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is Document for FreeAuto-hide: on 1 Lesson 1 To drink beber To eat - comer I dri
nk I eat Eu bebo Eu como You drink You eat Voc bebe Voc come I drink water I eat b
read Eu bebo gua Eu como po I drink juice I eat cheese Eu bebo suco Eu como queijo
You drink coffee You eat Fish Voc bebe caf Voc come peixe You drink milk You eat m
eat Voc bebe leite Voc come carne I drink coffee and milk I eat bread and ham Eu b
ebo caf e leite Eu como po e presunto I drink water and juice I eat bread and chee
se Eu bebo gua e suco Eu como po e queijo I drink juice and soda I eat fish and me
at Eu bebo suco e refrigerante Eu como peixe e carne I eat bread and I drink mil
k I eat cheese and you eat ham Eu como po e bebo leite eu como queijo e voc come p
resunto I eat cheese and I drink juice I drink milk and you drink coffee Eu como
queijo e bebo suco eu bebo leite e voc bebe caf I eat fish and I drink soda I eat
bread and you eat cheese Eu como peixe e bebo refrigerante Eu como po e voc como
queijo Verbs To drink beber, tomar To eat comer Vocabulary Coffee Caf Tea-Ch Milk L
eit e Juice Suco Water g ua Soda Ref r iger ant e Fish Peixe Meat Carne Cheese Queij o
Ham Pr esunt o Bread Po And-E I Eu You Voc Expression Thank you Obr igado Thanks Obr
do Please Por favor Hi Oi Hello Ol Good bye -Tchau He drinks / She eats 3 pessoa usa
- seS 1 Grammar I drink eu bebo, bebo I eat Eu como, como You drink Voc bebe You
eat voc come Complete 1-I______________________________ coffee and milk. 2-I_____
_________________________ fish. Thank you. 3-I drink _________________________,
please. 4-I eat______________________________, please. 5-I drink _______________
__and_____________ . 6-I eat______________________________ and cheese 7-Please,
I______________________________meat, thank you. 8-Please, I_____________________
_________ ham, thanks 9-________________eat ______________. 10- ________________
drink ______________

Substitution Practice 1-I drink milk and coffee. / I eat cheese. _______________
________________________________________________________ 2-I eat fish and meat,
thank you. _____________________________________________________________________
__ 3-I drink milk and I eat bread an ham _______________________________________
________________________________ 4-I eat meat. / I drink milk. _________________
______________________________________________________ 5-I drink juice, please.
_______________________________________________________________________ 6-I drin
k soda and I eat bread and ham _________________________________________________
______________________ 7-I eat fish and I drink juice __________________________
_____________________________________________ 8-I drink coffee and milk ________
_______________________________________________________________ 1 Listening 1-__
_____________________________________________________________________ 2-________
_______________________________________________________________ 3-______________
_________________________________________________________ 4-____________________
___________________________________________________ 5-__________________________
_____________________________________________ Written Practice 1.Eu bebo / Eu co
mo / Comer / Beber _____________________________________________________________
__________ 2.Eu bebo suco / Eu como carne / Obrigado ___________________________
____________________________________________ 3.Eu como peixe e bebo gua/ tchau __
_____________________________________________________________________ 4.Oi / Eu
bebo caf / Por favor ____________________________________________________________
___________ 5.Ol / Eu como po e queijo ___________________________________________
____________________________ 6.Voc come presunto e bebe gua ______________________
_________________________________________________ 7.Voc bebe caf e leite e eu como
po com queijo __________________________________________________________________
_____ 8.Eu como po, presunto e queijo / obrigado ________________________________
_______________________________________ Life is an eternal process of self-disco
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