*+( •Ryne Michael
McReynolds – possession Monday - Thursday Call us for your
of a controlled substance,
Keeping Navasota Beautiful, two counts, State Jail Fel-
ony; forgery, Felony 3
8 am to 9 pm
Friday & Saturday
catering needs!

•Wilber Antonio Cas- 8 am - 10 pm

one spring event at a time tillo-Mendez – possession
of a controlled substance, Sunday 8 am - 9 pm
State Jail Felony
BY CONNIE motor oil and used oil reports a good response •Timothy James Pat-
CLEMENTS filters. from the community. ke – aggravated sexu-
Examiner reporter Stoves, refrigerators, According to Gruver, al assault of a child, two
water heaters, washers even before volunteer counts, Felony 1
Navasota residents and dryers will be ac- and sponsor letters went •Charles Raines – pos-
will have two opportu- cepted as well but appli- out, he was fielding calls session of a controlled
nities to clean up their ances containing freon from residents making substance, State Jail Fel-
homes and their neigh- must have a certificate sure the event would ony
borhoods this spring by of freon removal by a take place this year. •Julio Gamez Salas
participating in the an- certified appliance tech- The shortfall in oil and – injury to a child, five
nual City Spring Clean- nician. gas revenues continues counts, Felony 1
up of 2017 and Keep The city will also ac- to affect some program •Christopher John
cept up eight per house- budgets and while the Snook – indecency with
Navasota Beautiful’s
hold automobile or light programs continue, they a child by contact, three
16th Annual Trash Off.
truck tires, limited to 15 have less money with counts, Felony 2
inches to 22 inches in which to operate mak-
Beautification starts size. ing sponsorships and
•Johnny Snook – inde-
at home Items not accept- in-kind donations even
cency with a child by con-
Getting rid of that tact, three counts, Felony 2
ed include hazardous more appreciated. •Kelsie Fowler-Rodri-
junk in the garage has waste, paint and cor- Individuals and
been made easier by the guez – murder, Felony 1
rosives, pesticides and teams will receive a •Andre Jamale Thomas
City of Navasota. City herbicides, chemicals, KNB Trash Off T-shirt, – assault, family violence,
staff will be accept-
ing items for dispos-
landscaping cross ties
or yard waste, logs and
a “thank you” break-
fast and lunch, various
occlusion, Felony 3 Baby Registry
al Thursday, March 9, •Jessica Alvarez – bur-
stumps or remodeling of awards including recog- glary of building, State Jail
through Sunday, March construction debris. Pa- nition of the team with
12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Felony
at the City of Navasota
per shredding services
will not be available this
the most participants
and the coveted Hub
•Julio Bonilla – bur- Abbie & Clay Allen
glary of building, State Jail
Vehicle Services Center
at 520 Malcolm Street.
year. Cap Award for the most Felony Melissa Lee & CJ Dobbins
For information, con- unusual item found.
Disposal is free to Nava- tact the City of Navaso- Individuals, civic or-
•Ricardo Enrique Agu-
ilar-Flores – burglary of
Heather & Joe Lane
sota residents and proof ta at (936) 825-6450. ganizations and teams
of residency is required. of friends and families
building, State Jail Felony Laura & Donald Goodie
•Eugenio Chavez –
Items accepted in- KNB trash off set wishing to sign up to
manufacture and delivery
clude mattresses and for April 8 clean up their neighbor-
of a controlled substance,
box springs, toilets and Planning for the hood or a specific area
Felony 1; forgery, Felony Come Check Our Sales!
sinks, carpets and pads, Keep Navasota Beauti- within the Navasota city
indoor or outdoor furni- ful Commission’s 16th limits, should contact 3
ture, sofas and couches, Annual Trash Off has Gruver at (936) 825-
automotive batteries, already begun and Com- 6475. The event will be manufacture and delivery Located in Historic Downtown Navasota
lumber, metal, cast iron, munity Relations Spe- held from 8 a.m. to noon of a controlled substance, 121 E. Washington Ave. • Navasota, TX 77868
sheet and scrap metal, cialist Kris Gruver, the at the Navasota Center Felony 3; forgery, Felony
3 936-825-2223
up to 5 gallons of used city’s liaison to KNB, at 103 Stadium Drive.
•James Holland – pos-
session of a controlled
substance, Felony 3; forg-
ery, Felony 3 C a l l u s T O D AY 8 2 5 - 6 4 8 4
Iola grad finishes basic infantry training •Jennifer Richmond –
forgery, Felony 3; posses- or v i s it u s 2 4 / 7 a t
FORT JACKSON, bayonet use, chemical sion of a controlled sub-
stance, State Jail Felony
w w w . nava s ota e x a m i ne r . c o m
S.C. — U.S. Army Pvt. warfare, unarmed com-
Austin W. Lee has grad- bat, drill and ceremony,
uated from basic infantry marching, map reading,
training at Fort Jackson, military courtesy, basic CITY SPRING

South Carolina. first aid, field tactics and


During the nine weeks the military justice sys-

of training, Lee studied tem.
the Army mission, his- Lee is the son of April City of Navasota Vehicle Services Center
tory, tradition and core M. Lee and nephew of 520 Malcolm Street, Navasota, Texas
values. Lee also received Doris M. Dowling of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
instruction and practice North Zulch. Thursday, March 9 through Sunday, March 12
in physical fitness, ri- He is a 2016 graduate
Lee ‘‘FREE’’ event for City of Navasota
fle marksmanship and of Iola High School.
Residential Customers
Proof of Residency Required
Snap Up a Deal
Is your computer running slow? Are you constantly frustrated
with your computer? Having trouble with malware?
♻Mattresses/Box springs
♻Carpet/Carpet pad
♻Used Oil Filters
Heaters, Washers
• Virus Removal ♻Furniture (Indoor/Outdoor) ♻and Dryers
• Data Transfer ♻Sofas/Couches * Appliances which contain freon must
have a certificate of freon removal by
♻Automotive Batteries
Call or • Data Recovery
• Dual Boot Options ♻Lumber
a certified appliance technician.
Go ♻Passenger / Light truck tires
• Repairing Crashed Hard Drives ♻Metal, Cast Iron, Sheet, Scrap Only 8 per household accepted
Online • Upgrades Metal Limited to 15” to 22” in size.
• System Checkup & Optimization ♻Used Motor Oil (Up to 5 No tires with rims or foam filled
• Hardware Installation
41 a year in
$ gallons)
• Software Installation
Grimes County
• Security Installation
♻Hazardous Waste ♻Landscaping Cross Ties
47 a year
elsewhere in Texas
The Computer ♻Paint
♻Yard Waste, Logs, Stumps
♻Remodeling or Construction

60 a year Specialist ♻Pesticides
♻No commercial quantities
For All Your Computer Needs ♻Chemicals
936-825-1963 For more information contact Navasota Public Works at 936-825-6450
212 E. Washington Ave.
Navasota ★ Texas
Owner: Steve Austin
Locally Owned & Operated since 1996

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