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Arcanos maiores
Palavras-chave (Bunning) Palavras-chave (Theresa)
0 - O louco Comeo, espontaneidade, f, loucura aparente A fresh start; the beginning of a journey
I - O mago Ao, ateno consciente, concentrao, poder Developing skills and talent; manifesting
II - A sacerdotisa No-ao, ateno inconsciente,potencial, Intuition; trust your gut
III - A imperatriz Mothering, abundncia, sentidos, natureza Creativity; pregnancy; mother; pleasure
IV - O imperador Fathering, estrutura, autoridade, regulao Stability; authority; father; work
V - O sacerdote Educao, crenas, conformidade, ident. grupal Conforming to rules; spiritual leader; teacher or
VI - O enamorado Relaes, sexualidade, valores, crenas pessoais Romance; partnerships; choices
VII - O carro Vitria, vontade, self-assertion, hard control Triumph; finding direction; vehicle
VIII - A fora Fora, pacincia, compaixo, soft control Inner strength; handling problems; power
IX O eremita Introspeco, busca, guidance, solido Turning inward; pulling back; withdrawal
X Roda da fortuna Destino,ponto de virada,movimento, viso A change; luck; karma
XI Justia Justia, responsabilidade, deciso, causa-e-efeito Fairness; court or legal issues; balancing the karmic
XII O pendurado Letting go, reviravolta, suspenso, sacrifcio Sacrifice; a period of waiting
XIII A morte Terminar,transio, eliminao, foras Big change; transformation; out with the old in
inexorveis with the new
XIV Temperana Temperana (mod), equilbrio, sade, Balance; middle way; choosing carefully
XV O diabo Bondage, materialismo, ignorncia, desesperana Negativity; poor choices; haters; being stuck
XVI A torre Mudana repentina, liberao, queda, revelao Disruption; chaos; difficult change; a fall from
XVII A estrela Esperana, inspirao, generosidade, serenidade Hope; optimism; happiness and health
XVIII A lua Medo,iluso,imaginao, confuso Danger; hidden enemies; lack of clarity; need to
(bewilderment) reflect
XIX O sol Iluminao,grandeza,vitalidade, certeza Joy; happiness; good things coming
XX O julgamento Julgamento, renascimento, chamado int, Higher calling; toot your horn; being heard; ending
XXI O mundo Integrao, realizao (accomplishment), Completion; success; end of an important cycle;
envolvimento graduation

Arcanos menores
Paus/wands Copa/cups Espada/spades Ouro/pentacles
1 new job or creative new love a new challenge or mental a new financial
beginning endeavor opportunity
2 new work options; plans romance; meeting indecision; contemplation juggling resources;
financial decisions
3 success or travel fun and friends; heartache; separation recognition for talent;
celebration collaboration
4 security and happiness boredom; apathy rest after a battle; financial stability;
meditation possessiveness
5 competition loss and grief victory through deceit financial loss;
abandonment; poverty
6 success and leadership nostalgia; romance moving forward generosity; charity
7 challenges choices; daydreams thievery; dishonesty hard work ahead; slow
8 quick movement; travel; moving on; travel feeling stuck rewarding work; getting
news lost in a task
9 caution; boundaries wish fulfillment sorrow; losing sleep financial security;
10 hard work; burdens love and support; family loss; an ending financial success; family
Valete good news; student romantic message; a well strong minded youth; legal a message about money;
loved child news good student
Cav. an industrious young man a sensitive young male a challenging man who a stable, dependable
enters your life quickly young male
Rainha a creative woman a kind woman a strong woman a grounded, earthy female
Rei a powerful man a caring man a logical and intelligent a secure and successful
man male
Arcanos menores


Carta 0/22/sem nmero - O louco (The fool)

Definio Comeo, espontaneidade, ter f, loucura aparente
(Bunning) Beginning: entering a new phase, striking out on a new path, expanding horizons, starting something new, beginning an
adventure, going on a journey, heading into the unknown
being spontaneous: living in the moment, letting go of expectations, doing the unexpected, acting on impulse, feeling
uninhibited, surprising someone, feeling carefree
having faith: trusting the flow, staying open, letting go of worry and fear, feeling protected and loved, living in joy,
recapturing innocence, believing
embracing folly: accepting your choices, taking the "foolish" path, pursuing a pipe dream, being true to yourself, taking a
"crazy" chance, trusting your heart's desire
Definio Aberto a todas as possibilidades. Comeos, inocncia, ingenuidade, olhe antes de pular! Otimismo, esperana, liberdade
(Tognetti) p/ explorar. The time for something new is nigh. Youre entering into the situation with excitement and childlike wonder.
Represented by the digit 0 (continuum of life), the Fool is full of optimism, hope, and the freedom to explore without any
preconceived notions. Upright: The Fool means a fresh start, a clean slate, and a wonderful beginning. If youve been trying
to decide whether to take a leap of faith, the upright Fool suggests youve already taken it. This card can also come up
when youve completed one project and are about to embark on another.
Definio Impulso, fascnio, cegueira verdade, infantilidade, puro e no corrompido O eterno otimista; pronto para se jogar de
(Bartlett) cabea; aceitar cada aventura que aparece; espontneo e despreocupado; partir numa busca pessoal; seguir
impulsivamente rumo ao desconhecido
Definio Keywords: new beginning, fresh start, risk, a chance, new cycle, originality, fearlessness, travel, innocence, being green,
(Theresa) trickster, acting foolish. General meaning: Its about to get all new beginnings and fresh start around here. Are you ready
to change your path? Tired of hanging on to all that old crap? Put your baggage behind you and take that leap like a true
balla. Situations call for optimism, faith and fearlessness. Original thinking. Beware of the biters at your heels but do what
you gonna do anyways. Jump in, no parachute required. Thinking of a world tour? Do it.
Rev. (T.) O caminho ter atrasos e problemas, com escolhas insensatas.
Indica o mesmo desejo de buscar novas liberdades e comear de novo, explorar horizontes diferentes, mas a jornada
pode ser insatisfatria ou repleta de aes tolas.
Rev. (Th.) Why are you being afraid? Change is inevitable and its time to embrace it. Sure, there is some unknown stuff ahead but
why cling to that old familiar crud that you know sucks the life out of you? Time to gather your courage muscles and make
that move. The old way isnt hip anymore. In fact, its not doing a thing for you. That being said, nothing wrong with
scoping out the scenario before you dive in. Looking before you leap could prevent some bullshit later on. Hold back but
dont hold on. Other wise advice: stop acting the fool. Grow up.

Carta I - O mago (The magician)

Definio Ao, ateno consciente, concentrao, poder
(Bunning) taking action: doing what needs to be done, realizing your potential, making what's possible real, practicing what you
preach, carrying out plans, producing magical results, using your talents
acting consciously: knowing what you are doing and why, acknowledging your motivations, understanding your intentions,
examining the known situation
concentrating: having singleness of purpose, being totally committed, applying the force of your will, feeling centered,
setting aside distractions, focusing on a goal
experiencing power: making a strong impact, having vitality, creating miracles, becoming energized, feeling vigorous,
being creative
Definio Libertar o poder criador. Manifestao, transformar ideia em realidade. Representa nossa habilidade em criar a prpria
(Tognetti) realidade; algo grande est sendo criado
Represented by the number 1, the Magician is the beginning of creation and the initiation of your ideas. Upright: The
Magician represents our ability to create our own reality. Because of the Magician in all of us, were able to turn ideas into
something tangible. The Magician always indicates that something great is developing because something is being
created. Ask and you shall receivebecause you already have the power in your own hands.
Definio Iniciativa, persuaso, conscincia, ao. Capacidade de manifestao; conscincia de seu potencial; foco no objetivo
Definio Keywords: talent, skill, power, magic, control, manifest, tools, mastery, willpower, focus. General meaning: The Magician is
(Theresa) the card of talent and power. Youve got the mad skills to accomplish your goals at this time. Its time to make the most of
your abilities. Know that you have everything you need to manifest whatever it is you have in mind. Your tools are right at
your fingertips. Proceed with total confidence and find the magic within yourself now. Met a new person? Chemistry and
pure animal attraction. Prepare for some hot action.
Rev. (T.) Habilidades/talentos esto escondidos; no usando o potencial
Magician indicates that your ability lies hidden, or that youre not using your hidden talentor the talent thats visible
either. Sometimes the Magician reversed can describe a situation thats not developing correctly or one thats hampered
by a lack of enthusiasm for following through on the original idea. Mediocre workmanship.
Rev. (Th.) Not ready for prime time. You dont have your shit together at this time. Better to pull back and wait until you are
absolutely ready. Jump in without the right knowledge and you risk blowing it and looking like a newbie. Take your time to
develop yourself more. This card can also signal an abuse of power. Dont be a dick.

Carta II - A sacerdotisa (The high priestess)
Definio No-ao, acessar o inconsciente, desenvolver o potencial, sentir o mistrio
(Bunning) staying nonactive: withdrawing from involvement: allowing events to proceed without intervention, being receptive to
influence, becoming calm, being passive, waiting patiently
accessing the unconscious: using your intuition, seeking guidance from within, trusting your inner voice, opening to dreams
and the imagination, being aware of a larger reality
seeing the potential: understanding the possibilities, opening to what could be, seeing your hidden talents, allowing
development, letting what is there flower
sensing the mystery: looking beyond the obvious, approaching a closed off area, opening to the unknown, remembering
something important, sensing the secret and hidden, seeking what is concealed, acknowledging the Shadow
Definio Confiar na sua intuio. Desenvolver habilidades psquicas. O 6 sentido.
(Tognetti) The High Priestess is represented by the number 2, denoting the need for the balance between logic and emotion that you
can achieve by using the intuitive part of your nature. Upright: The High Priestess reminds you of your own ability to see
beneath the surface of whats happening around you. Shes the psychic intuition within each of us, neither male nor
female, left brain nor right brain; the High Priestess is the part of you that at some level knows the answer to your own
Definio Segredos, sentimentos ocultos, intuio, aquela que cura, poder feminino, potencial silencioso, o inconsciente, motivao
(Bartlett) oculta, influncias misteriosas, talentos em desenvolvimento. Um segredo que precisa ser revelado; confiar em sua
intuio; ver alm do bvio; lembrar algo significativo.
Definio Keywords: intuition, feminine wisdom, hidden knowledge, secrecy, initiation, receptivity, spirituality, the inner world.
(Theresa) General meaning: The High Priestess is all about trusting that killer instinct you have within yourself. Got a hunch about
something? Go with it. This is time to really listen to your gut. Before making a decision of power, look within and seek out
the answers. They are there. You dont need confirmation from anyone but your own divine self. This card is also about
keeping secrets. If someone confides in you, keep that dirt on the down low.
Rev. (T.) Aviso de que as coisas podem no ser o que parecem
The High Priestess creates an image of confused psychic energy. Superstitious, cautious, and not very trusting, the High
Priestess reversed can suggest that things are not right or not accurate. Here, she teaches us that all that appears might
or might not be true or real.
Rev. (Th.) Youve lost touch with your own mojo. Time to get back to the source. Turn off the outer noise so that you can hear the
inner voice. Bad vibes. This is not the time to reveal your top secret plans. Too many big mouths around you or maybe
you got the loose lips? Bitches can be snitches.

Carta III - A imperatriz (The empress)

Definio Mothering, abundncia, experimentar os sentidos, ligar-se natureza
(Bunning) Mothering: giving birth, nourishing life, nurturing and caring for others, cherishing the world, expressing tenderness,
working with children
welcoming abundance: enjoying extravagance, receiving lavish reward, luxuriating in plenty, having more than enough,
feeling rich
experiencing the senses: giving and receiving pleasure, focusing on the body, appreciating beauty, feeling vibrantly
healthy, being earthy, doing physical activity
responding to Nature: relating to plants and animals, embracing the natural, feeling connected to the Earth, going
outdoors, harmonizing with natural rhythms
Definio Abundncia e fertilidade (me). Cuidar. Conforto e paz. Tempo de colheita!
(Tognetti) Represented by the 3, the Empress connects spirit to body, which brings forth creation and new life. She is the trinity of
spirit over matter and then manifestation. Upright: When the Empress appears upright, it can mean a cycle of prosperity is
about to begin. This could mean a new home or new conditions in the home that are peaceful and filled with an abundance
of the good things in life. The Empress indicates good resources from the land.
Definio Ao, desenvolvimento, vitalidade feminina, prazer sensual, abundncia, compaixo, criatividade, nutrir, sentir-se bem
(Bartlett) com a vida. Foco na beleza e na arte; harmonia com o mundo natural; extravagncia; viver com luxria; conscincia
Definio Keywords: feminine power, abundance, fertility, pregnancy, marriage, creativity, receptivity, pleasure, mothering,
(Theresa) nurturing, giving birth (literally or figuratively). General meaning: This beautiful card indicates that a period of great
creativity is ahead. Whether that be creating art, a new life, a new venture, or a child, this is a marker that all signs are a
go. The energy of the Empress is abundant the wheat field at her feet suggests a good harvest in the future. When
discussing relationships, this card can indicate marriage. This is one of the best indicators of pregnancy in a reading
asking about motherhood not only can this indicate conception but also the ability and readiness to be a good parent.
Rev. (T.) Pobreza, falta de segurana
A reversed Empress can indicate infertility or that the home or environment is lacking in some way. It might represent a
troubled home or marriage, inadequate resources, low income, environmental pollution, or contaminated land or
environment. This card could mean a bad year for the farmer, a loss in the family, or a lack of understanding between
family members. Dissatisfaction with the family or a dysfunctional family could also be indicated. The lesson here might be
to pay more attention to ones home life before it becomes a problem.
Rev. (Th.) A lack of abundance or fertility issues. Unexpected or problem pregnancy. Whoops. In a reading about marriage, this can
indicate problems ahead. Creative blocks. Issues with mom (aka Mommie Dearest!). Turning into mom (not necessarily a
bad thing). Baby momma drama. Helicopter parenting. Let your kid breathe and just be a kid.

Carta IV - O imperador (The emperor)
Definio Fathering, estrutura, exercer autoridade, regular
(Bunning) Fathering: establishing a family line, setting direction and tone, protecting and defending, guiding growth, bringing
security and comfort, offering explanations
emphasizing structure: creating order out of chaos, categorizing, being systematic, providing shape and form, being
organized, applying reason, coordinating, sticking to a plan
exercising authority: taking a leadership role, commanding, exerting control, representing the establishment, being in a
position of strength, coming in contact with officials, setting direction
regulating: establishing law and order, operating from sound principles, applying rules or guidelines, working within the
legal system, setting standards of behavior, following a regimen
Definio Autoridade (pai). Liderana, resoluo de problemas, lgica, planejamento
(Tognetti) The Emperor is represented by the number 4, which is solid, logical, realistic, and concrete. Upright: When the upright
Emperor shows up, youll learn to develop your leadership skills and the masculine side of your nature. This card gives you
the power to use logic and reasoning well and to receive good counsel and advice. The Emperor upright means you can use
your authority to gain positive recognition and are learning to develop your powers.
Definio Poder, autoridade, figura paternal, liderana, o poder da razo. Insensibilidade com os outros, com seus sentimentos e
(Bartlett) paixes; pensamento dogmtico assertivo; caos ordenado; estabelecer leis ou valores familiares; assumir o controle de
uma situao; pensamento estruturado; ater-se s regras
Definio Keywords: Order, structure, authority, power, boss, masculine, father, ownership, autonomy. General meaning: The
(Theresa) Emperor represents stability, order and dominion. When this stern fellow shows up in your reading, issues of power and
control may be at play. This is one of my favorite cards to see when asking about business success it indicates
achievement through hard work and discipline. Often the Emperor can represent dealings with authority figures whether
that represents your boss or dear old dad, its all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T for da man. If youre the one in that power position?
Time to boss up and command respect. Dont be a square. (PS this is a positive indicator for marriage!)
Rev. (T.) Falta de liderana, necessidade de mais anlise antes de agir.
The reversed Emperor can indicate immaturity when dealing with those in power, or with someone whos dictatorial
because they fear losing power or being out of control. Character can become weak here (or at the very least, timid) in the
face of problems. A lack of leadership, abusive conditions, or the feeling of being put in a very uncomfortable situation
might be present. Is cautioning you to take a careful look at things before proceeding to make sure youre safe.
Rev. (Th.) Uh oh here we go from order to disorder, from power to power trippin, from authority to tyranny. What seems secure
turns oppressive and shaky. A coup may be possible. Now is the time to get your act together, to work towards stability.
Get the ego out of the way and get down to some serious business. Weak leadership leads to weak sauce in any endeavor.
If this represents a male in your life, he could be a total control freak. Run.

Carta V - O sacerdote (The hierophant)

Definio Educar-se, ter crenas, conformar-se, identificar-se com o grupo
(Bunning) getting an education: pursuing knowledge, becoming informed, increasing understanding, studying and learning, seeking a
deeper meaning, finding out more
having a belief system: sharing a cultural heritage, learning a religious tradition, honoring ritual and ceremony, identifying
a world view, following a discipline, knowing where to put your faith
conforming: following the rules, taking an orthodox approach, staying within conventional bounds, adapting to the system,
fitting in, going along with the program, doing what's expected, being part of the Establishment
identifying with a group: being committed to a cause, devoting energy to a group, joining an organization, working as part
of a team, feeling loyal to others, being in an institutionalized setting
Definio Conformidade, sabedoria convencional, tradio, aprovao social
(Tognetti) The Hierophant is represented by the number 5, which is a turning point number, changing your life by recognizing the
process of ritual or tradition. You are more enlightened after you have educated yourself!
Upright: The Hierophant represents the need for social approval. If this card appears in your reading, youre learning how
to conform to a given situation, whether its the ways of the present society or culture you live in, or living with
conventional ideas. Whats good for the whole is good for you, this card sayssometimes whether you like it or not!
Definio Conformidade, conter-se, respeito, ensinamento, regras tradicionais e cerimnia.
(Bartlett) Adaptar-se ao status quo; aceitar disciplina; presso dos seus iguais; estudar valores mais elevados; compartilhar uma
crena; saber agir da maneira apropriada; discernir pelo conhecimento
Definio Keywords: tradition, structure, teacher, mentor, counselor, religion, dogma, advice, status quo, organization, conformity,
(Theresa) rules, church, obedience. General meaning: It may be best to follow the established rules at this time. Dont rock the boat
instead go with tradition. Feeling confused about a situation? A visit to a wise counselor or teacher can help you sort that
stuff out. Sometimes a spiritual perspective is what you need to get back on track. Been really bad? Get your arse to
confession and stop that nonsense. Often this card can indicate a religious ceremony like a wedding or baptism so if your
honey is acting reluctant, be patient. You may get to that altar in due time.
Rev. (T.) Comportamento e ideias no-tradicionais, rebeldia
The Hierophant reversed indicates unconventional behavior and unorthodox ideasthe flower child, the rebel, and the
nonconformist. Nontraditional circumstances can be found when this card appears reversed, as well as unconventional
ways of going about your life. You might have a different focus than the rest of society or be interested in nontraditional
practices such as holistic medicine, metaphysical studies, or unconventional marriages or partnerships.
Rev. (Th.) Time to fight the man! Conformity goes out the window and a new order is ready to rumble into place. Question
EVERYTHING. Dont accept the standard way. This is time for revolution, even if only a personal inward one. Break the rules
and think for yourself. Problems with authority. Feeling like an outcast in your tribe. Rebellion. Originality. Dont be a biter

Carta VI - O enamorado (The lovers)
Definio Relacionar-se, sexualidade, estabelecer crenas pessoais, determinar valores
(Bunning) relating to others: establishing bonds, feeling love, forming a union or marriage, acknowledging kinship, sympathizing with
another, getting closer, making a connection, being intimate
being sexual: seeking union, experiencing desire, making love, opening to another, responding with passion, feeling a
physical attraction, tapping inner energy
establishing personal beliefs: questioning received opinions, figuring out where you stand, staying true to yourself, setting
your own philosophy, going by your own standards, making up your own mind
determining values: struggling with temptation, choosing between right and wrong, facing an ethical or moral choice,
refusing to let ends justify means, finding out what you care about
Definio Escolhas, romance, inspirao, tentao. Harmonia ao redor.
(Tognetti) The Lovers card is represented by the number 6, which stands for responsible relationships of all kinds and the desire to
relate personallybut with a sense of duty or obligation. Upright: The Lovers upright is about making choices in love and
romance. With this card, theres always the possibility of a new romance or a new direction for the heart. This card also
points toward harmony with others around you. Family and personal relations are very important to you, and you want all
your relationships to be balanced and intimate.
Definio Amor, plenitude, escolha, tentao, compromisso. O poder do amor e como lidar com ele; o que voc quer dizer quando
(Bartlett) diz amor?; buscar a plenitude; manter-se fiel aos seus valores; harmonia sexual; relacionamento escrito nas estrelas;
desejo romntico; atrao; fazer uma escolha; saber o que certo e errado p/ vc; desejar unio
Definio Keywords: romance, partnership, love, choices, duality, opposites, union. General meaning: The Lovers can often indicate a
(Theresa) relationship coming into your life. Although this is usually romantic in nature, it can be any sort of relationship where good
communication is involved. If you are considering getting involved with someone for love or business, this is a hell yeah!
This card can also indicate a choice. When making a choice, follow your heart but be sure you are looking at what option is
best for your highest good.
Rev. (T.) Dificuldade na relao, indeciso, escolha que no satisfar
When we turn the Lovers upside down, you might find delays in attaining a desired result with someone or something you
love. This card might indicate indecision, or that youre making a choice that wont fulfill you. You might be involved in an
unsatisfactory relationship.
Rev. (Th.) You give love a bad name. Divorce, breaking up, emotional chaos. Reverse this card and things become murky and
unstable. If you are asking about love, this may be suggesting a need for counseling and/or reevaluating where the
relationship is going. If you are faced with a difficult decision, now is not the time to be impulsive. Best to take your time
and be mindful about what you want. I have often seen this card represent a choice with regrets. It dont have to be that
way, homie. Think before you act.

Carta VII - O carro (The chariot)

Definio Atingir vitria, ter fora de vontade, ser auto-confiante, ter controle
(Bunning) achieving victory: reaching your goal, winning, being successful, dominating, coming out on top, beating the competition
using your will: being determined to succeed, focusing your intent, rising above temptation, letting nothing distract you,
sustaining an effort, concentrating your energies, fixing on a goal
asserting yourself: being ego-focused, establishing an identify, knowing who you are, feeling self-confident, having faith in
yourself, looking out for your interests
achieving hard control: mastering emotions, curbing impulses, maintaining discipline, holding in anger, getting your way,
assuming the reins of power, showing authority
Definio Vitria na adversidade, sucesso e conquista, boa sade, viagem
(Tognetti) The Chariot is represented by the number 7, which suggests dedicating oneself to a goal or an ideal. Wisdom will be
developed through the number 7. Upright: The upright Chariot indicates success and victory through hard work and effort,
ending in triumph over enemies of any kind. When this card appears in a reading, it shows you have a responsible and kind
nature but might be very intensely focused on your goal and concentrating on victory. You have the perseverance to
maintain focus and the inner strength to achieve the desired success.
Definio Diligncia, fora de vontade, honestidade, perseverana. Controle sobre os sentimentos e pensamentos; ser puxado em
(Bartlett) duas direes; aprender a manter-se no caminho certo; vaidade sexual; sucesso; determinao de vencer a todo custo;
desejo de vitria; aventura e correr riscos; estar no comando; viagens mentais e fsicas
Definio Keywords: triumph, directed willpower, control, direction, movement, progress, vehicle. General meaning: Things are
(Theresa) progressing. The reigns are firmly in your hands and you can move ahead with confidence. Its time to put the past in your
rear view mirror and stay focused on the road ahead. Not sure where you are going? Investigate more than one path if you
please. In time, it will become clear as ice. You got this. In the market for some new wheels? Whatcha waiting for go on
and get em.
Rev. (T.) When the Chariot appears reversed in a reading, you might have difficulty maintaining focus and stamina. Sometimes the
Chariot reversed can represent poor health, a lack of vigor, or mentally giving up the fight. You might feel at loose ends, as
if you cant find your way out of the situation. Give yourself time to think about further action, and the Chariot will soon be
traveling forward again.
Rev. (Th.) Your overconfident nature is about to bite you in the arse. Moving ahead without a plan or clue. Things are getting out of
control and you need to pull it together or face complete chaos. This reversal can also indicate getting stuck whether that
be stagnancy or simply being a stick in the mud, its not cool. Control freaks. Car problems and travel issues.

Carta VIII - A fora (Strength)
Definio Ter fora, ser paciente, ter compaixo, ter controle suave
(Bunning) showing strength: knowing you can endure, having a gallant spirit, feeling an unshakable resolve, taking heart despite
setbacks, having stamina, being a rock
being patient: dealing calmly with frustration, accepting others, taking time, maintaining composure, refusing to get
angry, showing forbearance
being compassionate: giving others lots of space, tolerating, understanding what others are feeling, accepting, forgiving
imperfection, being kind
achieving soft control: persuading, working with, guiding indirectly, being able to influence, tempering force with
benevolence, demonstrating the strength of love
Definio Fora e compaixo, amor vence dio, determinao interior, calma
(Tognetti) Strength is represented by the number 8. Both loops of the figure eight, or leminscate, are representations of growth
through facing difficulties. Abundance and gifts will come after taming ones fears. Upright: Strength upright is all about
unconditional love and understanding. We need strength and courage to face our fears, and because love is always
stronger than fear or hate, the ability to develop courage despite overwhelming odds is an outgrowth of love. Facing your
fears can, in turn, help you evolve: As you free yourself of your fears, you become freer to do more with your life.
Definio Fora, coragem, autoconscincia, compaixo. Encarar a realidade; tomar o controle de sua vida; aprender a assumir
(Bartlett) responsabilidade por suas aes; capacidade de perdoar imperfeies; ser tolerante com defeitos de outros; fora interior
Definio Keywords: strength, inner power, self control, control, calm, taming, endure, willpower. General meaning: The appearance
(Theresa) of the Strength card often indicates an ability to transcend the obstacles around you through your inner strength. No
matter what you are facing, know that you have the power within to master the issue. Applied willpower leads to results.
Your strength may be tested now stay the course and dont lose hope. Strength can also indicate taming the animal
desires. Your vices can be controlled its up to you. Sometimes this card can also indicate taking control and shutting
some shit down. Time for a smack down!
Rev. (T.) When Strength is reversed, you feel out of control. You might be feeling out of control because fear has taken over. You
need to be careful that discord and confusion dont result. Strength reversed can also indicate fear of overwhelming
passions or intense emotions leading to uncontrolled action. You might be paying too much attention to the material or
physical side of life or you might lack the courage to face a problem.
Rev. (Th.) Youve lost it. Things may be spiraling out of your control. Get your act together. Submitting to the situation at hand or
giving up. Fear takes over. Struggles for control or dominance. Whos really in charge? Stand up for yourself dont be
weak sauce. Know when to shut yo trap.

Carta IX O eremita (The hermit)

Definio Ser introspectivo, procurar, receber/dar direo, buscar solido
(Bunning) being introspective: thinking things over, focusing inward, concentrating less on the senses, quieting yourself, looking for
answers within, needing to understand
searching: seeking greater understanding, looking for something, wanting the truth at all costs, going on a personal quest,
needing more, desiring a new direction
receiving/giving guidance: going to/being a mentor, accepting/offering wise counsel, learning from/being a guru, turning
to/being a trusted teacher, being helped/helping
seeking solitude: needing to be alone, desiring stillness, withdrawing from the world, experiencing seclusion, giving up
distractions, retreating into a private world
Definio Buscar a verdade, sabedoria, voz interior, silncio ouro
(Tognetti) The Hermit is represented by the number 9: to be content and at peace with the knowledge he has attained. He is universal
now, able to share what he has learned with others. The number 9 represents the desire to complete a cycle of growth and
think about how far you have come.
Upright: The Hermit card shows open-mindedness and a willingness to be of help, and it can represent that either you will
seek counsel or someone wants to help you on your path of life. Either way, you have the maturity and wisdom of your own
truth to decide for yourself.
Definio Discernimento, critrio, desapego, recolhimento. Buscar a sabedoria interior; conhecimento um fardo; medo de revelar
(Bartlett) um segredo; necessidade da verdade a todo custo; querer ficar s; perguntas sobre a sua alma; buscar uma direo ou
Definio Keywords: inner wisdom, solitude, withdrawal, quiet, teacher or guru, research, seeker. General meaning: In order to get
(Theresa) the answers you seek, it may be time to turn inward. Shut out your distractions so that you may discover the wisdom
within. Answers are rarely found in another everything you need is within yourself. This card can also indicate a need to
withdraw from circumstances in order to get a better perspective. Sometimes a player needs a break from the grind.
Rev. (T.) In his reversed position, the Hermit suggests that wisdom is disregarded. Perhaps youre not listening to your own advice or
not paying attention to others who have been there for you before. History can repeat itself, remember, and your refusal to
learn from your past can lead to foolish decisions. This card can also indicate a tendency to daydream or to wish for
something to happen without taking any action. The Hermit reversed can mean your heads in the clouds so youre
unaware of how dark it really is outside.
Rev. (Th.) Repeating your past mistakes. Not learning. This can indicate a lack of wisdom. Doing things without thinking of the
consequences. It can also indicate the extremes of solitude like being some sort of creepy recluse. Dont lock yourself
away. It gets mighty lonely on that mountain top.

Carta X A roda da fortuna (The wheel of fortune)
Definio Destino, estar em um ponto de virada, estar em movimento, ter viso pessoal
(Bunning) feeling a sense of destiny: using what chance offers, seeing life's threads weave together, finding opportunity in an
accident, opening to luck, sensing the action of fate, witnessing miracles
being at a turning point: reversing, moving in a different direction, turning things around, having a change in fortune,
altering the present course, being surprised at a turn of events
feeling movement: experiencing change, having the tempo of life speed up, being swept up in new developments, rejoining
the world of activity, getting involved
having a personal vision: seeing how everything connects, becoming more aware, uncovering patterns and cycles,
expanding your outlook, gaining greater perspective, discovering your role and purpose
Definio Arriscar, sorte, idas e vindas da vida, destino
(Tognetti) The Wheel of Fortune is a combination of the numbers 1 and 0, recognition that life is a wheel and its ups and downs are
now evident. Life includes change, and the acceptance of this change is the number 10. Upright: When the Wheel of
Fortune appears upright in a reading, youre entering a lucky period or cycle in your life. You get to turn the Wheel of
Fortune and have great things come up. Youre very lucky now no matter what you want to do; things just seem to go your
Definio Inevitabilidade, sorte, senso de oportunidade, reviravolta, destino. Na vida nada certo, a no ser a incerteza; cada
(Bartlett) momento um novo comeo; a nica constncia a prpria mudana; sincronicidade e coincidncia; ver padres e ciclos
se repetindo na vida; sentir que voc est sendo levado pela mar; tirar vantagem da sorte; a oportunidade bate, abra a
porta; eventos imprevisveis
Definio Keywords: luck, change, a turn of events, karma, movement, shift, improvement, fate. General meaning: A major change
(Theresa) for the better is in the works. If you have been toiling away, the Universe is now ready to move things in your favor.
Whether this be luck or simply the consequences of past decisions, know that everything is turning and moving.
Rev. (T.) When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, situations are in disarray, and the lucky cycle has come to a halt. Chances are
youve got a feeling of stagnation, where theres no action or momentum anymore. Because the cycle has turned
downward, its best to relax and slow down
Rev. (Th.) What goes up, must come down. A downturn. Getting stuck in a major rut. Hitting a big ole speed bump. Luck runs out.
Karma comes calling. If youve been doing shizz youre not supposed to be doing, it is time to pay your dues. Dont gamble
with your luck.

Carta XI A justia (Justice)

Definio Respeitar a justia, assumir responsabilidade, preparar-se para uma deciso, entender causa-e-efeito
(Bunning) respecting justice: insisting on fairness, acting on ethical principles, being involved in legal concerns, committing to
honesty, seeking equality, being impartial, trying to do what is right
assuming responsibility: settling old accounts and debts, being accountable, acknowledging the truth, admitting
involvement, handling the situation, doing what has to be done
preparing for a decision: weighing all sides of an issue, setting a course for the future, balancing all factors, determining
right action, choosing with full awareness
understanding cause and effect: accepting the results you created, seeing how you chose your situation, recognizing the
action of karma, knowing that what is makes sense, making connections between events
Definio Ser justo e honroso, prs e contras, julgamento equilibrado
(Tognetti) The Justice card is represented by the numbers 11/2, the need to maintain fairness, balance, and honor. The number 11 is a
master number having to do with maintaining the law of man and the law of heaven.
Upright: With Justice in a reading, open-mindedness will be present to weigh the pros and cons, and fair decisions will be
made to the satisfaction of all parties. Justice is a card of cool, rational, decision-making, where intellect is key. All things
being equal, Justice will say, This is the decision I have made.
Definio Justia, harmonia, igualdade, causa e efeito. Pensamento objetivo restaura o equilbrio; interao e comunicao so
(Bartlett) essenciais; aceitar a verdade; assumir a responsabilidade pelas suas escolhas; tomar decises; olhar os dois lados de uma
Definio Keywords: fairness, court, justice, balance, weighing options, seeing both sides, consequences, integrity, honesty, truth,
(Theresa) law, middle path. General meaning: No matter what is happening, you can be sure that the universe is playing it fair.
Justice is being done and you need to trust that you are now seeing the results of past actions. Things are being made
right. If you are dealing with legal issues, the outcome will be just. Situations may call for harmony and balance. If you
are making decisions at this time, weigh all options carefully to find the middle ground. Do the right thing. Time to lay
down the law.

Rev. (T.) Justice reversed might indicate inadequate counsel, unwise decisions, or simply the unfairness of dealing with the system.
This card can also suggest an unfair outcome of events, perhaps as a result of prejudice, discrimination, difference of
opinion, or legal complications. No matter what the root cause, things will seem unfair when this card comes up because
theyre not equal. Justice seeks a balance in all things, as should you.
Rev. (Th.) Justice delayed is justice denied. Unfairness. Getting ripped off. Feeling oppressed by the court system or the man.
Getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Not a good time to be trying to work the system. Being treated unfairly.
Racial profiling. Dirty court shenanigans. Crooked lawyers. Case delayed. Best for you to be chilling now until things blow

Carta XII O pendurado (The hanged man)
Definio Deixar passar, reviravolta, suspender ao, sacrificar
(Bunning) letting go: having an emotional release, accepting what is, surrendering to experience, ending the struggle, being
vulnerable and open, giving up control, accepting God's will
reversing: turning the world around, changing your mind, overturning old priorities, seeing from a new angle, upending the
old order, doing an about-face
suspending action: pausing to reflect, feeling outside of time, taking time to just be, giving up urgency, living in the
moment, waiting for the best opportunity
sacrificing: being a martyr, renouncing a claim, putting self-interest aside, going one step back to go two steps forward,
giving up for a higher cause, putting others first
Definio Profecia, sacrifcio, por um fio, desapegar (letting go)
(Tognetti) The Hanged Man is represented by the number 12 or 3. The desire of the number 3 is to find contentment on a physical,
spiritual, and karmic level, and the trinity of number 3 focuses the need for all three levels of your life to be in harmony.
Upright: In its upright position, the Hanged Man card represents spiritual growth and surrender to a higher wisdom. He
could be looking toward a complete reversal of lifestyle, or he might be making sacrifices that he hasnt made in the past.
Put another way, the Hanged Man means that youre finding your place in the spiritual universe. You want to stay on the
earth plane to do good work to benefit others, but you may develop a psychic or prophetic ability in order to do so. Is
tolerant of everyone elses ideas and philosophy; this is a card about being open to possibility as well as being ready for it.
Definio Transio, readaptao, limbo, paradoxo. Sacrifcios podem ser necessrios; tdio com a vida, expectativa de progresso;
(Bartlett) relacionamento estagnado; ver a vida de um ngulo diferente; mudar prioridades; abrir mo do controle; dar um passo
atrs p/ avanar
Definio Keywords: sacrifice, letting go, faith, suspension, waiting, hang ups, martyr, illusion, surrender. General meaning: Now is
(Theresa) the time to put things on hold until you can get a better perspective. Non action. A period of waiting may be necessary and
wise. If you dont like the way things are looking, you may need to look at them differently. This is also the card of sacrifice,
letting go, surrender what do you need to release? What are you reading and willing to let go of?
Rev. (T.) The desire of the Hanged Man reversed is to slow down the progress of events that are, in the end, inevitable. Hes hung up
(pun intended) on the past and hung up on the future, indecisive and vacillating between them. The Hanged Man reversed
is stuck on maintaining his old image rather than what hes become. He has a fear of making a sacrifice, a fear of letting go
and letting God or the other side help. This card can also indicate a resistance to spiritual teachings or other lessons that
might help you.
Rev. (Th.) Holding on for dear life. Fear of letting go. Feeling like a victim. Persecution complex. If you are adapting these mindsets,
your situation will persist. Only by having the faith to let go can you move past your limitations. This can also represent
being victimized or framed. Depending on the other cards present, this can indicate finding the courage to let go once and
for all. Stand on your own two feet, fool.

Carta XIII A morte (Death)

Definio Terminar, passar por uma transio, eliminar excessos, experimentar foras inexorveis
(Bunning) Ending: closing one door to open another, bringing something to a close, completing a chapter, concluding unfinished
business, putting the past behind you, having a parting of the ways
going through transition: changing status, moving from the known to the unknown, being cast adrift, waiting in an in-
between state, being in the middle
eliminating excess: cutting out what isn't necessary, shedding old attitudes, getting down to bare bones, concentrating on
essentials, getting back to basics
experiencing inexorable forces: being in the path of sweeping change, being caught in the inescapable, going through
what cannot be avoided, being part of a powerful movement, riding your fate, accepting the inevitable
Definio Transformao, renascimento, renovao, hora de seguir em frente
(Tognetti) The Death card is represented by the number 13 or 4. The number itself suggests the closure of something old with
something new arriving to replace it. Death represents a transitional process with the certain outcome of a new start and a
new life. Upright: When Death appears upright in a reading, it signifies renewal, transformation, or a total change in your
life cycle. An old chapter is coming to a close when this card shows up. The Death card depicts the cycles of life and death,
and the ebbs and flows that go along with these cycles. The symbolism here is the constant circulation of the life force.
Even if we arent aware of it, life has a constant flow of change, a circular flow, always returning to its source.
Definio Mudana, novos comeos, finais, transformao
(Bartlett) O fim de um velho ciclo e o comeo de outro; deixar o passado para trs, no temer ser fiel a si mesmo; uma porta se
fecha e outra se abre; separao de caminhos; aceitao do inevitvel; chegar ao mago da questo; aceitar os ciclos de
Definio Keywords: ending, transition, transformation, release, change, severance. General meaning: This is a time for endings. Out
(Theresa) with the old and in with the new. In order for growth to take place, the outworn must be discarded. A major transition. A
new cycle is ahead. Release your attachment to what was and welcome the transformation ahead.
Rev. (T.) Death reversed indicates stagnation, inertia, stalemates, complications, political upheaval, or that what youre doing
seems to have come to a standstill. Revolution or strife may be indicated by this card. This card suggests that you regroup
and see if you really want to take this particular path. Death reversed can mean the future is delayed, but a new start, new
treaty, or new direction is coming. Sometimes this card comes up when someone is very enthusiastic about something.
When this happens, it might mean delays and stagnation will occur in the projects they want to initiate.
Rev. (Th.) Holding on for dear life. A refusal to accept change. Stuck in a rut. Limbo. Should this card show up reversed in your
reading, its time to reexamine the stagnant spots in your life. Always remember that the only thing that is unchanging is
change. Move on, let go, its over.

Carta XIV A temperana (Temperance)
Definio Ser moderado, manter o equilbrio, ter sade, combinar foras
(Bunning) being temperate: finding the middle ground, showing moderation, avoiding excess, mitigating a harsh position, looking for
the golden mean, reaching a compromise, offsetting an extreme
maintaining balance: experiencing harmony, achieving equilibrium, bringing together opposites, recognizing all sides,
fostering cooperation, feeling centered and secure
experiencing health: renewing energy and vigor, healing, enjoying well-being, recovering, flourishing
combining forces: gathering together what is needed, joining with others, consolidating, finding the right mix, creating
synthesis, getting it all together
Definio Pacincia, adaptao, auto-disciplina, cooperao
(Tognetti) The Temperance card is represented by the number 14 or 5to change and transform again and again, but this time with
patience. Temperance suggests the need to adapt and cooperate with conditions rather than give them up. Upright: When
Temperance appears upright, it indicates self-control or a good sense of balance with people management. When this card
appears in your reading, its lesson is to have patience with others; work with and not against them. Harmony can prevail if
we all work together, after all. To have good balance in your feelings about life, you need to learn patience and develop an
understanding of where other people are coming from. Temperance tells you to learn to go with the flow. Patience and
perseverance are whats at stake herelearn them and prosper.
Definio Autocontrole, compromisso, moderao, virtude. Combinao de ideias; harmonia e compreenso; moderao a chave
(Bartlett) do sucesso; processo alqumico; reconhecer cooperao; energia de cura
Definio Keywords: moderation, balance, healing, alchemy, middle ground, patience, blending, harmony, guardian angel. General
(Theresa) meaning: It is time to pause on your journey and consider what you have learned thus far. How are you going to integrate
those lessons into your life? Balance and harmony; finding the middle path. Temperance is also a gentle reminder to
remain patient allow things to work out the way they need to. Rather than trying to force an issue, go with the flow. If
you are making any major decisions, weigh your options carefully.
Rev. (T.) Temperance reversed can indicate impatience or intolerance of others. Perhaps you want everything to move fast, or
youre getting pushy in order to get things done your way. Others might seem to be in the way of your ideas, or it might
appear to you that theyre moving way too slowly. Although various obstacles may be causing things to take too long,
remember that if you run too fast, you might miss something great.
Rev. (Th.) Everythings zen? I dont think so. Everything is out of whack and it is time for a major adjustment even if only your
attitude. The energy is all over the place. Disruption. This card can also indicate doing things to excess ala Liberace. Pull
yourself back to the center. Lose the bling and seek the real thing.

Carta XV O diabo (The devil)

Definio Estar preso, focar-se no lado material, permanecer na ignorncia, no ter esperana
(Bunning) experiencing bondage: accepting an unwanted situation, being obsessed, feeling tied down against your will, losing
independence, allowing yourself to be controlled, being addicted and enslaved, submitting to another
focusing on the material: being caught up in appearances, believing only in the physical, forgetting the spiritual, getting
and spending, overindulging the senses
staying in ignorance: being unaware, operating within a narrow range, experiencing limitation, choosing to stay in the
dark, fearing the unknown, being taken in by appearances
feeling hopeless: believing the worst, despairing, lacking faith, seeing a cold world, thinking negatively, foreseeing a bleak
future, doubting
Definio Apego ao mundo material, tentao, vcios, obsesses
(Tognetti) The Devil card is represented by number 15 or 6, the condition of obligation or of being tied to others through fear.
Obsessive-compulsive lessons are being learned with this card. Upright: In its upright position, the Devil card represents
sensuality, bondage to fears, or sexual energy that seems a little out of control. It could indicate an addictionto anyone,
anything, or the way things ought to be. It could be youre paranoid or somehow focused on one thing and one thing only.
This card can also indicate the wrong use of force or abusive conditions.
Definio Submisso, escravido, materialismo, viver uma mentira, tentao. Ignorncia em um relacionamento; sede de dinheiro
(Bartlett) ou poder; reaes inconscientes/infantis; escravido autoimposta; obsesso; abrir mo do controle; preso a padres de
comportamento viciosos; manipulao por outros; pensamento negativo; percepo limitada, generalizao
Definio Keywords: bondage, materialism, negativity, slavery, addiction, stuck, jealousy, deviance, excess. General meaning: When
(Theresa) this card pops up in a reading, you can be assured that things are taking a turn towards the dark and obsessive. The Devil is
about being stuck and limited by a situation. The energy is oppressive and heavy. This card can represent addiction in the
absolute worse sense. Notice that the chains are loose on the figures a sign that the situation can change if you want to
(or find the courage muscles to let go). It is also a reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself are you allowing
envy, greed or negativity to taint your world view? Where can you let go a little more?
Rev. (T.) Reversing the Devil means letting go of obsession, letting go of your fears of the dark side, or freeing yourself from an
addiction. The Devil reversed gives you the freedom to go into your future with no chains, with nothing holding you back.
This card means youre free of your own self-imposed prison or restrictions. Its only when you lose your fears that true
freedom comes.
Rev. (Th.) A big ole release! Bondage, schmondage now youre free and able to move about. The addiction no longer has a hold on
you. Recovery from a bad situation. Leaving an abusive relationship. This is the big shift in consciousness from victim to
victor. Liberation, baby!

Carta XVI A torre (The tower)
Definio Passar por uma mudana repentina, liberao, queda, ter uma revelao
(Bunning) going through sudden change: experiencing upheaval, having plans disrupted, being surprised, undergoing a crisis, having
routines shaken up, being in chaos
releasing: exploding, having an emotional outburst, erupting in anger, crashing through ego defenses, breaking through
pretense, letting everything go
falling down: being humbled, experiencing a crash, toppling from the heights, having a downturn in fortune, suffering a
blow to the ego
having a revelation: suddenly realizing the truth, exposing what was hidden, having a burst of insight, seeing through
illusions, getting the answer, seeing everything in a flash
Definio Enfrentar o inesperado, surpresa, mudana
(Tognetti) The Tower card is represented by the number 16 or 7. This number represents a sudden, out-of-left-field change.
Sometimes when change happens in our lives, it sends us into an introspective state. At those times, the card becomes 7, or
the surprise brings us to some kind of deep search prompted by asking Why? Upright: This card represents the
unexpected events that can change your life or your perception of things. The Tower indicates a rude awakening of some
sort, whether its your old way of life coming suddenly to an end or a release from a situation in which you were stuck. But
the Tower may also forecast a wonderful unexpected event, such as a new baby. The Tower can also be something that no
one expected or an upsetting event of some kind. You cant plan for what the Tower will offer up, though, because theres
no way to know what it will be.
Definio Ruptura externa, eventos inesperados, revelao. Colapso do velho para anunciar o novo; aceitao de que nenhuma
(Bartlett) defesa totalmente segura; aprender a se adaptar e a se ajustar rapidamente; ver a verdade sobre uma questo de
maneira repentina; agitao dramtica; passar por um revs; desafios inesperados; caos ao seu redor
Definio Keywords: chaos, disruption, tearing down, rebuilding, uncertainty, blow, enlightenment, unexpected change, overthrow,
(Theresa) revolution. General meaning: The Tower card is a sign that things are about to change drastically. This is revolution time,
baby. Time to tear all that shit down and start fresh. Dont try to resist as this is necessary. The ground is being razed to
prepare for a new foundation. This card can sometimes indicate violence or a hostile takeover so pay attention to where it
shows up in a reading. Everything is about to shift and when it is all done and the dust settles, peace and enlightenment
comes. Major crown chakra action.
Rev. (T.) Something that initially shocked you might be coming to an end soon, or maybe youll soon be able to start over, putting
the chaos and disruption behind you. The Tower reversed can also indicate a feeling that life isnt giving you a fair shake.
Maybe you feel as if circumstances are conspiring against you, and that no matter what you do, youll never come out on
Rev. (Th.) The calm before the storm. A disaster averted. The energy becomes less intense more like a small tremor rather than the
big earthquake. Clinging to the realm (Thanks Game of Thrones! Ha!). If you are holding on, make sure that your reason for
doing so is worth it. Fear of change. Putting a cap on it. Chicken Little the sky is not falling after all. Stop stressin.

Carta XVII A estrela (The star)

Definio Ter esperana, inspirar-se, ser generoso, sentir serenidade
(Bunning) regaining hope: having faith in the future, thinking positively, believing, counting your blessings, seeing the light at the end
of the tunnel, feeling great expectation, looking forward to success
being inspired: regaining motivation, realizing an inner strength, seeing the way clear, being stimulated to a higher level,
creating, receiving the answer
being generous: wanting to give or share, spreading the wealth, opening your heart, giving back what you have received,
letting love flow freely, offering with no reservations, holding nothing back
feeling serene: experiencing peace of mind, relaxing, finding your still center, remaining untroubled, savoring perfect calm,
being tranquil amid trouble, enjoying harmony
Definio Esperana e f
(Tognetti) The Star is represented by the number 17 or 8hope and prosperity of the spiritual kind. Although the difficulties will be
known, the lessons of hope, faith, and charity will prevail. Upright: The Star upright always focuses on affirming a positive
attitude toward whatever you want to accomplish. Courage, hope, and inspiration from above are this cards messages.
The Star also indicates that great love will be given and received. An insight is being made here into the meaning of life,
and with that knowledge, the Star continues to create more for everyone.
Definio Inspirao, amor ideal, verdade revelada. Realizao de um sonho; conhecimento e crena em si mesmo so essenciais
(Bartlett) para a felicidade; ver a luz no fim do tnel; saber que vai ser bem-sucedido; se entregar ao amor; idealizao de uma
pessoa ou objetivo; progresso visionrio; confiana renovada em um relacionamento
Definio Keywords: hope, optimism, healing, balance, spirituality, health, well being, peace, wishes, vulnerability, success, balance.
(Theresa) General meaning: The Star card represents renewal and hope. This is the healing and peace that takes place after the
storm. Optimism is restored and wishes are being fulfilled. Things are looking up! Positive vibes. You can shed your
inhibitions and just be authentically you. Taking center stage. Fame: baby, youre a star!
Rev. (T.) When the Star appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that, at least for now, all hope is dashed. The Star reversed
may mean youre doubtful, pessimistic, stubborn, or ill at ease about a situation. Or you may be confused or lack faith that
things will work out. A loss of friendship could also be indicated with this card or sometimes it represents a health problem,
either physical or mental.
Rev. (Th.) Bummer time. Hopes diminish and fear takes over. Depression or illness. A situation suddenly becomes hopeless. Stepping
back from the limelight. Fear of being yourself. Feeling meh..

Carta XVIII A lua (The moon)
Definio Sentir medo, acreditar em iluses, estimular a imaginao, sentir-se confuso
(Bunning) feeling fear: releasing inner demons, feeling a nameless apprehension, suffering from phobias, giving in to the shadow self,
lacking courage, being overcome by anxieties
believing illusions: accepting a false picture, deceiving yourself, having unrealistic ideas, misapprehending the truth,
experiencing distortions, chasing after a fantasy
stimulating the imagination: having vivid dreams or visions, opening to fantasy, plumbing the unconscious, entertaining
unusual thoughts, being outlandish and bizarre
feeling bewildered: losing direction and purpose, having trouble thinking clearly, becoming confused, being easily
distracted, feeling disoriented, wandering aimlessly

Definio Imaginao, desenvolvimento psquico, mudanas imprevistas

(Tognetti) The Moon is represented by the number 18 or 9, which suggests the need to master a high level on the psychic realm.
Universality and the desire for attunement to our imaginative side are represented by 18/9 as well. Upright: When the
Moon appears upright, it can herald unforeseen events or a new turn of events already in motion. Sometimes it can mean a
disagreement with the one you love or an emotional outburst over something very little. The Moon intensifies everyones
emotions. The Moon also reflects psychic ability, dreams, and intuitive powers. It gives you the ability to prophesize
universally. This card also indicates nocturnal activity, or things that happen at night.
Definio Intuio, medo, enganar a si mesmo, iluso. Caso de amor complicado; cegueira verdade, sonhos impossveis;
(Bartlett) sentimento de confuso; preocupao e apreenso; confiar em sua intuio; perder o contato com a realidade
Definio Keywords: intuition, illusion, deception, darkness, reflection, fear, subconscious, dreams, difficulty, fear, imagination.
(Theresa) General meaning: The Moon portends a difficult, unclear path ahead. Things may not be what they seem therefore, you
need to proceed with caution. There may be unexpected problems and drama, which could complicate matters. The
primary vibe here is anxiety it may be time to examine your fears. The dark night of the soul. Imagination could be
rampant ground yourself and try not to work yourself up in a lather. Watch out for liars and haters.
Rev. (T.) When the Moon appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that your imagination will be harnessed by good common
sense. Youll take practical considerations into account and be cautious not to make any rash decisions. Any change that
occurs now wont be disruptive. Reversed, the Moon allows all truth to come to the surface. This means that people will tell
you what theyre really feelingwithout theatrics and without being overly emotional. The Moon reversed assures us that
love and understanding will win in the end and that all misunderstandings will be cleared.
Rev. (Th.) The objectivity you seek finally becomes oh-so-clear as day. All things come out in the open and you now know what you
are working with. Truth always comes to the surface. No more hiding its obvious. Fear is vanished and you can proceed
with confidence. A strong message in your dreams pay attention to that shit.

Carta XIX O sol (The sun)

Definio Atingir iluminao, experimentar grandeza, sentir vitalidade, ter certeza
(Bunning) becoming enlightened: understanding, finding the sense behind the chaos, attaining a new level of insight, having an
intellectual breakthrough, getting to the heart of the matter, realizing the truth
experiencing greatness: achieving prominence, being singled out for notice, having a personal moment of glory, setting an
outstanding example, shining forth brilliantly, demonstrating distinction, becoming the center of attention
feeling vitality: becoming radiantly energized, bursting with enthusiasm, experiencing joy, feeling invigorated, getting
charged up, enjoying great health
having assurance: feeling free and expansive, honoring your true self, knowing you can succeed, being confident, believing
in your worth, trusting your abilities, forgiving yourself
Definio Satisfao, aproveitar uma vida pacfica, unies felizes, prazer
(Tognetti) The Sun is represented by the number 19 or 1, the initiate who begins a new life aware of all the lessons learned on the
earth plane. Happy and content with life and living is 19/1. He maintains his individuality while cooperating with others.
Upright: The upright Sun promises happiness and success in all your lessons. Youll have a good marriage, a good home life,
and success in all you do. Success is also indicated in such areas as higher education, agriculture, the sciences, and the arts.
Youve become a master of your talent, the Sun says. Your studies in life are completed.
Definio Comunicao, compartilhar, felicidade, alegria, energia positiva, criatividade, crescimento. Resultados favorveis no amor;
(Bartlett) novas amizades; sentir-se iluminado; realizao positiva; acreditar em si mesmo; ser o centro das atenes; brilhar sob os
Definio Keywords: optimism, success, joy, birth, happiness, health, inner child, energy, enthusiasm. General meaning: A joyous and
(Theresa) happy outcome. Success at last! The freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebration and pleasure. The clouds are
lifted and you can proceed with confidence. Birth of a beloved child. This is the card I want to see in a reading when I am
looking for a positive sign (PS its my favorite card in the deck). Big time recognition. It is your time to grab that spotlight
and run with it.
Rev. (T.) The Sun reversed indicates delays in getting a lesson, so the future will seem clouded and accomplishment far away. The
Sun reversed might indicate trouble understanding what a delay is all about. The path youre on is rocky, and you feel you
havent completed or mastered the situation correctlyor at least not enough to make you feel satisfied. When the Sun
appears reversed in a reading, counsel and optimism are needed. The issue might require more study so you can figure out
what needs to be corrected.
Rev. (Th.) Still a good outcome but less happy happy joy joy more like a quieter yet still optimistic future. Delayed gratification.
Having a hard time stepping into that spotlight and taking a bow. (Could also be someone else taking credit for your stuff!)
If other negative cards surround this, it could indicate sadness. Bratty kids.

Carta XX O julgamento (Judgement)
Definio Fazer um julgamento, sentir um renascimento, ouvir um chamado interior, encontrar absoluo
(Bunning) making a judgment: having a day of reckoning, separating the wheat from the chaff, making an honest appraisal, getting
off the fence, using critical faculties, taking a stand, making hard choices
feeling reborn: awakening to possibilities, transforming, enjoying renewed hope, making a fresh start, seeing everything in
a new light, discovering joy
hearing a call: recognizing your true vocation, feeling inner conviction, feeling an impulse to act, deciding to make a
difference, feeling drawn in a new direction, knowing what you must do, answering a need
finding absolution: feeling cleansed and refreshed, releasing guilts and sorrows, forgiving yourself and others, atoning for
past mistakes, unburdening yourself, feeling sins washed away
Definio Um wake up call csmico, clareza, mudana de conscincia
(Tognetti) The Judgement card is represented by the number 20 or 2, and it signifies a cooperation with the higher spiritual forces in
your life. With this card, you come into communion with your religious or spiritual ideas and practice them daily. You walk
your talk, so to speak! Apply all of what you have learned and then even more understanding comes of your own journey.
Upright: In its upright position, signals an awakening, a coming alive to a change of awareness. This card indicates self-
actualization, a life well lived, and work well done. This card often comes up when youre trying to improve your health or
well-being. It indicates a desire for something higher or better than where you are now. Judgement represents that youll
understand something you hadnt or that youll suddenly realize something existed that youd never thought of before.
Definio Libertao, julgamento, chamado interior, transformao. Dar conta de aes do passado; reavaliao e renovao; abrir
(Bartlett) mo de velhos valores e abraar os novos; aceitar as coisas como so; no culpar a ningum, nem a si mesmo
Definio Keywords: rebirth, ending, higher calling, announcement, judgment, transformation, reawakening, passage, renewal, shift,
(Theresa) oneness. General meaning: You are being called to something greater. Now is the time to let go of the old and rise up! A
major rebirth is possible. This is the end of an important chapter you are integrating the lessons from that time and
seeing the light. Listen to your conscience and do the right thing. Taking the high road. The cosmic wake up call. Tooting
your own horn.
Rev. (T.) Can indicate a fear of losing control or a fear that you wont find happiness. Sometimes it shows a lack of interest or
awareness in the spiritual side of life, or possible losses or delays in realizing a higher spiritual calling. This card cautions
you to take care not to be superstitious, but instead to believe that all conditions of life have a higher purpose.
Rev. (Th.) A critical error in judgment. Your perspective is skewed. You may have lost the ability to be objective or to follow your inner
guidance and now you may suffer the consequences from that. Getting stuck in a rut. Refusal to hear the call. Religious
fanatics, false prophets and cults. You may be judged unfairly by some bigot. Ignore that negation, playa.

Carta XXI O mundo (The world)

Definio Integrar, realizao, envolver-se, sentir-se pleno
(Bunning) Integrating: experiencing wholeness, bringing parts together, achieving dynamic balance, combining, creating synthesis,
joining together, working in unison
Accomplishing: realizing your goals, prospering, achieving your heart's desire, seeing dreams come true, flourishing,
finding a beautiful solution
becoming involved: contributing, healing, rendering a service, using a gift or talent, sharing what you have, giving of
yourself, feeling engaged, being active
feeling fulfilled: savoring the present, taking pleasure in life, enjoying peace of mind, getting satisfaction, finding
contentment, counting your blessings
Definio Triunfo em todas as reas, lies crmicas completas, liberao
(Tognetti) The World card is represented by the number 21 or 3. It stands for the culmination of work well done, life well lived, and
the accomplishments you have worked toward, as well as blessings from above and from the people you have worked with.
Upright: In its upright position, the World promises the fulfillment of all desires and goals as well as an understanding of all
the lessons youve been through. You have the ability to make others happy and are aware of what their gifts are. A
change could be taking place for the better in your home or career, or you may be arriving at a cosmic state of
consciousness. The World upright indicates the freedom to come and go as you please. Youve earned the path of
liberation, your karmic reward.
Definio Finalizao, satisfao, liberdade, amor csmico, liberdade do medo. Recompensa pelo trabalho e esforo rduo; tempo
(Bartlett) para celebrar a si mesmo e aos outros; sentir que o mundo pertence a voc; viagem fsica ou mental; realizao do que
voc est tentando alcanar; descobrir uma soluo; sentir-se bem consigo mesmo e com o universo
Definio Keywords: completion, ending, success, travel, closure, graduation, Universe, freedom, environment, rebirth. General
(Theresa) meaning: Congratulations you have successfully completed a major cycle/mission or lesson! Your journey is now coming
to a conclusion and youre getting ready for the next chapter. A feeling of elation and completion. Your karmic work is
done. Youve reached your goal and its all good, baby. If youve been struggling with an issue, closure is now at hand. A
good omen for long distance travel. Think globally, act locally.
Rev. (T.) Can indicate a lack of vision or a refusal to learn from your experiences. It could have been betterand still couldbut
more concentration is required and more work must be done first. This is not a negative card reversed, but it does indicate
that more must be done or more must be accomplished before you attain the upright position of security.
Rev. (Th.) Limbo time. You may feel as if things are on hold. What lesson did you not learn? What things are unfinished? Loose ends
are dangling. Time to tie that shizz up so that you can move forward. If you dont have closure on an issue, you cant let
anything new enter your life. Unfinished business. Everything is up in the air. Travel problems.



Carta s de paus
Definio Usar a fora criativa, mostrar entusiasmo, ter confiana, ter coragem
(Bunning) using creative force: inventing a better way, expanding your potential, opening to greater possibilities, conceiving a dream,
expressing yourself, stimulating your imagination, allowing a talent to unfold, coming up with a solution
showing enthusiasm: feeling fired up and eager, creating an aura of excitement, being ready to tackle the world, inspiring
others, sustaining optimism, giving 110%
having confidence: believing in yourself, feeling assured of your abilities, being sure of success, having high self-esteem,
having faith in your path, knowing things will work out
proceeding with courage: tackling a challenging task, going beyond your limits, being true to your beliefs, daring to take a
stand, facing your fears, going for it
Definio Comeo de nova energia, coragem, boa auto-estima. Desejo de iniciar em uma nova direo, energia para comear um
(Tognetti) novo projeto. Muita ambio e motivao
Definio Novos comeos, originalidade, viso criativa, recomeo, aventura. Confiar nas prprias capacidades; conhecer o caminho
(Bartlett) certo frente; encarar os fatos; necessidade de se ter iniciativa sexual; colocar em prtica ideias inspiradoras; encontrar
uma soluo para um problema; sentimento de empolgao; ter paixo pela vida.
Definio Keywords: beginning, start, creativity, idea, offering, birth, renewal. General meaning: This card is always an omen of good
(Theresa) things to come whether that be a new job, the birth of a child or a fantastic new idea, you can be sure that the Ace of
Wands is saying: hell yeah! Go for it, big time! A major offer or pportunity. The dream job. The proposal. Its all good, baby.
The green light youve been waiting for has arrived. Youve arrived debut your fine self and own that stage! This can also
indicate the beginning of a hot, sexy relationship. Ooh la la! Turning over a new leaf.
Rev. (T.) Comeos equivocados, baixa auto-estima. Voc precisa buscar o que est faltando, comear de novo
Rev. (Th.) This is a hell no and indicates that things (or you) are not ready to manifest. Stuff is on hold and youre gonna need to
cool your jets, pal. Delays. Getting a rejection notice. Impotence issues (bummer!). Force and brutality. Hard labor.

Carta 2 de paus
Definio Ter poder pessoal, ser corajoso, mostrar originalidade
(Bunning) having personal power: commanding attention and respect, directing those around you, holding the world in your hands,
wielding influence, calling the shots, having authority, swaying others to your position, being able to achieve your goals
being bold: daring to do what you want, taking a risk, gambling events will go your way, confronting the situation head-on,
taking the initiative, speaking your mind, facing fear directly, taking the bull by the horns, seizing the day
showing originality: doing what no one else has done, creating your own style, being a pioneer, taking a different
approach, inventing something new, diverging from the crowd, marching to a different drummer
Definio Esperando por resultados. Indica pacincia e foco em suas intenes. Planejamento feito, agora dever se desenvolver.
(Tognetti) Coisas comeam a se materializar
Definio Conquista, coragem, desejos mundanos, poder pessoal. Sentir que tem o mundo nas mos; persuadir outros de seus
(Bartlett) talentos; ter coragem para defender sua opinio; deixar sua marca no mundo; mostrar que est falando srio; ser
inventivo e diferente; aceitar bem novas ideias; ampliar suas perspectivas; sentir que voc onipotente
Definio Keywords: success, plans, security, advantageous position, control, travel, vision General meaning: Youre in a great
(Theresa) position. Youve achieved an important goal and are now ready for the next step. You have mastered the situation. You
have more than one option available to you. So whats next? Start making plans and putting your road map together.
Planning your next trip. Dominion. Ruling the world like a boss! Going global.
Rev. (T.) Seu projeto sofrer atrasos e frustraes. Talvez seja bom mudar de plano ou recomecar
Rev. (Th.) You have to go back and finish what youve started. An unexpected twist may have thrown you off course. Plans falling
apart. Time to regroup and go with a whole new strategy. Lack of vision, thinking small time. Being out of your comfort
zone. A delay in your trip. You may be staying home.

Carta 3 de paus
Definio Explorar o desconhecido, ser visionrio, mostrar liderana
(Bunning) exploring the unknown: seeking out uncharted areas, going in quest of new adventure, expanding horizons, leaving the
secure behind, tackling something different
having foresight: being visionary, looking for greater possibilities, planning ahead, knowing what to expect, getting a
premonition, anticipating obstacles, taking the long view
demonstrating leadership: showing others the way, taking the main role, providing needed direction, rallying the group
behind you, assuming a responsible position, setting an example, serving as a representative
Definio Parceria e cooperao. Negcios se desenvolvem bem. Se beneficiar de seus esforos. Orgulho das suas realizaes.
(Tognetti) Sucesso vista.
Definio Precauo, expanso, explorao, contemplao. Procurar novas aventuras; seguir novas pistas; ver a melhor maneira de
(Bartlett) agir; saber o que vai acontecer em seguida; ter uma perspectiva aberta; comear uma nova jornada; conscincia de suas
intenes; conhecimento como poder; percepo da vocao
Definio Keywords: expansion, success, support, vision, ship sailing in, opportunity coming, travel, advantageous position. General
(Theresa) meaning: You are now in the perfect position to begin planning your next move. The Three of Wands signals the possibility
for a major expansion. Whether this be taking your career in a new direction or taking over the world, you can begin
plotting your next move. Dont be thinking small this card encourages big, epic visions. The Three of Wands also can
suggest an opportunity on the horizon. That ship you were waiting on is in view. And if youre looking to go on some sort of
world tour, this card says your plans will work out brilliantly. Hit the road, Jack!
Rev. (T.) Retrocessos nos planejamentos. Seus talentos e habilidades precisam melhorar. Competio acirrada. Desperdcio de
energia. Excesso de orgulho ou confiana esto atrapalhando.
Rev. (W.) Atrasos, dificuldades em conseguir recursos ou cooperao de outros; sabotagem
Rev. (Th.) Back to the drawing board. Those plans are not gelling. It may be that you lack the vision or the support to get things off
the ground. You need to build up more street cred before you take this thang forward. Delays and setbacks may plague a
perfectly good plan or trip. Seasickness. Thinking small time. Cant be a balla if you thinking like a chump.

Carta 4 de paus
Definio Celebrar, buscar liberdade, sentir-se animado
(Bunning) Celebrating: rejoicing over a happy event, recognizing a success, observing an anniversary, milestone or special time,
congratulating on a job well-done, reflecting on accomplishments, enjoying some well-deserved rewards, taking part in a
ceremony or rite
seeking freedom: getting out of an oppressive situation, breaking free of bonds, cutting loose, opening to new possibilities,
escaping unhappy circumstances, claiming self-determination, letting go of limitations
feeling excited: bubbling over with delight, feeling thrilled, look forward expectantly, getting caught up in the moment,
feeling jubilant, relishing the moment, being surprised
Definio Tempo de celebrar! Celebrao depois de trabalho pesado, reunio familiar e de amigos. Harmonia, paz e satisfao.
(Tognetti) Casamento, graduao, reunio.
Definio Celebrao, alegria, espontaneidade, liberdade. Exuberncia na vida e no amor; aproveitar um evento feliz; harmonia
(Bartlett) domstica; celebrao mtua; orgulho das prprias conquistas; libertar-se das correntes da responsabilidade; sentir-se
mais livre que um pssaro; descartar bagagem emocional; libertar-se das expectativas alheias
Definio Keywords: victory, harmony, happiness, celebration, homecoming, home, ceremony, party. General meaning: I always see
(Theresa) this card as a happy omen when it shows up. This is the victory dance at the end of the touchdown, the joy of returning
home for the holidays, the sign of a fruitful union, the celebration for a job well done. Harmony and happiness in all
endeavors. Life is sweet and there are more reasons to celebrate than commiserate. A triumphant return to the old hood. A
kickback with your closest peeps.
Rev. (T.) Carta boa tambm. Celebrao no to grande, mas merece felicitaes. Aprender a apreciar as coisas simples.
Rev. (Th.) Still positive but it can indicate leaving home or moving out. This can also be the surprise party or an event that has a twist
to it. Again, still positive and a sign that stuff is moving ahead, even if a delay to the outcome. Keep on truckin and youll
be tossing some confetti and throwing back with your crew soon enough.

Carta 5 de paus
Definio Desentender, enfrentar competio e contratempos
(Bunning) Disagreeing: feeling everyone is at cross-purposes, being torn by dissension, quarreling, arguing and bickering, becoming
embroiled in a debate, being at odds with others, quibbling over details
experiencing competition: feeling the thrill of the contest, going against an opponent, rising to the challenge, being
involved in a game or sport, trying to outdo yourself, going for the gold, looking for a fight, having a rival, being challenged
by an upstart
experiencing hassles: getting annoyed by demands, having minor setbacks, needing to take care of details, suffering from
irritations, being bothered by trivialities
Definio Confuso e brigas. Oposio. Situao difcil e confusa necessrio mais clareza antes de tomar qualquer deciso. Algo
(Tognetti) deu errado. Pode representar questes legais
Definio Competio, rivalidade, dificuldades menores, discrdia. Briga por nada; sensao de no saber onde est; competir por
(Bartlett) simples capricho; sentir-se desconfiado ou perseguido; tentar se defender sem conseguir; circunstncias frustrantes;
aborrecer-se com opinies dos outros; contratempos irritantes
Definio Keywords: competition, fight, game, opposition, conflict, aggression, change, power struggle, rivalry, assertiveness, dog
(Theresa) eat dog, bullies. General meaning: Be aware of competition but dont be afraid of it. Power struggles may be brewing.
Opposition to ideals. A spirited debate or match is good for the soul and will prevent complacency. Jump into it and give it
your all. Real true playas welcome a good bout and never shy away from it. Get in the game and show them who da real
boss is. Kicking ass and taking names. Taking on a bunch of punk ass bullies.
Rev. (T.) Harmonia prevalecer novamente. Problemas sero discutidos e resolvidos. Dilogo. Negociao
Rev. (Th.) The struggle comes to an end or someone gives up and walks away. Cowardice. Besting the competition. Grudge match.
Restarting an old conflict and for what? The spoils may not go to the victor but to the one who is wise enough to say
enough. Someone may be trying to jock your fresh brush your shoulders off and ignore that biter.

Carta 6 de paus
Definio Triunfar, ser aclamado, sentir-se orgulhoso
(Bunning) Triumphing: having your day in the sun, being vindicated, walking away with the prize, prevailing against all comers,
coming out on top, achieving success
receiving acclaim: being acknowledged, getting a pat on the back, receiving an award or citation, getting praise or a
compliment, earning applause, achieving recognition
feeling pride: enjoying healthy self-esteem, strutting your stuff, holding your head up high, feeling worthy of notice, having
a high opinion of yourself, putting yourself above others, being arrogant, condescending, feeling self-important
Definio Reconhecimento aps uma batalha difcil. Boas novas chegando, sucesso a caminho. Melhora nos relacinamentos. Todos
(Tognetti) os problemas (pessoais e de trabalho) esto sendo resolvidos. Possibilidade de viagem para outra cidade, com bons
Definio Orgulho, vitria, recompensa, conquista. Receber reconhecimento pelos seus atos; ser o centro das atenes; sentir-se
(Bartlett) realizado; buscar o primeiro lugar; conseguir tudo sem dificuldade; ter uma atitude arrogante; orgulho demais para
admitir a verdade; sentir-se superior
Definio Keywords: victory, triumph, leadership, win, advancement, achievement, support, finish line. General meaning: Victory is at
(Theresa) hand. Youre getting ready to step into the winners circle. Be sure to thank all the fine supporters who helped you to
achieve your goal. A good leader never forgets their hired guns. Getting back in the saddle again. Bossing up. Moving
forward. Leader of the pack. Big wins. Youre a champion, baby now act like one.
Rev. (T.) Atrasos. Oportunidades no disponveis. Est cansado e precisa descansar e relaxar. Frustraes e obstculos. Estresse e
tenso esto aumentando. melhor desenvolver pacincia at a tempestade passar
Rev. (Th.) Everything moves in fits and starts. Spurting progress. A retreat from a battle. Epic fail. Your support turns around and
walks away. Betrayal from your closest allies. Plans go sideways. What seemed like an easy win turns out to be a hard
fought battle. Abandoning ship or a cause. Trojan horse. The fall from grace.

Carta 7 de paus
Definio Ser agressivo/assertivo, ter resistncia/coragem, mostrar convico
(Bunning) being aggressive: going after what you want, asserting yourself, taking the offensive, firing the first shot, fighting, making
your point forcefully, seizing the advantage
being defiant: holding out against pressure, defending your position, opposing all challengers, combating criticism,
refusing to yield, saying "No!", resisting authority
showing conviction: being sure, having a fixed position, demonstrating strong character, standing up for what you believe,
knowing you are right, acting resolutely, being firm
Definio Provocado pela competio. Voc tem fora e energia para se defender e guardar seu territrio. Sua coragem evidente e
(Tognetti) voc pode lidar com adversidades e presses de todos os tipos. Muita competio. Proteger algo em que voc acredita
Definio Desafio, propsito, obter vantagens. Recusar-se a ceder desde o princpio; defender suas convices; apostar tudo;
(Bartlett) defender-se; confiana para dizer no; ser resoluto; fora contra os adversrios; travar uma batalha sem sentido;
interao agressiva; luta
Definio Keywords: challenge, struggle, defense, battle, stand, overwhelm, assertive, boundaries, bullies, courage, resistance.
(Theresa) General meaning: Its time to take a stand. Gather your courage muscles and stand up for what you believe in. This is about
asserting yourself, no matter what the odds may be. Take a defensive posture. Push back. If you want to win the battle, you
must engage fully. Keeping the wolves at bay. Fighting the good fight. Resisting the powers that be. Rage against the
machine. Fight da man!
Rev. (T.) melhor do que na posio normal. As ameaas esto desaparecendo, o inimigo sumiu, o sentimento de insegurana e o
medo passaram. Sua posio foi mantida e voc est mais forte. Superao de fase difcil. Tempestade passou.
Rev. (Th.) Wussing out. Giving in or giving up. Getting a beat down. Losing the will to fight on. Retreat. Being overcome by the
enemy. Strong bullies that arrive with reinforcement. Weak boundaries. Fitting in rather than standing out. Getting in over
your head. You let your enemies best your sorry ass. Win some, lose some. Better luck next time, pal.

Carta 8 de paus
Definio Agir rapidamente, chegar a uma concluso, receber notcias
(Bunning) taking quick action: making your move, striking while the iron is hot, declaring yourself openly, putting plans into action,
rushing into a new area, moving into high gear, getting caught up in change
coming to a conclusion: culminating an effort, having all elements come together, closing out an activity, experiencing a
grand finale, finding a successful resolution, completing unfinished business
receiving news: getting an important message, obtaining a needed bit of information, finding the missing puzzle piece,
discovering the truth, having a meaningful conversation, learning more
Definio Navegao tranquila. Sucesso em viagens, em seus interesses amorosos, em seus objetivos. Tudo acontecer e resultar
(Tognetti) em felicidade e prazer. Movimento na direo certa, voc conseguir o que deseja. Progresso em direo ao objetivo.
Definio Apressar-se, ao, novidades, opes. Estabelecer prioridades; deixar claras suas intenes; agir de maneira sutil e rpida;
(Bartlett) receber uma mensagem importante; descobrir o elo que faltava; desenvolvimentos rpidos; reavaliar decises; tudo est
no ar; fazer um balano da situao
Definio Keywords: movement, travel, news, speed, swiftness. General meaning: Things are moving at warp speed. If you have
(Theresa) experienced a lull, its now full on, baby. Quick movement. A whirlwind romance. Progress at last. A project is moving
forward towards completion. Important news arrives. One of the best cards for travel. If this shows up in your reading, get
ready to pack those bags.
Rev. (T.) Seu interesse amoroso est se esvaindo, viagem adiada, conflito e cimes. preciso controlar suas emoes
desgovernadas. Raiva pode surgir, ento no deixe seus sentimentos sarem de controle. No force uma situao!
Reorganize seus objetivos. D um passo atrs e observe o que est acontecendo, antes de agir.
Rev. (Th.) And progress stalls. Things begin to move at a crawl. Traffic jams. Pulling back after some initial progress. Going on strike.
Filibuster. Backing out of a situation. Travel plans cancel.

Carta 9 de paus
Definio Defender-se, perseverar, demonstrar energia
(Bunning) defending yourself: assuming ill will, expecting the worst, taking extra precautions, being paranoid, feeling wary and
guarded, protecting others, remembering past attacks
persevering: persisting despite all setbacks, refusing to take "no" for an answer, seeing something through to the end,
getting knocked down, then standing up, keeping your resolve, trying repeatedly
showing stamina: continuing despite fatigue, holding fast, drawing on hidden reserves, holding together through force of
will, demonstrating physical strength, keeping up the pace
Definio Preparado para lidar com a adversidade e hostilidade. Voc protege tudo pelo que voc lutou. Tem fora e energia e
(Tognetti) mantm controle sobre seus interesses. Posio merecida. Mantenha seus ideais e filosofia. Perseverana, fora de
carter e habilidade em defender-se.
Definio Prontido, estar pronto, defesa, fora, ateno. Sentir-se vulnervel e cauteloso, defender-se por precauo; lembrar-se
(Bartlett) de mgoas do passado; sentir-se preocupado com o futuro; desenvolver foras atravs da autoconscincia; estar
preparado para qualquer coisa; persistncia e perseverana; suspeitar dos outros
Definio Keywords: defense, preparation, completion, paranoia, protection, boundaries, distrust. General meaning: You have
(Theresa) learned a big time lesson and although you are moving on, what is the takeaway from that experience? Have you done the
work to the wound or did you just slap a bandaid on it? Its time to move on and make a mental note: dont do that again.
Lessons learned. School of hard knocks. Trust issues. If you feel someone is trying to salt your game, dont ignore the vibe.
Watch your back.
Rev. (T.) Falta de fora e energia. Cansao fsico ou mental. Voc precisa descansar e se recuperar, ao invs de entrar em outra
batalha. Voc no est preparado e precisa verificar o cenrio antes de agir. Vulnerabilidade, fraqueza para lutar.
Rev. (Th.) Drop your defenses and stop being a suspicious Aloyisus. If you keep acting like you dont trust the Universe, you cannot
expect results. Have faith. Let down your guard. Isolation ends. Reopening an old psychic wound. Dont be acting so sketch.
Mean muggin. Throwing shade. Shifty business.

Carta 10 de paus
Definio Exagerar, sentir-se sobrecarregado, lutar
(Bunning) Overextending: trying to do too much, refusing to say "no", taking all the blame, assuming another's debt, doing the lion's
share, having to work overtime, shouldering all the work, being saddled with an extra load
feeling burdened: never having time to relax, feeling tied to a treadmill, being taxed to the limit, assuming responsibility,
being held accountable, carrying out an unpleasant duty, cleaning up a messy situation, being left holding the bag
struggling: fighting uphill, doing everything the hard way, experiencing resistance, pushing against the current, having to
work for every gain, finding that nothing comes easily, laboring
Definio Carregar a carga. Fardo opressivo, seu e dos outros. Voc assumiu muitas responsabilidades. Voc quer ajudar os outros,
(Tognetti) mas a que custo? Voc precisa ver que fardos so importantes para carregar e quais no so. Mantenha suas prioridades
em ordem. Estresse demasiado que poder afetar sua sade.
Definio Fardo pesado, sobrecarregado, esforo para subir a montanha. Assumir responsabilidades demais; fazer tudo pra agradar;
(Bartlett) exceder seus limites; s trabalho e nenhuma diverso; sentir-se culpado por tudo; acreditar que h sempre um preo a
pagar; resignar-se a ser um burro de carga; sentir-se responsabilizado; lutar contra sua carga de trabalho; bloqueio mental
Definio Keywords: oppression, burden, heaviness, hard work, weight, responsibilities, duty. General meaning: This card is about
(Theresa) being weighed down with too many responsibilities, hard work or burdens. Whatever the case may be, your load is heavy
duty. Hard labor. There is an end in sight but it may be hard to see at this time. The Ten of Wands is also about oppression.
How are you being held down? How can you express yourself and stand up for your rights? Fight the power or be held
down by it. Trying to do it all.
Rev. (T.) Fardo se dissipa. Voc est se liberando da culpa e da presso. Pode indicar algum que sobrecarrega os outros
Rev. (Th.) The big release. Finally saying no to just one more thing. Standing tall in the face of oppression or hate. Liberation from
the oppressor. Courage in the face of injustice. The goal is reached and you dont have to be hustling so hard. Taking a
break after a long, hard slog. Take this job and shove it.

Carta Valete de paus
Definio Seja criativo, seja entusiasmado, seja confiante, seja corajoso
(Bunning) Be Creative: take a novel approach, be original, invent, find a new area of self-expression, use your art, come up with a
solution, go in a new direction
Be Enthusiastic: jump in wholeheartedly, get excited, show optimism, be the first to volunteer, be passionate, get your
blood flowing
Be Confident: tackle a challenge, say "yes, I can", believe in yourself, stretch your envelope, move beyond doubts, focus on
success, know that where there's a will, there's a way
Be Courageous: take a risk, be daring, have an adventure, avoid the sure thing, take assertive action, be a leader,
overcome a fear
Definio Traz boas notcias. Representa uma criana ou jovem adulto, novo beb na famlia. Entusiasmado e dinmico. Gosta de
(Tognetti) aventuras.
Definio Um mensageiro, nova revelao, novas ideias, confiana
(Bartlett) Disposio para seguir novos rumos; mostrar que voc tem entusiasmo; ser criativo; um admirador charmoso; arriscar-se;
exuberncia juvenil; atitude otimista
Definio Keywords: new creative energy, message, feisty youth, creative seed, new passion, education, student, exciting news,
(Theresa) rebellious, a spark. General meaning: A new creative beginning awaits. Youre planting a seed that my grow into
something amazing. Writing, art, music whatever the medium you choose, this is a good sign that your work will continue
to flourish. The Page of Wands can also represent a fiery and enthusiastic child who loves physical activity and being on the
go. A good student, they may also be a leader amongst their peers. They may also have a bit of a rebellious streak. This
card can also indicate good news on the way and is a particularly positive omen if you are waiting on a job offer. An
exciting new project, endeavor or passion. The spark of an idea or an attraction.
Rev. (T.) O mensageiro no consegue entregar a mensagem a tempo; atrasos ou notcias desapontadoras. Traz uma mensagem que
voc no quer ouvir. Pessoa teatral, superficial, vaidosa
Rev. (Th.) Rebel without a cause. A young person heading down the wrong path. Slacker. Immaturity. Struggling at school. Gang
banger. Impulsive, rash communication. Hot head. Bad news. You may be hearing the very thing you didnt want to hear.
Dishonesty. Someone may be pulling your chain. Lackluster no spark.

Carta Cavaleiro de paus

Definio Charmoso/superficial, auto-confiante/metido, audacioso/imprudente, aventuroso/incansvel,
(Bunning) apaixonado/temperamental
Charming....Superficial: is physically attractive...focuses on style and appearance, disarms opposition with a smile...can be
thoughtless and insensitive, is sexy and seductive...pursues sexual conquests, generates glamour and excitement...avoids
deep or serious matters, is honey-tongued...may say or do what's expedient
Self-confident.....Cocky: totally lacks self-doubt...overestimates abilities, has a can-do attitude...may boast and brag, is
convinced of his or her talent...exaggerates accomplishments, is self-assured at all times...is brash and nervy, doesn't sweat
the small stuff...is sometimes presumptuous
Daring..........Foolhardy: will risk anything without fear...is reckless and rash, will tackle what others avoid...will endanger
self and others, is the first to volunteer for danger...doesn't give danger due respect, loves being a hero...is impetuous,
boldly goes where no one has gone before...is a daredevil
Adventurous..........Restless: loves travel and new experiences...is never content to be still, seeks novelty and change...can't
set down roots or make ties, makes things happen...lacks inner peace and serenity, rises to every challenge...won't stop to
smell the roses, is footloose and fancy-free...must have constant stimulation
Passionate..........Hot-tempered: is easily roused to action...angers easily, feels strong loyalties...is too ready for a fight,
feels everything powerfully...lashes out when riled, takes a vocal stand...often acts without thinking, jumps in with both
feet...may have a chip on his or her shoulder
Definio Impulsivo, impaciente; forte e entusiasmado; amigo/amante generoso; faz tudo em grande estilo
Definio Impetuosidade, ousadia, impacincia, paixo. Dom da oratria, mas gosta de se gabar; seguro, mas presunoso;
(Bartlett) encantador, mas insensvel; sedutor, mas lascivo; entusiasmado, mas faz promessas vazias; talentoso, mas exagera a
verdade; ama ser amado, mas odeia ser possudo; gosta de partir, mas no de chegar; aventureiro e ousado, mas
irrequieto e no confivel
Definio Keywords: passion, motivation, mover + shaker, enthusiasm, fire, phallic energy, lust, action. General meaning: This fiery
(Theresa) fellow is bound to add some real heat and action when he shows up in a tarot reading. The Knight of Wands is all about
pursuing the dream with vigor and enthusiasm. Move forward with confidence towards your goals. This is the time for
focused and swift action. The energy is also sexy and very phallic a sign that your lust is about to get awakened in a big
way. Ready for some steamy nights? Its so on, shawty. Adventure time!
Rev. (T.) Indicam desvios, desorganizao, falta de controle, caos. Mente estreita, argumentativo, combativo
Rev. (Th.) All heat but no real fire. Comes on strong but fades out fast. Erectile dysfunction. The passion becomes anger and impulse
instead. Unrestrained lust can be a cheater. Thinking with the other head. Hes not that into you. Rebelling for no damn
reason at all. Big talker with nothing to back it up. Lack of enthusiasm. Meh. The fast track to dullsville.

Carta Rainha de paus
Definio Atraente, entusiasmada e sincera, energtica, alegre, segura
(Bunning) Attractive: is appealing and popular, creates a powerful first impression, makes friends easily, has great sex appeal, is
warm and outgoing
Wholehearted: is loaded with enthusiasm, tackles a task with total dedication, gives the utmost in any situation, is open
and sincere, doesn't hold anything back
Energetic: leads a busy and active life, is vigorous and strong, radiates health and vitality, has an inner vibrancy, is a
natural athlete
Cheerful: is optimistic and upbeat, has an encouraging word for all, brightens whatever room he or she is in, has a warm
and sunny disposition, can shake off the blues easily
Self-Assured: quietly demonstrates self-confidence, handles any situation with aplomb, can't be easily rattled or provoked,
is spontaneous and gracious in defeat, has faith in his or her abilities
Definio Auto-confiana e magnetismo pessoal. Ambio, crescimento e desenvolvimento. Dominante. Afvel, cordial,
(Tognetti) entusiasmada e motivada. Liderana.
Definio Magnetismo, poder de atrao, liderana feminina, fertilidade, otimismo, confiana em si mesmo e positivismo.
(Bartlett) Dedicar-se a uma tarefa; amigvel e de fcil trato; envolver-se de corpo e alma; carisma e criatividade; mulher que sabe
onde quer chegar; sexualmente talentosa; sem medo de desafios; iluminar o ambiente; jamais se deixa incomodar
Definio Keywords: creative, passion, power, courage, fire, feminine power. General meaning: The Queen of Wands is the keeper of
(Theresa) the flame. Shes confident, strong, courageous and intense. When this card shows up in a tarot reading, you may be called
to embody those qualities. Are you ready to nurture that creative fire that burns in your belly? Put your energy into
manifesting your dreams. You have the power to make big things happen, and all it takes is a commitment to your passion.
This card can also represent a feisty and hot woman whos about to add some heat to a situation.
Rev. (T.) Fora suas ideias, palavras e aes. Agressiva, temperamental, dominadora, mandona, arrogante
Rev. (Th.) A passion that is waning or dying out. Lack of care or enthusiasm leads to a big fat nothing. The energy turns angry and
tempestuous. Or the opposite: no real fire. Coldness. A dud. A hard woman with a bitchy personality. The Devil wears
Prada. A cocktease.

Carta Rei de paus

Definio Criativo, inspirador, vigoroso, carismtico, corajoso
(Bunning) Creative: develops innovative projects and ideas, opens up new areas of experience, has natural artistic ability, uses self-
expression for useful purposes, masterminds new strategies, is original and inventive
Inspiring: communicates enthusiasm, creates an atmosphere of excitement, sets an example others want to follow, instills
confidence, is a powerful, natural leader
Forceful: seems to dominate the environment, has a commanding presence, is assertive when necessary, earns respect and
willing compliance, carries authority naturally
Charismatic: is often showy and theatrical, enjoys making the gesture with flair, naturally becomes the focus of attention,
magnetically attracts others, is watched, imitated and talked about
Bold: is intrepid, is willing to take chances when the stakes are high, confronts opposition directly, dares to stand and be
different, is unconcerned with what others think, has the courage of his or her convictions
Definio Liderana e ambio; pessoa de autoridade e poder pessoal. Tem entusiasmo, orgulho, confiana. Encoraja o potencial dos
(Tognetti) outros bom mentor.
Definio Poder, ousadia, inspirao, vitalidade, dramaticidade. Dominar uma arte; dar o exemplo; um lder poderoso; figura de
(Bartlett) autoridade inspiradora; teatral e carismtico; modelo de como agir; disposio para correr riscos com base na intuio;
gostar de ser o centro das atenes; nunca ser modesto ou tmido; confiana extrema
Definio Keywords: mastery, passion, fiery, creativity, courage, power, bravado, leadership, heat. General meaning: The King of
(Theresa) Wands is the master of fire. This passionate chap is one brave, charismatic ball of hotness. Super yang. Macho to the core.
Cocksure. Hes got swagger and can lead like a real boss. Talks powerfully, carries a big stick. When this card makes an
appearance in your reading, it can indicate that you need to embody the vibration of strong, creative leadership (and a
little swerve to your step wont hurt either). This card can also indicate a major playa who has all the moves. If youre
looking to add a little flavor to your game, he may just be the mack daddy youve been waiting for. Hes going to bring big
time heat.
Rev. (T.) Tem o mesmo poder mas no o mesmo entusiasmo. Falta confiana, auto-estima e foco.
Rev. (Th.) The fire is out. Leadership turns weak or becomes dictator-like. Bully. Lack of manliness. Erectile disfunction. Dude goes
from super hot to nothing more than a broke, big mouthed buster. Cannot hold up his end of the bargain. Irresponsibility.
All swag, nothing to back it up. Shady. Leading with his other head. Egomaniac. Sexist bastard. A cheater.


Carta s de copas
Definio Usar a fora emocional, desenvolver intuio, experimentar intimidade, agir com amor
(Bunning) using emotional force: getting in touch with your feelings, letting your heart lead the way, empathizing with others,
expressing deep feelings, responding viscerally
developing intuition: trusting your inner voice, responding to messages from within, experiencing direct knowing,
enhancing your psychic awareness, getting in tune with yourself, going with your gut reaction
experiencing intimacy: feeling an attraction grow, falling in love, establishing a bond with another, developing a
relationship, getting close to someone, going to a deeper level
proceeding with love: expressing affection, opening yourself to others, responding sympathetically, letting your love light
shine, giving to those in need, getting rid of negativity, forgiving and forgetting
Definio Novo amor. Abrir o corao para novas emoes. Alegria, corao aberto, desejo de felicidade. Insight espiritual. Beno.
(Tognetti) Fertilidade e concepo. Boa sade.
Definio Amor, sentimento profundo, novo romance, intimidade. Comeo de um novo amor ou conscincia; expressar seus
(Bartlett) sentimentos; estar em contato com suas emoes; fascinao por algum ou alguma coisa; criar novos elos; sentimentos
evoluindo; desejo de uma conexo mais profunda
Definio Keywords: new love, new emotional beginning, proposal, marriage, new relationship, rekindling, offer, heart opening.
(Theresa) General meaning: The Ace of Cups indicates that a romantic offer awaits you. A new suitor or partnership. If you are
looking for love, its very likely that something positive is on the horizon. Emotionally, this is a time to open yourself up. Be
vulnerable and express the softer side of your self (you dont always have to be a straight up thug show that tender side!).
A great card for weddings, proposals, births or any sort of heart centered celebration.
Rev. (T.) Corao no aberto para o amor, insegurana sobe um novo relacionamento. Medo de comear de novo em um
relacionamento. Agir de modo egoista. Enjoado ou cansado das mesmas condies, desejo de algo novo. Atrasos e
Rev. (Th.) An emotional disappointment. Perhaps the other person is not feeling the same as you. They may be unavailable
emotionally or have commitment issues. Being turned down. Feeling let down and depressed or blocked. If this card is
combined with the Devil, it can speak of serious addiction issues. Time to get some intervention in da house.

Carta 2 de copas
Definio Fazer uma conexo, pedir trgua, reconhecer uma atrao
(Bunning) making a connection: joining with another, celebrating a marriage or union, cementing a friendship, establishing a
partnership, working together, sharing, helping and being helped, seeing commonalities
calling a truce: healing a severed relationship, bringing together opposites, letting bygones be bygones, coming to a
satisfactory agreement, declaring peace, forgiving and forgetting
acknowledging an attraction: recognizing a bond that is developing, accepting your preferences, letting yourself be drawn
in, moving toward, feeling a positive response
Definio Parceria harmnica. Entendimento e amizade equilibrada. Cooperao. Gentileza. Carta, evento ou presente.
Definio Relacionamento, conexo, parceria, atrao
(Bartlett) Mover-se em direo ao outro; unio alqumica; atrao sexual; amor romntico; estabelecer uma ligao; compreenso
mtua; harmonia e cooperao; reconciliao e perdo
Definio Keywords: relationship, love, romance, meeting, engagement, marriage, healing. General meaning: If you are in the
(Theresa) market for love, the Two of Cups indicates that you may be meeting someone soon. This card can also signify any sort of
positive partnership friendship or even work related. Its all about connecting and coming together to form a healthy and
lasting alliance. Sometimes this card can indicate a wedding or engagement. Sharing a common goal. Healing. Meeting
halfway. Compromise. Engagement. Romance. That loving feeling. Love at first sight.
Rev. (T.) Falta de equilbrio. Desentendimentos com um bom amigo ou com o parceiro. Problema pode ser resolvido, mas algum
tem de dar o 1 passo. Teimosia. Necessidade de comunicao. No seja possessivo ou ciumento.
Rev. (Th.) You may be having a hard time seeing eye to eye. Relationships take a difficult turn. Communication breakdown. A
separation is possible. Perhaps you both want different things at this time? Something or someone may be coming
between you. Disputes and arguments. A missed romantic opportunity. Disinterest. Hes not that into you.

Carta 3 de copas
Definio Sentir-se exuberante, curtir amizade, valorizar a comunidade
(Bunning) feeling exuberant: bursting with energy, being in the flow, celebrating, overflowing with high spirits, feeling on top of the
world, dancing and singing, putting yourself out there
enjoying friendship: getting together with people you like, experiencing camaraderie, extending/receiving hospitality,
sharing, finding companions, trusting others, relying on outside help
valuing community: taking part in a support group, developing a team spirit, working together, uniting with others,
forming a group bond, helping each other, discovering a common goal, being neighborly
Definio Alegria. Feliz concluso de um empreendimento, sucesso e reconhecimento. Celebrao. Coisas boas a caminho.
Definio Amizade, celebrao, esprito de equipe, exuberncia. Abundncia e cura; aproveitar sua rede social; fazer amigos; ser
(Bartlett) parte de um grupo; compartilhar sentimentos felizes; esprito de comunidade; ter confiana nos outros; rituais de
Definio Keywords: celebration, friendships, support, party, gathering, fun, joy, achievement, weddings, bridal or baby showers.
(Theresa) General meaning: Its time to celebrate! Whether you are attending a party or simply celebrating a victory, get the
champagne out and live large. This card can signify a formal celebration like a wedding or an informal girls night out. It
can also indicate a circle of support when you really need it. The Three of Cups is usually a welcome sight in any romantic
reading BUT it can also indicate a love triangle if other cards support it (ex: The Devil).
Rev. (T.) Excesso de indulgncia. Tristeza e dor, especialmente por conta de fofoca ou falar sem pensar. hora de retomar o
controle de si mesmo e fazer novos planos. Pode ser necessrio pedir desculpas, mas tudo pode ser resolvido. hora de
reconhecer seus excessos e control-los. importante comunicar seus sentimentos.
Rev. (Th.) The party is over. Premature celebration. Getting all drunk n stupid. Youre going to regret that overindulgence in the
morning, pal. A lack of support at a time when you need it most. Friends let you down. Interference from an outside source.
Gossip and bickering. Someone is running their mouth about your business.

Carta 4 de copas
Definio Ser ensimesmado, sentir-se aptico, ficar introspectivo
(Bunning) being self-absorbed: concentrating on your own feelings, wanting for yourself, being unaware of others, giving out little,
withholding affection, seeing only your point of view, ignoring gifts and blessings
feeling apathetic: passively accepting, losing interest, feeling disengaged, making little effort, finding life stale and flat,
lacking motivation, feeling little desire
going within: being introspective, meditating, dreaming, contemplating, pausing to reflect, getting lost in reverie,
withdrawing from involvement, losing outer awareness
Definio Tdio e descontentamento. Falta de motivao. Sente que os outros no se importam. Voc est se sentindo introvertido
(Tognetti) e procurando um nvel espiritual. Voc pode se sentir como se ningum te entendesse.
Definio Dvida, hesitao, introspeco. Falta de relacionamento consigo mesmo; levar as coisas para o lado pessoal; retrair-se e
(Bartlett) duvidar de si prprio; preocupar-se apenas consigo mesmo; contemplao com propsitos de cura; autoquestionamento;
dar pouco de si; no ver o que est sendo oferecido; sentir-se magoado ou na defensiva; falta de iniciativa; apatia e
Definio Keywords: boredom, apathy, withdrawal, discontent, rejection, offering, meditation. General meaning: Youve pulled away
(Theresa) to regroup. Why? Because whats in front of you hasnt been satisfying. This is a period of contemplation and sorting out
the options. Everything seems stale and boring. Meh. Are you unable to see the cool stuff right in front of your face? Maybe
youre just a malcontent. Rejecting. Pushing away help. Either youre a bummer or getting all Zen n stuff.
Rev. (T.) Sair da contemplao e ir em uma nova direo. Voc est novamente motivado a fazer algo novo, incluindo novo amor.
Rev. (Th.) A new outlook. That mental/emotional breakthrough that you needed is at hand. Viola no more complacency. Youre
getting a big ole sign from the Universe. Its like right there. Stop messing around and act on it. Getting back in the game
after some time away.

Carta 5 de copas
Definio Sofrer uma perda, sentir-se vazio, sentir arrependimento
(Bunning) suffering a loss: letting go of a hope, giving up the win, experiencing a setback, being defeated, having a possession taken
away, saying good-bye
feeling bereft: breaking up a relationship, feeling deprived of love, longing to be reunited, grieving, feeling sorrow
feeling regret: being disappointed by events, crying over spilt milk, wanting to turn back the clock, wishing for what might
have been, believing you made the wrong choice, acknowledging mistakes
Definio Perda emocional. Tristeza. Desiluso, arrependimento, sonhos partidos.
Definio Perda, desapontamento, confuso emocional, remorso
(Bartlett) Sentir-se privado de amor; ter algo tirado de voc; sentir-se triste e em sofrimento; remorso por oportunidades perdidas;
mudana de prioridades; aceitao; resistncia emocional mudana; desejo de poder mudar o passado; desequilbrio
Definio Keywords: disappointment, loss, hurt, sorrow, grieving, regret, depression. General meaning: You have suffered a loss and
(Theresa) are now moving through the grieving process. The pain is real and you must move through it. This card is all about deep
loss and regret. The energy here can get stuck in wallow mode. Can you forgive and move on? There is something very
good on the horizon but if you only choose to look at what you have lost you will never be able to see what you can have.
Put the water under the bridge and start again.
Rev. (T.) Reverso dessa energia negativa. Perda substituda por melhorias. Esperana e felicidade retornam, energia aumenta.
Novos amigos ou velhos conhecidos aparecem. Mudana de planos dar certo.
Rev. (Th.) A whole new emotional outlook is at hand. Its time to move on and let that old shizz go. Recovery time, baby. Youre ready
to get on with your life. Major healing ahead. Forgiveness work.

Carta 6 de copas
Definio Experimentar boa vontade, aproveitar a inocncia, focar na infncia
(Bunning) experiencing good will: acting kindly or charitably, doing a good turn for another, sharing what you have, having a noble
impulse, receiving a gift, feeling blessed, being well-intentioned
enjoying innocence: feeling simple contentment, surrounding yourself with goodness, being blissfully unaware, having a
clear conscience, shunning corruption, being acquitted, appreciating simple joys
focusing on childhood: being with a child or young person, feeling carefree, being taken care of, feeling nostalgic, indulging
in play, enjoying youthful activities, having a baby
Definio De volta ao passado. Encontrar algum de seu passado, reencontro com familiares. Voc pode encontrar felicidade nessas
(Tognetti) memrias. Presente de algum amigo. Herana.
Definio Inocncia, nostalgia, alegria, infncia
(Bartlett) Conhecer sua criana interior; boa vontade com todos; nostalgia; lembranas sentimentais; relacionamento divertido;
ingenuidade e inocncia; compartilhar e reconciliar
Definio Keywords: pleasure, nostalgia, friendship, meeting, gifts, security, romance, the past, reunion, childlike. General meaning:
(Theresa) If you are in the market for love, you may be meeting a romantic partner or being courted. This could be someone new but
more often, its a suggestion of a blast from the past or someone with whom you are already familiar. The energy here is
about returning to ones roots. Whether that be an old love, a former job or old memories, the past is calling. You may be
receiving a gift dont look that gift horse in the mouth. Say thank you.
Rev. (T.) Prmios atrasados, memrias infelizes do passado, notcias ruins do passado. Pode indicar desejo de volta ao passado.
Desapontamentos relacionado a famlia e suas expectativas. hora de deixar p/ trs ideias e condies antigas.
Rev. (Th.) The energy moves from nostalgia to being hung up on the past. As in constantly bitching about the present and longing for
days gone by. Those good old days may not be as good as you remember. Its time to stop clinging to what was and
embrace what is. Any sort of emotional immaturity, yours or others, will hold you back now. Man up and stop that b.s..

Carta 7 de copas
Definio Fantasiar, ter muitas opes, perder-se
(Bunning) indulging in wishful thinking: creating fantasies, dreaming, getting caught up in illusions, letting your imagination run wild,
kidding yourself about the facts, building castles in the air, waiting for your ship to come in, lacking focus and commitment,
avoiding putting ideas to the test
having many options: being offered many alternatives, facing an array of choices, believing in limitless possibilities, looking
at a wide open field, getting to pick and choose
falling into dissipation: overindulging, letting everything go, becoming disorganized, eating/drinking/partying to excess,
neglecting your health, entering into addictive patterns, being inclined toward indolence, being lazy, procrastinating
Definio Escolhas emocionais. Dificuldade em tomar uma deciso. Confuso. Devaneio. Estar preso em uma situao devido a
(Tognetti) sonhos irrealizveis. Escolher iluso realidade.
Definio Falta de realismo, condescendncia consigo mesmo, escolhas demais
(Bartlett) Sentir-se desorganizado; fantasiar sobre o que pode conquistar; altas expectativas; preguia diante da vida; adiar o
inevitvel; acreditar que voc pode se sair bem em qualquer coisa; fazer sua cama e deitar-se nela; iluses sobre o amor;
um leque de opes se abre pra voc
Definio Keywords: daydream, illusion, choices, fantasy, visions, options, hesitation, temptation, bling. General meaning: You may
(Theresa) be dreaming and scheming. Your head is in the clouds. This is the card of daydreaming of what could be. Can you find a
way to bring those dreams down to earth and turn them into something tangible? The Seven of Cups can also indicate
having many choices before you like a kid in the candy store. It may be difficult to figure out which is the right one at this
time. Dont make a rash decision. In a romantic reading, this card can indicate commitment issues. I dont know what I
want. Too much bling.
Rev. (T.) Uma deciso ser feita, uma direo ser tomada e ser levada adiante at o fim. No desista de seus sonhos, pois seus
planos esto comeando a funcionar. A escolha que voc fez foi correta para voc. Persista nesse caminho.
Rev. (Th.) Things are becoming clear at last. You now know what actions to take to move your dreams forward. A choice may be
made for you. On a negative note, this could also indicate the end of a dream; being brought back to cold, hard reality.
Confusion. An overactive imagination.

Carta 8 de copas
Definio Buscar sentido profundo, seguir em frente, sentir-se esgotado
(Bunning) seeking deeper meaning: focusing on personal truth, leaving the rat race, looking for answers, concentrating on what is
important, starting on a journey of discovery, finding out the facts, devoting more time to the spiritual
moving on: realizing the current cycle is over, abandoning a hopeless situation, disentangling yourself, starting on a trip of
unknown length, letting go, finishing up and walking away
growing weary: feeling drained by demands, dragging through the day, feeling tired and listless, lacking energy, losing
hope, getting weighed down by worries, becoming burned out
Definio Deixar um apego. Voc est insatisfeito com seu modo de vida e quer algo a mais. Deixou suas preocupaes antigas do
(Tognetti) mundo material, saiu em busca de luz espiritual.
Definio Mudar de direo, seguir em frente
(Bartlett) Comprometer-se com novos valores; explorar um estilo de vida diferente; deixar pra trs uma situao difcil; deixar o
passado pra trs; uma jornada de auto-descoberta; procurar pela verdade espiritual ou emocional; perceber que tempo
de um novo comeo; avanar rumo a coisas melhores
Definio Keywords: leaving, moving on, retreat, abandonment, travel, quest, solitary, journey; withdrawal. General meaning: It may
(Theresa) be time to move on. Youve outgrown the current situation. Sometimes a playa just needs a new perspective. Whats on the
other side of that mountain? You wont know by staying in your comfort zone. Move along, little dogie. You might be
surprised at what you find or learn about yourself. Going away. A great card for hitting the road or leaving for a retreat.
(In a negative spread, this can indicate going to prison.)
Rev. (T.) Volta ao mundo material e busca de prazer e sucesso de natureza material, com alegria e festa no horizonte. Interesse
renovado em pessoas e conexes ao plano terreno. Novo interesse amoroso (pessoa ou condio). Curtir a vida. Aventura.
Rev. (Th.) Youre not ready to leave. You keep going back to the scene of the crime. What lesson are you clinging too? On the other
hand, perhaps it is not time to walk away just yet. Return to the situation until you fully understand it. Travel problems.
Having to turn around and go right back home. The prodigal son (or daughter or wayward lover) returns.

Carta 9 de copas
Definio Ter seu desejo atendido, sentir-se satisfeito, experimentar prazer sensual
(Bunning) having your wish fulfilled: achieving what you desire, obtaining your goal, getting what you think you want, having your
dream come true
feeling satisfied: indulging in a little smugness, enjoying the situation just as it is, feeling pleased as punch, getting the
results you hoped for, feeling all's well with the world, being contented
enjoying sensual pleasure: experiencing luxury, savoring a delicious meal, appreciating the arts, making love, relaxing,
experiencing beauty, enjoying physical exertion
Definio Desejo realizado. Seus sonhos se realizaro e seu futuro ser seguro. Felicidade em atingir seus desejos.
Definio Desejo de plenitude, satisfao emocional, sensualidade, prazer
(Bartlett) Desejos tornam-se realidade; satisfao sexual; aproveitar os prazeres simples da vida; satisfao com o que conquistou;
felicidade presunosa; estar saciado emocionalmente; indulgncia consigo mesmo; contar suas bnos
Definio Keywords: wishes granted, indulgence, satisfaction, plenty, happiness, wealth, comfort, security. General meaning: The
(Theresa) Nine of Cups is traditionally known as the wish fulfillment card and a good omen that you are going to get exactly what
you want. Make a wish! Of course, ever the practical sage, I like to add: be specific and careful because the Universe is
listening. This card also speaks of feeling satisfied and comfortable. You got what you need around you and then some.
Be grateful because you are sitting oh-so-pretty at this moment.
Rev. (T.) Desejo no ser realizado como pedido ou neste momento. Falta de dinheiro ou recursos.
Rev. (Th.) The energy goes from satisfaction to over indulgence. Suddenly, nothing is enough and youre going all Gordon Gecko
greedy. Smugness. Party animal. Overdoing things. Excess. Weight gain (consequences on all that extravagance). Wishes
unfulfilled. Or you got what you want and it turned out to be not so great. Buyers remorse (or wishers remorse!). Laziness.

Carta 10 de copas
Definio Sentir alegria, ter paz/serenidade/harmonia, voltar-se famlia
(Bunning) feeling joy: embracing happiness, having a sense of well-bein, radiating love, delighting in good fortune, counting your
blessings, expressing delight
enjoying peace: experiencing serenity, doing away with hostilities, restoring harmony, reducing stress and tension, feeling
contented and at ease, calling a truce, relaxing
looking to the family: working for peace in the home, going on a family event, reaffirming a family commitment,
supporting a relative in need, bonding with family members, forgiving someone in the family
Definio Felizes para sempre. Felicidade. Realizao de sonhos e desejos. Vida familiar feliz, amizades verdadeiras. Felicidade
(Tognetti) duradoura. Casamento, comear uma famlia, reunio familiar, celebrao, aniversrio. Nova casa/beb/ciclo.
Definio Felicidade familiar, alegria, paz, harmonia, promessa de alegrias futuras, abrigo seguro
(Bartlett) Sentir-se em paz com o mundo; ver a luz; plenitude emocional; concluso de um ciclo; compromissos sexuais; ideais
amorosos possveis; restaurao do status quo
Definio Keywords: happiness, the happy ending, completion, support, family, celebration, the good life, home, security, unity,
(Theresa) harmony. General meaning: Pleasure and happiness. This card indicates that life is looking good, particularly in domestic
and family matters. There are many reasons to celebrate now even if only the simple joy of being with your loved ones.
Support is present if you need it. Whether this is for your home or work, the energy is one big ole merry n harmonious
family. This card can also indicate a perfect wrap up to a situation. Parties, celebrations, family reunions. Break out the
bubbly and enjoy the upbeat vibe.
Rev. (T.) Desejo por felicidade familiar existe mas no chegou ainda. Atrasos e dificuldades. Pacincia necessria.
Desentendimento familiar. Perda de uma amizade. Perda de reputao, danos casa ou famlia.
Rev. (Th.) Family troubles create a crack in the foundation. Squabbles and disagreements make for a hellish home environment. The
end of a good situation. Disintegration of support. One of those icky family gatherings with the people you want to see the
least. The empty nest. The family from hell. Putting the fun in dysfunction.

Carta Valete de copas
Definio Seja emotivo, seja intuitivo, tenha intimidade, seja amoroso
(Bunning) Be Emotional: be moved or touched, let your feelings show, respond to beauty, be sentimental or romantic, shed your
detachment, let your heart lead the way
Be Intuitive: receive guidance from within, act on a hunch, remember your dreams, have a psychic experience, experience
direct knowing, trust your gut reaction
Be Intimate: start or renew a love affair, meet someone you're attracted to, get closer to someone, go beyond formalities,
have a special moment of togetherness, solidify a friendship, share something personal
Be Loving: make a thoughtful gesture, express sympathy and understanding, forgive yourself, forgive someone who has
hurt you, apologize to someone you have hurt, reach out and touch someone, mend a broken relationship, brighten
someone's day, respond with caring rather than anger, refuse to judge or condemn
Definio Mensageiro do amor. Chama a ateno para o amor e os sentimentos nas nossas vidas. Indica mensagem sobre romance,
(Tognetti) ajuda de outros e de amigos. Quer ajudar e cooperar, tem uma natureza boa e gentil. Traz alegria, felicidade e bons
agouros. Oferece gentileza,doura,bondade e desejo de satisfaz-lo. Pode anunciar chegada de beb ou felicidade familiar
Definio Sensibilidade, intimidade, sentimentos romnticos. Mostrar seus sentimentos; oferta de romance ou amor; confiar em sua
(Bartlett) intuio; um amor mais jovem e criativo; ideias criativas; flerte de um admirador divertido; dias de sonho; comeo de um
caso de amor; procurar algo em seu corao para perdoar
Definio Keywords: new love, love message, message from the heart or intuition, a well loved child, fresh emotional start,
(Theresa) infatuation. General meaning: The Page of Cups can indicate a love message or romantic proposal may be coming your
way. Someone is ready to express their feelings openly. Someone wants to be your boo. Reach out and touch someone.
New love. Whos crushing on you? A much wanted and very loved child may play an important role in the situation.
Rev. (T.) Mensagens se atrasam ou no chegam. Planos adiados. Pode ter mudanas de humor, tristeza ou disconexo. No h
muita ao ocorrendo. Prefere afastar-se das pessoas, no comunicar-se. Criana demasiadamente sensvel.
Rev. (Th.) Romance without maturity. A flirtation that doesnt go far. Emotionally infantile or naive. Codependence. Getting a Dear
John letter. Rejection. Let that sucka go and move on. Experimenting with substances. A spoiled brat.

Carta Cavaleiro de copas

Definio Romntico/excessivamente emotivo, imaginativo/devaneio, sensitivo/temperamental, refinado/excessivamente refinado,
(Bunning) introspectivo/introvertido
Romantic.....Overemotional: idealizes love...lacks self-restraint, emphasizes feelings...is often jealous, concentrates on the
poetry of life...tends to be gushy and melodramatic, remembers special occasions...blows hot and cold in affections,
expresses sentiments beautifully...brings flowers, but forgets to put gas in the car
Imaginative..........Fanciful: can tap the fertile unconscious...indulges in idle daydreams, looks beyond the obvious...has big
ideas that come to nothing, never takes the mundane path...has an unrealistic approach, spins marvelous tales...has an
overactive imagination, is visionary...can shade the truth
Sensitive..........Temperamental: is aware of moods and feelings...is prone to mood swings, helps others open up...can be
petulant and sulky, responds deeply to life...gels melancholy and depressed, understands the pains of others...broods
excessively, is tactful and diplomatic...takes offense easily
Refined..........Over-refined: appreciates beauty in all forms...leaves dirty work to others, seeks the finest...can't face
unpleasantness, creates a pleasing environment...lacks robust good health, understands subtlety...emphasizes style over
substance, is suave and gracious...gets overwhelmed by pressure
Introspective..........Introverted: values the inner life...focuses inward to excess, tries to understand why...avoids active
participation, questions motivations...is driven to self-examination, seeks self-improvement...exaggerates personal failings,
sees below the surface...can't relax around others
Definio Homem de carter que est oferecendo um convite ou proposta. Pode representar o comeo de um romance. Romntico.
Definio Idealizao, sensibilidade emocional, apaixonado pelo amor, convite para o amor, onda de romantismo, temperamental
(Bartlett) Cavaleiro da armadura brilhante; resgate emocional; partir s pressas para resgatar algum; sentimento exagerado;
melancolia seguida de estagnao; amor beleza e dio imperfeio; imaginativo, mas no realista; sentimentos
exasperados, intenes suspeitas
Definio Keywords: romance, chivalry, Prince Charming, leading with heart, taking action on feelings, imagination. General
(Theresa) meaning: The Knight of Cups is the Prince Charming, the knight in shining armour that sweeps you off your feet in a
romantic gesture. Hes sensitive, empathic and perhaps a bit of a dreamer. A consummate gentleman, he is proof that
chivalry is not dead. This card can also be a reminder to let your heart lead your decisions. Follow your deepest dreams.
Rev. (T.) Atraso na proposta/oferta. No romance, tempos turbulentos e emoes que no esto sendo compartilhadas igualmente
entre duas pessoas. No se d bem com as pessoas ao redor. Medo de se envolver/comprometer. Hesita, no sincero.
Rev. (Th.) Prince Charming turns out to be a cad. An irresponsible, immature or emotionally unavailable person. An inability to
connect with the feelings. Deception and manipulation. He appears seductive but on closer inspection, hes a buster.
Alcohol or drug abuse. Take a pass on this one unless you enjoy enabling n drama.

Carta Rainha de copas
Definio Amorosa, gentil, intuitiva, psquica, espiritualizada
(Bunning) Loving: turns away wrath with caring, is unconditionally accepting, is sensitive to the feelings of others, dispels anger and
hate, has infinite patience
Tenderhearted: is easily moved by another's pain, reacts with sensitivity and compassion, is kind and gentle with all
creatures, can never turn away someone in need, feels what others are feeling
Intuitive: is always tuned to emotional undercurrents, senses the climate of a situation, is guided by the heart, trusts an
inner sense of what is true, understands without having to ask
Psychic: is open to the unconscious, has a well-developed sixth sense, can have a telepathic bond with another, has a
finely-tuned sensibility, is a natural medium
Spiritual: feels oneness with God and the universe, has reverence for all life, finds joy in communion, appreciates deeper
meanings of life, sees the world as a holy place

Definio Desenvolvendo intuio criativa. Sensvel, devota-se a assuntos do corao. Forte desejo de ajudar. Geralmente uma boa
(Tognetti) me, esposa, e devotada a tudo com que se compromete. Grande imaginao. Confia mais na intuio que na razo. Tem
boa natureza e quer agradar.
Definio Empatia, corao mole, conscincia emocional, compaixo
(Bartlett) Amor incondicional; gentileza e compreenso; harmonia emocional; saber como sentir; conscincia de tendncias
emocionais; pacincia e calma; desejo de ajudar quem precisa
Definio Keywords: sensitive, emotional, kind, intuitive, feminine, empathic, caring. General meaning: The Queen of Cups is the
(Theresa) feminine ideal soft and sensitive, she is deeply nurturing. She has a strong connection to her intuition and most of her
decisions are made from the heart. She can express her feelings easily both good and bad. A softie. This card can
represent a woman in your life with those qualities or it can indicate energies that you are bringing to a situation. Tune into
your feelings and let them guide you. Your boo.
Rev. (T.) Est constantemente preocupada com coisas sobre as quais no tem controle. Desequilbrio emocional. Tem boas
intenes e quer ajudar, mas est fora de equilbrio emocionalmente e no consegue ver claramente
Rev. (Th.) A moody, whiny beyotch. Big time melodrama. A hot emotional mess. Clingy and yucky. Baby mama drama. Being
completely out of touch with your feelings or everyone elses. Hysteria. If you are looking for a delusional fatal attraction
type, you found er. Addiction issues or codependence.

Carta Rei de copas

Definio Sbio, calmo, diplomtico, cuidadoso, tolerante
(Bunning) Wise: gives good advice, has a deep grasp of human nature, teaches through loving attention, knows what others need for
growth, sees right to the heart of the matter, understands many levels of experience
Calm: maintains his or her composure, has a quieting influence on others, is emotionally stable and secure, keeps his or her
head in a crisis, never seems nervous or tense
Diplomatic: can balance the needs of many people, keeps everyone working together happily, can diffuse a tense situation,
achieves goals through subtle influence, says just the right word at the right time
Caring: responds to emotional needs, is a natural healer and therapist, takes action to help those in need, feels compassion
for the less fortunate, does volunteer and charity work
Tolerant: has open and broad-minded views, accepts the limitations of others, is comfortable with all types of people,
allows others their freedom, is patient in trying circumstances
Definio Lder gentil e devotado. Introspectivo. Tem um poder silencioso. Pode ser um grande lder em casa, em uma religio,
(Tognetti) como conselheiro. Gosta de trabalho humanitrio. Compaixo e sensibilidade. Calmo.
Definio Estabilidade, sabedoria, diplomacia, generosidade, apoio. Segurana emocional; conscincia da natureza humana; uma
(Bartlett) pessoa sbia; aceitar as limitaes de algum; manter a cabea numa crise; controlar emoes em vez de agir por instinto;
avaliar a situao; criar um ambiente equilibrado
Definio Keywords: love, compassion, mastery of emotions, capacity for giving, generosity, creativity, paternal. General meaning: I
(Theresa) often refer to this card as the King of Love when he comes up in a reading. The King of Cups is the ultimate romantic ideal
caring, nurturing, patient and loving. Hes the type of guy who makes great husband and father material. You can also
bet that hell be giving you his whole heart, cause hes a lover, not a fighter. This guy is a real softie. This card can also
indicate that you adapt the qualities of this card: be sensitive, loving and nurturing. Like a love boss.
Rev. (T.) Confuso de sentimentos, turbulncia emocional, condies instveis. Falta de controle sobre o que est ocorrendo. Falta
de capacidade de encarar alguma questo emocional com sabedoria e maturidade. No consegue expressar suas emoes
Rev. (Th.) Mr. Sulky is in da house. Love turns cold or whiny and your King of Love becomes a pouty, dishonest jerk. Big time drama,
amplified. Emotional vampire or emotionally unavailable. This can be a signal of addiction issues, especially when
combined with the Devil. Emotionally abusive. A wussy.


Carta s de espadas
Definio Usar a fora mental, ter fora, procurar a justia, proceder com verdade
(Bunning) using mental force: being objective, thinking your way through, finding out the facts, analyzing the situation, using your
intellect, applying logic and reason
having fortitude: overcoming adversity, facing problems, resolving a situation, finding the strength to overcome,
surmounting obstacles, being undaunted by setbacks
seeking justice: righting a wrong, championing a cause, doing what is right, establishing the truth, accepting responsibility,
wanting what is fair
proceeding with truth: dispelling doubts, cutting through confusion, seeing through illusions, having clear understanding,
being honest, finding out what is real
Definio Novas ideias, nova direo. Empreitada que ser bem sucedida. Ao direcionada e pensamento afiado asseguram que
(Tognetti) vitria est perto. Nascimento de beb. Voc se sente com poder e em controle. Foco e lgica do seu lado. Fora para
levar projeto adiante atravs de dificuldades.
Definio Clareza, verdade, objetividade, honestidade, justia. Vencer a iluso; perceber o caminho frente; usar a lgica e encarar
(Bartlett) os fatos; estabelecer o que certo e errado; encarar a realidade; analisar seus motivos; destreza mental
Definio Keywords: new thoughts, mental breakthrough, a-ha moments, ideas, new mental stimulation, truth, willpower, beginning
(Theresa) of conflict, surgery General meaning: This is the big time mental breakthrough that youve been waiting for. The air clears
and you see the light at last. The aha moment. Fresh ideas and new ways of viewing things. If you find yourself in a
debate, you will be able to make your point. Mental sharpness and the ability to cut through the crap. Cutting the head off
the hydra. Truth will set you free. Surgery. A new job with more mental stimulation. This card can also indicate the
beginning of a conflict make sure you are armed well.
Rev. (T.) Foco negativo: causa dor e machuca. Cuidado em usar muita fora para atingir um fim. Faa seu trabalho gentilmente e
no insista. No pressione, que a situao piora. Voc pode atrair oposio, ento seja cauteloso e diplomtico. Tente
evitar discusses, usando bom senso e boa argumentao.
Rev. (Th.) Power plays that turn ugly. Mental aggression, blockages or stress. Cant see clearly. Your vision is blocked. Mental chaos.
The inability to let go. Dishonesty; speaking with a forked tongue. Fighting unfairly. All promises, no follow through.
Wussing out. Loss of the battle (and your street cred). Stick a fork in it, youre done.

Carta 2 de espadas
Definio Bloquear emoes, evitar a verdade, estar em um dilema
(Bunning) blocking emotions: denying true feelings, stifling a natural response, keeping another at arm's length, hiding distress,,
turning a deaf ear, being defensive, maintaining your cool
avoiding the truth: refusing to look at facts, pretending everything's fine, ignoring the warning signs, closing your eyes to
what's going on, avoiding an unpleasantness, choosing not to know
being at a stalemate: feeling afraid to act, reaching an impasse, staying stuck, refusing to decide, being unwilling to rock
the boat, staying on the fence
Definio Impasse, indeciso. Mostra a necessidade de uma vida equilibrada. Dificuldade em tomar deciso e em agir sobre ela.
(Tognetti) Trgua temporria, negociaes estancadas, informao inadequada. Voc se sente completamente em suspenso,
atrasado ou confuso sobre sua direo. Necessidade de guia. Talvez o melhor seja no agir.
Definio Negao, sentimentos bloqueados, emoes represadas
(Bartlett) Cego para a verdade; fingir uma coisa, sentir outra; ser frio e indisponvel; negar seus sentimentos; atitude defensiva;
ignorar a verdade; bloquear os outros; erguer barreiras; no conseguir fazer uma escolha
Definio Keywords: decisions, waiting, solitude, blocked, balance, truce, contemplation. General meaning: The path ahead may not
(Theresa) be clear at this time. You need more time and space to weigh out your options. The answer you seek will come after more
reflection. This is not the time to take bold action instead, sit with your situation for a bit until you have a better sense of
what needs to be done. Time out. Emotional blockages. Vision problems. An inability to make a decision. The middle
ground. Keeping the peace. Trying to be all like Switzerland n stuff.
Rev. (T.) Uma deciso foi tomada. Voc agir e as coisas acontecero rapidamente. Voc est livre para decidir e sabe que ao
est ocorrendo. Liberao e progresso nos seus affairs. Cuidado em no compartilhar confidncias. Voc tem confiana
Rev. (Th.) The wait is over and action resumes. You are able to see exactly what needs to be done. Absolute clarity. No second
guessing. Movement at last. Seeing the light. A decision may be made for you. Getting off your ass and making stuff
happen. A lighter load. Taking sides.

Carta 3 de espadas
Definio Ter o corao partido, sentir-se s, sentir-se trado
(Bunning) feeling heartbreak: causing heartbreak, suffering emotional pain, hurting inside, being disappointed, getting some
unsettling news, having your feelings hurt, hurting someone's feelings, receiving little solace
feeling lonely: being separated, wandering far from home, being spurned or rejected, feeling isolated from those you love,
being deserted in time of need, feeling lost
experiencing betrayal: discovering a painful truth, finding your trust misplaced, being let down, letting someone down,
getting stabbed in the back, turning against someone, breaking your word, acting against
Definio Corao partido e desapontamentos. Uma discusso pode levar a uma separao amorosa ou entre amigos. Dor e tristeza.
(Tognetti) Desordem pode causar tenso. Voc precisa expressar a tristeza que est sentindo. Fim do impasse. A tenso de no
saber foi liberada.
Definio Mgoa, descrena, rejeio. Chegar ao cerne da questo; triunfo da lgica sobre a emoo; separao de dois
(Bartlett) enamorados; sentir-se magoado; descobrir uma verdade dolorosa; sentir-se abater; sentir que os outros esto prontos
para ferir voc; ser trado; medo de perder o parceiro; inveja;querer magoar algum
Definio Keywords: sorrow, heartbreak, separation, loss, disappointment, ending, divorce, hurt, pain, heart trouble, depression.
(Theresa) General meaning: Sadness and heartbreak. The big time let down. Breaking up is hard to do. Tears will flow. Deep wound.
When this card shows up in a reading, its a sign that things may be turning sideways. Strong emotions, namely depression,
sorrow, or anger. This is one of the strongest indicators of divorce or a relationship ending. Getting dumped. Betrayal.
Surgery. Back stabbing, triflin behavior. Hurt feelings.
Rev. (T.) Sua intensidade foi diminuda; a situao no to severa quanto se estivesse de p. Voc pode estar insatisfeito e triste
com a situao atual, mas passageiro. Voc sair dessa mais rpido do que pensa. Uma desculpa pode estar a caminho.
Rev. (Th.) Healing the hurt. Recovery. Letting go after a major disappointment or loss. The storm is parting and the silver lining
arrives. The dark cloud lifts. A new outlook. Attitude adjustment. The end of a hard, emotional period. Reconciliation.
Physical healing. Apologizing.

Carta 4 de espadas
Definio Descansar, contemplar, preparar-se calmamente
(Bunning) Resting: taking a break, giving your body time to heal, avoiding overexertion, finding peace and quiet, relaxing body and
soul, taking life easy
Contemplating: gaining a better perspective, listening for your Inner Voice, taking time alone to think, standing back from
the situation, examining your motivations, reviewing where you are
quietly preparing: consolidating inner resources, making sure your base is secure, getting ready for the future, coming to
terms with what is, tieing up loose ends, stabilizing
Definio Descanso e recuperao. Tempo de pensar no futuro. Intervalo na vida, descanso p/ contemplar e avaliar o que passou.
(Tognetti) Pode representar frias/retiro, recuperao aps cirurgia. Tempo de renovar as energias, fsica e mental. Perodo de calma
Definio Repouso, retiro temporrio, contemplao, trgua; medos, fantasmas emocionais do passado. Reservar um tempo para
(Bartlett) voc ficar sozinho; encontrar seu espao; relaxar e ir com calma; dar um passo atrs e rever a situao; preparar-se para o
futuro; fazer um balano dos seus objetivos; diminuir o ritmo
Definio Keywords: rest, recovery, meditation, planning, healing, solitude, retreat, contemplation. General meaning: Its time to
(Theresa) rest. Put all actions aside and chill out for a minute. A necessary time out. A period of quiet to rethink plans. Contemplation
and meditation bring clarity. Planning the next move carefully. Silent retreat. This card can indicate dealing with hospitals,
rehab, or other places of recovery. It can also indicate a funeral. A hideout.
Rev. (T.) Est pronto para voltar a agir. Focar nos planos futuros com energia renovada. Boas oportunidades frente, mas voc
deve ser cuidadoso em lidar com elas. Pode indicar levante poltico ou inquietao na fora de trabalho. Comoo
Rev. (Th.) Back to work. Getting back in action or back in the game again. Moving forward with a plan. Back in the saddle again.
Restlessness. An inability to sit still. Anxiety. If other cards support it, it can be a forced exile. Being isolated involuntarily.

Carta 5 de espadas
Definio Agir em interesse prprio, experimentar discrdia, presenciar desonra
(Bunning) acting in your own self-interest: setting aside the concerns of others, looking out for number one, thinking of your own
needs, knowing you must concentrate on yourself, encountering selfishness, indulging in power plays, gloating, going for
the win-lose result
experiencing discord: being in a hostile environment, feeling people are set against each other, choosing to battle, having
an "us-against-them" mentality, creating ill will, experiencing conflict
witnessing open dishonor: losing your moral compass, letting ends justify means, sacrificing integrity, losing sight of what
is right, achieving a dubious victory, knowing of criminal activity
Definio Em busca de uma briga. Falta de sensibilidade ou preocupao pelos outros. Egosmo, rompimento de laos. Injusto uso
(Tognetti) de poder, degradao ou desgraa. Complicaes legais. Pegar o que no seu, roubar energia ou poder de outros. Falso,
manipulador, enganoso. Ter m reputao, vitria anti-tica ou comportamento destrutivo.
Definio Conquista, derrota, vitria superficial, aceitar limitaes, interesses em conflito Situao sem vencedores; pensar s em si
(Bartlett) mesmo; vencer a batalha; sentir-se derrotado; comportamento desonroso; hostilidade
Definio Keywords: war, hostility, dishonesty, severity, conquest, theft, victory, hurt. General meaning: Never a good card to see in a
(Theresa) reading because this is the victory through deceit. Shady actions lead to pain. Hostile takeover. Taking that which doesnt
belong to you. Sneaky, underhanded methods. Winning at all costs, with no regard for who gets hurt. Sore winners. Dirty
tricks. War or politics (including nasty office politics). Treacherous, triflin shit disturbers. Untrustworthy. Divide n conquer.
Violence. To the victors go the spoils. Rip off. Bullies.
Rev. (T.) No h engano. Pode indicar comportamento secreto ou desejo de criar conflito. Voc est ciente de processos legais que
podem te afetar ou de situao que pode causar problemas emocionais. Existe possibilidade de derrota, mas pequena. Ou
h vitria, mas no a que era esperada. Fofoca, que voc tenta esclarecer.
Rev. (Th.) All lies come out in the open. Getting caught. The end of a conflict. Truce. Fronting out a faker. Evil plans thwarted. Helping
victims. Amnesty. Making shit right again. Being real. Storm clouds passing. The end to a war in sight. Staying on your side
of the fence. Staking out territory. Walking away from a no-win situation. Peace after a violent act.

Carta 6 de espadas
Definio Sentir-se triste, recuperar-se, viajar
(Bunning) feeling the blues: experiencing a low-level sadness, just keeping your head above water, working to get through the day,
feeling somewhat depressed, avoiding the lows, but also the highs, feeling listless, functioning, but not much more
recovering: dealing with the effects of trauma, getting over a tough time, picking up the pieces, starting to cope, beginning
to get your health back, heading toward a more positive place, feeling hope again
traveling: changing location, moving from one place to another, taking a trip, experiencing a change of scene, being
uprooted, going on a journey, entering into a new frame of mind
Definio Deixar tristezas para trs. Tempos difceis esto chegando ao fim. Voc pode mirar o futuro, que ser melhor que o
(Tognetti) passado recente. Viagem sobre gua ou viagem para longe de uma situao ruim. Harmonia prevalecer. Recuperao de
problemas e perdas. Processo de cura j comeou. Uma situao ruim no trabalho ou em casa dar lugar paz. Viagem de
tranquilidade pode ser mental, para um novo nvel de conscincia.
Definio Nova perspectiva, recuperao, viagem. Afastar-se dos problemas; superar dificuldades; avanar para tempos melhores;
(Bartlett) ter que se mudar; jornada mental ou fsica; deixar o passado pra trs; comear a ser mais positivo sobre a vida
Definio Keywords: transition, movement, change, journey, travel, passage, moving on. General meaning: You are in the middle of a
(Theresa) transition. A passage is ahead. Leaving behind a painful situation. Its time to move on. There is a safe harbor on the
horizon. Smooth sailing. Progress after a struggle. Youre in good hands trust that youll be well supported on your
journey. A good card for travel or any sort of movement. Sadness passing, healing ahead. Dont look back, dawg. Burn
Rev. (T.) A viagem para um lugar melhor foi adiada. Voc est preso em uma situao ruim, sem sada. Nada ser realizado agora,
voc ter de esperar por uma oportunidade melhor. Voc poder fazer uma busca interior para responder ou repensar
uma situao. Planos sero engavetados e recomendvel mudar para um novo quadro mental antes de continuar. A
liberdade de fazer o que voc quiser ter de ser adiada. Perda ou tristeza podem estar te prendendo. Atraso.
Rev. (Th.) Getting stuck in the same old same old. Stagnancy. Going back to the scene of the crime. Fear of travel. You cannot see a
way out of the problems. Making the same mistake again. Lack of clarity. Moving or travel drama. Traffic jam. Coming
back. The not-so-triumphant return. Your support or lack thereof may be undermining your growth. Chuck those fools who
are holding you back.

Carta 7 de espadas
Definio Fugir, ser solitrio, escolher desonra velada
(Bunning) running away: shirking responsibility, sneaking off, leaving, avoiding obligations, being afraid to face the music, taking the
easy way out, hiding from the truth, procrastinating
being a lone wolf: feeling you don't need anyone else, wanting independence, deciding not to help, keeping something to
yourself, preferring solitude, staying aloof, wanting to go it alone, holding people at arm's length
choosing hidden dishonor: deceiving or being deceived, covering your tracks, maneuvering behind the scenes, being two-
faced, seeing others take the rap, controlling without appearing to, avoiding a shameful secret, lying or stealing
Definio Comportamento furtivo e dissimulado. As coisas podem no ocorrer como planejado. Algum pode estar te enganando ou
(Tognetti) roubando algo que importante para voc. No confivel. Algum no est te dizendo a verdade ou est escondendo algo
Definio Desonestidade, subterfgio, discrio, iluso. Fugir da verdade; evitar responsabilidade; guardar um segredo; querer ser
(Bartlett) um solitrio; no aceitar as consequncias de seus atos; comportamento manipulador; mentir ou trair; iludir a si mesmo
ou enganar os outros
Definio Keywords: theft, stealth, cunning, rip off, sneak, dishonesty, half assed effort. General meaning: Taking shizz that dont
(Theresa) belong to you. This is the card of thieving, conniving, and sneaky actions. Copycats and biters. Bullshitters. Rip offs and con
games. Criminal activity. Are you trying to get away with something you know you shouldnt be doing? This card can also
indicate a need to fly under the radar a situation may be calling for stealth moves. It can also represent a half assed effort
due to cutting corners and haste.
Rev. (T.) Boa carta. A pessoa que est mantendo um segredo ir revelar o engano. Voc descobrir o que est ocorrendo. Pedido
de desculpas a caminho. Bom conselho, se estiver envolvido em problemas legais. O que foi perdido ser achado. A
verdade aparecer.
Rev. (Th.) Getting caught in the act. Going back to the scene of the crime. Returning stolen goods. Fessing up. Coming clean. Not
getting away with the deed. Punishment. Revisiting a situation to make things right. Cleaning up. Doing time for your
crime. Do the right thing.

Carta 8 de espadas
Definio Sentir-se restringido, sentir-se confuso, sentir-se impotente
(Bunning) feeling restricted: being fenced in by obstacles, staying in a limited situation, feeling trapped by circumstances,
experiencing few options, being blind to freedom, feeling persecuted
feeling confused: being unsure which way to turn, feeling at a loss, lacking direction, feeling overwhelmed, floundering
around, needing guidance and clarity, not understanding what is happening
feeling powerless: waiting for outside rescue, doubting anything you do will help, avoiding responsibility, looking for a
white knight, feeling victimized, accepting inaction
Definio Medo, medo e medo. Nossos medos podem nos paralisar. Medo de sair de uma situao ou de deixar algo para trs
(Tognetti) porque no sabemos o que vir substituir. Ao restringida por conta de indeciso e inabilidade de lidar com as mudanas.
Seus medos esto de impedindo de atingir seus objetivos. Representa culpa profunda, mesmo se infundada. Preocupao
Definio Restrio, autossabotagem, isolamento, vulnerabilidade. Sentir-se cerceado; falta de liberdade de escolha; sentir-se preso
(Bartlett) a uma situao; espera de ser resgatado; ideias esparsas e nenhuma direo; sentir-se imponente e vitimado; afogado
em um sentimento; preso nas prprias iluses
Definio Keywords: restriction, limitation, stuck, bound, isolation. General meaning: An inability to move forward. Things have come
(Theresa) to a standstill. Self imposed prison. Being in a position where you are unable to do a thing. Stuck with your current
circumstances. Not in control. Getting caught in your shit. Feeling cut off from others. Unable to see the way out of a
predicament. What have you gotten yourself into? Answers lie within.
Rev. (T.) Liberao dos medos e das restries trazidas pelo medo. Voc pode ver atravs das dificuldades, pode tomar uma
deciso e estar em controle. Novos comeos so possveis. A presso que voc sentia est se dissipando.
Rev. (Th.) Liberation at last! Release. Ties are cut. Rising above your limits. Seeing the way out. Mental breakthroughs. Getting
yourself out of a sticky situation. No restraint. Escape. Freedom to move about and do what you want.

Carta 9 de espadas
Definio Preocupar-se, sentir-se culpado, sofrer angstia
(Bunning) Worrying: doubting all will go well, brooding, making yourself sick over your troubles, going over and over an issue, feeling
anxious and tense, getting worked up
feeling guilty: regretting some offense, refusing to forgive yourself, wanting to turn back the clock, focusing on your "sins",
being hard on yourself, denying that you did your best, getting overwhelmed by remorse
suffering anguish: despairing, feeling you've reached your limits, having sleepless nights, feeling depressed, going through
a dark night of the soul, forgetting joy, wanting to cry
Definio Desespero e ansiedade, que esto causando tristeza, dor e estresse emocional. Perda de esperana, sonhos ruins,
(Tognetti) depresso, pesadelos. Perda de algum querido. Preocupes.
Definio Culpa, preocupao, sobrecarga de sentimentos . Oprimido por pensamentos; sentir que fez alguma coisa errada; desejo
(Bartlett) de mudar o que aconteceu; arrependimento; noites insones; tristeza obsessiva; sentir-se vulnervel
Definio Keywords: pain, worry, sleeplessness, stress, backstabbing, depression, illness. General meaning: When the Nine of Swords
(Theresa) appears in a reading, its a sign that life may be getting under your skin. Sleepless nights and depression may be affecting
your quality of life. Nightmares. What pain are you dealing with? Consumed by worry. Mental problems. Isolation. Difficult
endings. Getting knifed in the back. Feeling like the victim. Crying the blues. I have also seen this card indicate illness,
hospital stays or rehab if combined with The Devil. Mental suffering.
Rev. (T.) Voc est superando eventos ou condies traumticos. Tempo trar cura. Amanh um novo dia. Pacincia e orao
iro ajud-lo. Uma cirurgia ser bem-sucedida. Trauma ir passar e voc se tornar mais forte por conta disso.
Rev. (Th.) An period of worry comes to an end. Stress relief at last. Finding your way through a difficult situation. Healing. Facing the
truth. Rest. Recovery from illness. The worst is over, dawg. Seeing the light or the way out. Even reversed, this card can still
indicate depression.

Carta 10 de espadas
Definio Chegar ao fim do poo, sentir-se vtima, ser um mrtir
(Bunning) bottoming out: having nowhere to go but up, knowing it's darkest before the dawn, being at the lowest point, feeling
things can't get worse, preparing for an upturn, reaching the pits
feeling like a victim: bemoaning your fate, feeling powerless, seeing life as hostile, suffering from an attack, wondering
"Why me?", feeling self-pity, being on the receiving end
being a martyr: putting your own interests last, being self-deprecating, feeling like a doormat, taking a back seat, letting
others go first, sacrificing
Definio O fim de um ciclo; liberao crmica. Pedir um divrcio ou largar um emprego; concluso prxima, pois no h vida na
(Tognetti) situao. As condies esto obsoletas e podem levar a infortnio repentino se no atingem seu fim natural. Senso
profundo de perda (legal, de trabalho, social). Fim de um cilo crmico e de um estilo de vida. Obrigaes passadas esto
concludas, o antigo estilo de vida se encerra e a dvida crmica quitada.
Definio Iluminao, ponto de virada, martrio. Autopiedade exagerada; sentir que a vida est contra voc; bancar a vtima; vencer
(Bartlett) a iluso
Definio Keywords: ending, treachery, pain, defeat, new horizons, failure, undoing, betrayal, ruin, finality. General meaning: Stick a
(Theresa) fork in it, its done. The complete and utter ending, with a side order of pain. Its all over now. Singing that swan song.
Accept that things are done and move on. Ruination at the hands of another. Failure. The expiration date arrives. Enemies.
Backstabbing, triflin haters. Hitting rock bottom. Misfortune. Relapse. Light at the end of a tunnel of hurt. Physically, this
card can indicate back surgery or back pain.
Rev. (T.) O ciclo de mudana terminou. possvel ver a luz no fim do tnel. Melhora na sade; perdas esto no passado. Se passou
por um divrcio, j pgina virada e voc est pronto para seguir adiante. Sentimentos sobre a perda no so mais to
profundos. O trauma est no passado. Sada de reabilitao. Novos horizontes e novo ciclo comear.
Rev. (Th.) Healing of an old wound. Recuperation from surgery or illness. The fresh start after a period of pain. The promise of a new
day. Rebooting. Recovery. Forgiving a traitor. Being the bigger man. Turn the other cheek. Picking yourself up after an epic
failure and finding the courage to start over. Seeking redemption. It aint over til its over.

Carta Valete de espadas
Definio Usar a mente, ser honesto, ser justo, ter fora
(Bunning) Use Your Mind: analyze the problem, use logic and reason, reexamine beliefs, develop an idea or plan, study or research
the facts, learn or teach, think everything through
Be Truthful: act honestly, face the facts, stop deceiving, clear up any confusion, expose what is hidden, speak directly
Be Just: right a wrong, act ethically, treat others equally, champion a cause, try to be fair, do what you know is right,
accept responsibility, acknowledge the other point of view
Have Fortitude: face problems squarely, refuse to be discouraged, meet setbacks with renewed energy, keep a firm resolve,
move out of depression, keep your chin up and head high, keep trying
Definio Mensageiro da vigilncia. Pessoa inteligente, que pensa rpido e capaz de lidar com qq emergncia. Mensageiro que nos
(Tognetti) pede para olhar com cuidado o significado de uma situao. Graa, habilidade, inquisitivo. Tem desejo de comunicar e
ajudar outros dando informao. Pode ter atraso nos planos ou notcia ruim; preciso coragem p/ lidar. Espiar.
Definio Vigilncia, pronto para a ao, lgica e razo, perspiccia
(Bartlett) Sabedoria baseada na experincia; comunicar seus planos; buscar os fatos; ideias joviais; honestidade renovadora; uma
pessoa jovem de corao; parceiro amoroso desafiador
Definio Keywords: defense, truth, legal, sharp thinking, spirited and willful child, new ideas. General meaning: Important news may
(Theresa) be coming your way. Prepare to hear the truth. If you are seeking the facts in any situation, stand strong and continue to
push forward. The truth is at hand. Situations may demand sharp, critical thinking. You may find yourself needing to defend
your thoughts or ideas. Mounting a legal defense. A need for an attorney to look things over. This card can indicate new
ideas or new ways of thinking. It can also represent a strong willed and spunky child who will keep you on your toes.
Making an oath. Truth seekers.
Rev. (T.) Tem muitas informaes que sero compartilhadas. Essa carta melhor revertida que de p. Mostra comportamento
imprevisvel ou repentino; mas mudanas sero boas.
Rev. (Th.) A shaky defense or an overly defensive posture. Lack of logic. Viciousness and cruelty. Not facing the facts. A weak
argument. Legal or tax issues. Being unable or unwilling to speak the truth. Cowardly actions. Foggy thinking. Stealing
someone elses ideas. A bratty, rebellious child. Temper tantrums. Bad news. Breaking vows. Getting revenge.

Carta Cavaleiro de espadas

Definio Direto/grosseiro, autoritrio/dominador, incisivo/cortante, sbio/sabicho, lgico/insensvel
(Bunning) Direct..........Blunt: is frank and outspoken...is tactless and rude, gets straight to the point...may have a brusque manner,
does not mince words...does not spare the feelings of others, lets others know where they stand...can't hold his or her
tongue, gives an honest answer...shows little discretion
Authoritative..........Overbearing: speaks with assurance...tends to be domineering, commands attention...forces a
position on others, acts with total certainty...expects immediate compliance, gives orders naturally...does not welcome
dissent, has great influence...acts in a high-handed manner
Incisive..........Cutting: has a keen, forceful intellect...is prone to biting sarcasm, penetrates to the core...lacks sensitivity,
expresses ideas succinctly...can be critical, is sharp and alert...has a barbed wit, debates and argues well...derides stupidity
Knowledgeable..........Opinionated: knows what he or she is talking about...believes he or she is always right, can expound
on any topic...lacks tolerance of other viewpoints, is sought as an expert...must have the last word, has well-reasoned
positions..........is arrogant, is highly intelligent...can be dogmatic and close-minded
Logical..........Unfeeling: reasons clearly...undervalues intuition, analyzes information well...treats people like numbers,
concentrates on what is correct...doesn't temper justice with mercy, can set aside emotional factors...is cut off from
emotions, makes sense out of confusion...is cold and aloof
Definio Preste ateno nos eventos! Pessoa ou evento chegando em sua vida. Vai direto ao assunto e diz a verdade. Tem
(Tognetti) necessidade de informar sobre algo importante. Algum que faz e acontece. corts, generoso e tem boas intenes, e
tambm inteligente e afiado. As vezes insistente. No perde o foco. Corajoso e habilidoso. Bom conselheiro.
Definio Autoconfiana, poder de deciso, franqueza, impetuosidade, conhecimento abundante, indiscrio e crtica, impacincia,
(Bartlett) falta de tato e rispidez, intelecto poderoso . Analisar a situao; desconexo dos sentimentos
Definio Keywords: mental aggression, bold communication, pushing forward, assertiveness, haste, truth teller, debate, mental
(Theresa) challenge. General meaning: When this card comes up, you can be sure that someone (even you) is working over time to
make sure they are heard. This is all about strong, bold communication. Its the card you want to see when you need an
aggressive attorney defending your case. The Knight of Swords always makes his point, even if he pisses people off along
the way. This card can also represent moving quickly towards the goal or vantage point. Strong, intense fighting and
aggressive strategies. Truth seeker. A crusader. In love, its a young man who enters the picture quickly, brings excitement
and stirs things up.
Rev. (T.) Atrasos, apreenses, conflitos ou batalhas a serem ganhas. Dificuldade em manter a energia, a fora ou a atitude mental.
No consegue lidar com as condies pois est mentalmente cansado. Argumentativo e causador de problemas, sempre
pronto p/ a briga. Algum oposto a seus pensamentos e aes. Falta de preocupao com os outros. Fique longe!
Desonestidade e decepo.
Rev. (Th.) Mental aggression becomes cruelty. Words that wound. A deliberate attack. An act of vengeance. An out of control
situation or person. The sharpness turns dull. A dullard or blowhard. Intolerance. A person who may be trying to push their
truth or world view onto others. A total prick. This card can sometimes indicate a mentally and/or physically abusive
partner. Violence. Police brutality. Fighting unfairly. Passive aggressive. Ill conceived plans. Cowardice. Abuse of power.
Criminal behavior. Ruthlessness. A bitch move. Shifty behavior. Thug. Sucker punch.

Carta Rainha de espadas
Definio Honesta, astuta, direta, esperta, experiente
(Bunning) Honest: faces the truth, even if unpleasant, is up front with everyone, likes everything on the table, plays by the rules,
avoids lies and deception
Astute: sizes up a situation quickly, understands hidden motives and desires, is difficult to fool, trick or con, figures out the
unspoken rules and agendas, is quick on the uptake
Forthright: is direct and open in all dealings, gets to the heart of the matter, acts without pretense or guile, is
straightforward and no-nonsense, can be candid when necessary
Witty: has a delightful sense of humor, diffuses awkward situations with a funny remark, never takes anything too
seriously, laughs at everything, including him or herself
Experienced: has seen and done it all, has strength due to life's hard knocks, is free of self-righteous judgments, has
realistic expectations
Definio Pensadora e conselheira analtica. Signo: aqurio. tima professora, advogada, psicloga. Mente afiada, boa observadora,
(Tognetti) boa ouvinte que analisar todas as condies com lgica e equilbrio. Boa palestrante e organizadora. Liderana e
capacidade de controlar as emoes. Favorece a lgica e o bom-senso. Carter forte e sabe lidar com as adversidades.
Definio Nada de bobagens, astcia, despretenso, ser direto, realista e incisivo. Ir direto ao ponto; encarar abertamente um fato;
(Bartlett) honesto e astuto; intelecto vibrante; carter forte; emoes reprimidas; pessoa que faz julgamentos
Definio Keywords: intelligence, logic, sharpness, thought leader, self-sufficient, air, clear sight. General meaning: The Queen of
(Theresa) Swords is the feminine thought leader. She is quick witted, intellectual, and clear sighted. She is ruled by logic, not her
heart. That does not mean that shes heartless, she simply wants to make sure that things make sense. A keen judge, she is
always about what is fair. When this card shows up in your reading, you may be called to embody those characteristics.
This can sometimes manifest as criticism and bluntness. Speaking the truth at all cost, unworried about who gets hurt.
Judge Judy.
Rev. (T.) Passou por alguma perda. Se irrita facilmente, incapaz de se disciplinar. No est aberta a escutar e vai dizer aos outros o
que fazer. Ser mal-compreendida, por isso ter dificuldades com os outros. Muito crtica e dogmtica. Forte e rgida.
Tendncia a fofocar e distorcer os fatos, para forar os outros a compartilharem seus pontos de vista.
Rev. (Th.) The energy turns cold and ruthless. Frigid. Vindictive and catty. Shell cut a bitch! A bitter world view. Unable to see the
positive. This card can also indicate someone who speaks with a forked tongue. Backstabber. Dishonesty. Unable to control
anger. Lack of compassion. Unable to understand someone elses feelings. Triflin. A hater. Black widow.

Carta Rei de espadas

Definio Intelectual, analtico, articulado, justo, tico
(Bunning) Intellectual: is comfortable in the world of the mind, uses thought creatively, grasps information quickly and completely,
inspires and challenges through ideas, ably carries out research, is knowledgeable
Analytical: cuts through confusion and mental fog, applies reason and logic, is talented with games and other mental
challenges, easily breaks up complicated subjects, is adept at argument and debate, understands a problem quickly
Articulate: is adept at language and verbal skills, communicates ideas successfully, is a stimulating conversationalist, often
serves as a group spokesperson, is a lucid writer and speaker
Just: renders honest, insightful judgments, understands and honors all sides of an issue, is concerned about truth and
fairness, views situations with a dispassionate eye, is impartial and objective
Ethical: is a moral/ethical leader, encourages high standards, works against corruption and dishonesty, takes the high road
in all dealings, lives by his or her highest principles
Definio Conselho lgico e equilibrado. Bem educado, d bons conselhos, toma decises justas e racionais. Justo e honrado. Direto
(Tognetti) e flexvel. Intelectual.
Definio Articulado, direto, justo, assertivo, analtico. Assumir as rdeas da situao; viso objetiva da vida; padres elevados;
(Bartlett) julgamento justo; valores patriarcais; capacidade e prudncia; talentos intelectuais
Definio Keywords: thought leader, logic, clear headed, intellectual, fairness, truth, mental sharpness. General meaning: The head
(Theresa) rules the heart when this card arrives in a reading. Emotions are out of the equation for the King of Swords. Its Mr. Spock
time. Thoughts are communicated masterfully and intelligently. After all, this is the thought leader. The master of clear
thinking. Mentally sharp and tough with an ability to cut to the quick. Witty but at times blunt. The truth seeker. If it
doesnt make sense, its a lie. This card can describe a powerful man, who works in a professional capacity (such as a
lawyer). He brings truth and fairness as well as an intellectual edge to every situation. This is the dude to have in your
corner when youre ready to stop fiddling around and get down to business.
Rev. (T.) Est mentalmente exausto, incapaz de lidar com o estresse da situao. Ms notcias chegaram e ele no est lidando bem
ou no consegue encontrar o equilbrio. crtico, frio, distante, obstinado e pode ser cruel, especialmente com palavras.
No sensvel s necessidades dos outros. Est preocupado com seus prprios pensamentos e ideias e pode ficar
obcecado com suas intenes e aes. Por no ver os 2 lados, pode ser severo ou injusto nos julgamentos.
Rev. (Th.) The logic turns cruel and merciless. Cruelty, maliciousness, and merciless. A cold, calculating mind hell bent on getting what
they want no matter who seems to be standing in the way. A cynic. Con artist. White collar criminal. Someone who is
unable to have any empathy at all. Unrepentant. Deceptive legal maneuvers. Corrupt politicians. Bribery. Someone who
operates by a different code of ethics. Abuse of power. Physically and mentally abusive. This can also indicate that you
need to take a ruthless approach to a situation. Gettin all thuggish.


Carta s de ouros
Definio Usar fora material, prosperar, ser prtico, proceder com confiana
(Bunning) using material force: focusing on concrete results, having a real-world impact, working with the physical, achieving
tangible results, improving the body/health, becoming involved with nature
prospering: having the means to reach a goal, enjoying abundance, drawing to you what you need, flourishing, seeing
efforts rewarded, increasing assets, experiencing growth
being practical: using common sense, getting down-to-earth, taking advantage of what works, being realistic, grounding
yourself in the real world, accepting the tools at hand
proceeding with trust: believing in the good faith of others, feeling safe and protected, knowing you have total security,
operating from a known position, having a support system, knowing the situation is stable, consolidating a firm base
Definio Recompensa financeira a caminho. Comeo de prosperidade, riqueza e novos negcios. Voc est buscando nova direo
(Tognetti) em sua carreira; est curioso sobre assuntos financeiros. Presente em dinheiro ou em bens podem estar a caminho qd
essa carta aparece. Boa fundao est se desenvolvendo. Voc est fazendo progressos com suas finanas, e dinheiro
extra ou herana podem estar a caminho. Sinaliza prmios. Sinaliza presentes concedidos, no necessariamente material.
Definio Recompensa por um esforo, prosperidade abundante, realismo
(Bartlett) Realizao prtica; resultados tangveis; poder de conseguir o que precisa; confiar na situao; novo comeo; virar a
pgina; estar ancorado no mundo real
Definio Keywords: new financial opportunity, raise, new job, windfall, wealth, new path. General meaning: The Ace of Pentacles
(Theresa) represents a new financial beginning. This could be a new job, promotion, windfall, or a new way of making money. Its a
sign that things are changing for the better, especially in regards to finances. Abundance and prosperity. Getting on the
right path. New sources of income. This can also indicate a major purchase or investment. Manifesting big goals. An
auspicious opportunity. Bling. Livin large.
Rev. (T.) Falta de prosperidade. Voc tomou a estrada errada no novo comeo, ou o comeo no ser prspero. Voc precisa olhar
o que est te fazendo falta antes de embarcar na empreitada. Voc est preparado? Voc pode ter um falso senso de
segurana e grandes planos podem no se materializar. Tome cuidado contra ganncia or com preocupar-se com dinheiro
a um alto custo emocional. Veja suas contas e verifique-se de que est tudo em ordem, antes de fazer novos gastos.
Rev. (Th.) Feeling stressed out about money. Greed. Lack of generosity. An opportunity delayed or not as lucrative as originally
thought. Unexpected major expense. Too much focus on material things. Dubious ways of making a living. Laundering
money. Promissory note. Trying to collect from a broke ass. Taking what doesnt belong to you. Chump change. A hand out.

Carta 2 de ouros
Definio Lidar, ser flexvel, divertir-se
(Bunning) Juggling: keeping everything in balance, coping with demands, getting people to work together, making sure all areas are
covered, having a lot of irons in the fire, moving forward smoothly, emphasizing all aspects equally
being flexible: adapting quickly, feeling free to try new approaches, going with the flow, refusing to let change throw you,
opening to developments, seeing the possibilities, handling challenges, changing directions easily
having fun: doing something you enjoy, getting a kick out of life, taking time to play, feeling in high spirits, whistling while
you work, seeing the humor in the situation, kicking back
Definio Equilibrando recursos, em especial sobre temas financeiros. Habilidade de lidar com vrios projetos ao mesmo tempo.
(Tognetti) Voc mantm o equilbrio em meio a mudanas e tomadas de decises. Novos projetos podem ter dificuldade em iniciar,
mas voc tem de manter a energia e fora para lev-los adiante. Harmonia deve ser mantida. No deixe notcias ruins te
atrasarem. Bom conselho a caminho.
Definio Equilbrio, destreza, flexibilidade, malabarismo. Agilidade em lidar com coisas materiais; adaptar-se s necessidades do
(Bartlett) relacionamento; fazer muitas coisas ao mesmo tempo; lidar com vrios problemas de uma vez; sentir-se confiante de suas
capacidades; divertir-se; levar em conta as opes; querer seguir o fluxo; compreender a mudana
Definio Keywords: financial decisions, juggling, choice, options, balance. General meaning: You may find yourself juggling more
(Theresa) than one thing. Balance and agility. Being able to do more than one thing at the same time. Dexterity. Multi-tasking.
Staying grounded and flexible during a busy time. The 2 of Pentacles can also represent options and choices. More than
one option to choose from. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. The answer may lie in the middle. Travel. Money from two
sources. Working two jobs like a true hustla.
Rev. (T.) Voc no est conseguindo lidar com muitas coisas ao mesmo tempo. Desorganizao pode estar causando dificuldade, e
voc deve se planejar para evitar fracasso dos seus planos. Voc deve se desincumbir de alguma tarefa.
Rev. (Th.) Imbalance. Trouble managing your resources, time, or responsibilities. Too many choices. Poor financial decisions. Having a
difficult time paying the bills. An inability to handle your day to day grind. Unsteadiness. Sitting on the fencepost and not
able to make a decision. An inability to commit. Irresponsibility.

Carta 3 de ouros
Definio Trabalhar em equipe, planejar, ser competente
(Bunning) working as a team: coordinating with others, finding all the needed elements, functioning as a unit, getting the job done
together, contributing to the group, cooperating, combining efforts
planning: organizing resources, following a schedule, operating in the know, nailing down the details, being an ant, not a
grasshopper, reviewing beforehand, going over possible problems, being prepared
being competent: getting the job done, carrying out an assignment well, meeting your goals, proving your ability,
achieving more than what's expected, knowing what to do and how to do it, being up to the job
Definio Recompensa por um trabalho bem feito. Ganhos materiais e sucesso, advindos de seu trabalho duro e esforo. Ser aceito
(Tognetti) em algum grupo ou organizao.
Definio Habilidade, cooperao, trabalho em equipe, planejamento. Crescimento profissional; ganho material; colocar-se prova;
(Bartlett) uma estratgia competente; estar ciente de seu potencial; unir-se a outros; esprito de equipe; reconhecimento de uma
habilidade; obsesso pelos detalhes; dependncia excessiva das opinies alheias
Definio Keywords: apprentice, collaboration, teamwork, skill, creating, building, plans. General meaning: The Three of Pentacles is
(Theresa) all about teamwork and collaboration. How well do you work or play with others? In order to get a project finished to
completion, you may need the help of your coworkers. Working together for a similar goal. This card is also about
apprenticeship and skill development. School. Learning a trade. Working with mentors to refine your talents. Its also about
building or renovation, especially if it shows up in a question asking about a house. This card can also indicate a ceremony
such as a wedding or baptism. Getting shizz done. Entourage.
Rev. (T.) Os reconhecimentos no vm e aprovao de seu trabalho e habilidade demora a chegar. No consegue fazer seu trabalho
como pretendia. Voc no consegue fazer um bom trabalho pois no tem os recursos. Desentendimentos contratuais
negociaes so possveis, mas podem no ter o resultado desejado. Trabalho medocre, condies de trabalho ruins.
Rev. (Th.) Sloppy craftmanship. Lack of skill. An inability to work with the team. Lack of recognition for a job well done. Repairing.
Fixing someone elses poor work. Squabbling with coworkers. Office politics slow the job down. Lack of ommitment. A
project gets delayed again and again. Faulty plans. Changing up the game at the last minute. Dissing someone elses
efforts. Haters be hatin on your work.

Carta 4 de ouros
Definio Querer acumular, manter controle, bloquear mudana
(Bunning) wanting to possess: keeping what you have, getting your share, acquiring material goods, hanging on to someone, being
greedy, penny-pinching, declaring ownership, saving
maintaining control: wanting to be in charge, denying weakness, directing, demanding compliance, insisting on your own
way, imposing structure, setting limits and rules, creating order
blocking change: maintaining the status quo, wanting everything to stay the same, refusing to look at new approaches,
stagnating, obstructing new developments, holding on to the present, resisting the flow
Definio Indica bom julgamento em questes de negcios. Talento que traz prosperidade. Mostra amor por posses materiais. Voc
(Tognetti) se sente confortvel quando tem todos os bens a sua volta. Tem firme comando de seu dinheiro e posses, e trabalhar
duro para conseguir ainda mais. Muito apego ao dinheiro e posses que j conseguiu. Pode aparecer quando voc segura
muito seu dinheiro ou no generoso como demorou p/ conseguir seu dinheiro, no o distribui toa. No gasta muito.
Definio Maldoso, possessivo, mania de controlar, teimoso, estagnado. Recusar-se a ceder; acreditar que seu jeito o certo; limitar
(Bartlett) seu ponto de vista; controlar os outros com materialismo; meu!; resistir s mudanas; avarento e mercenrio; mente
estreita, atitude mesquinha
Definio Keywords: security, possessiveness, greed, stability, financial acumen, protection. General meaning: You have everything
(Theresa) you need to feel secure. Financial power. Material success. Money in the bank. Frugal habits. Acquisitiveness. Greed and a
miserliness. The ability to amass wealth. Livin large. Ballin. This card also is about holding patterns such as refusing to let
go of a situation. In relationships, the Four of Pentacles can indicate possessiveness or an inability to open up the heart
chakra. Shielding the heart. Hoarders. Protecting whats yours.
Rev. (T.) Pessoa se desprendendo de seu dinheiro ou tendo que gastar mais do que o previsto. Possibilidade de perder dinheiro ou
bens materiais. Dificuldade em manter segurana financeira. Atraso em pagamento ou no dinheiro extra que estava
esperando. Em questes de negcios, voc pode sofrer oposio ou um custo extra. Voc pode estar gastando demais e
precisa tomar cuidado.
Rev. (Th.) Letting go. Release. Opening up. Getting vulnerable. Spending like a drunken sailor. Making it rain. Financial insecurity.
Poor money management skills. Sharing what you have. Giving it all away. Financial sacrifice. Bankruptcy. An inability to
get ahead financially. Being a broke ass. Taking what doesnt belong to you. Epic greed. Gordon Gekko. Poverty

Carta 5 de ouros
Definio Experimentar momentos difceis, sofrer m sade, ser rejeitado
(Bunning) experiencing hard times: running into material troubles, losing a job or income, feeling insecure, going through a period of
hardship, lacking what you need, struggling to make ends meet
suffering ill health: feeling run down and tired, refusing to take care of yourself, neglecting your body and its needs, feeling
ragged around the edges, getting medical attention, abusing your body
being rejected: lacking support, having the door slammed in your face, taking an unpopular position, being ostracized,
feeling excluded, standing alone, receiving disapproval
Definio Tempos difceis. Algum tipo de pobreza espiritual, financeira, falta de conexo com sua comunidade, sentimento de
(Tognetti) perda e abandono. Voc negligenciou sua sade ou necessidades espirituais e no sabe como lidar com esses aspectos da
sua vida. Pode ser perda de emprego.
Definio Falta, mentalidade, vitimista, dificuldade, rejeio
(Bartlett) Separao espiritual; busca da alma; estar ferido emocionalmente; sentir-se sozinho ou excludo; negligenciar as prprias
necessidades; uma sensao de que algo est faltando na vida
Definio Keywords: loss, financial anxiety, hard times, codependence, limping along, out in the cold, desperation, poverty
(Theresa) consciousness, homeless. General meaning: The Five of Pentacles signifies a difficult change in fortune. This is often an
indicator of loss such as a job loss or losing your home. Financial hardship creates worry and anxiety. Losing your way in
life. Living without the basic necessities. Being a broke ass. Bad decisions lead to financial strain or ruin. This card can also
indicate being out in the cold in a situation. Being left behind. Leaning on a partner during a hard period. Codependent
relationships. Help is there but you are unable to see it. The pity party. Poverty consciousness: the feeling that you will
never get ahead or that you dont deserve better. A vow of poverty. Knee problems.
Rev. (T.) melhor na posio revertida. Fim de perodo de m sorte. Voc pode encontrar um novo trabalho. Voc ganha coragem
e retoma sua vida em comunidade e em casa. Voc aceitou as condies da perda e atingiu um novo nvel de
entendimento. Voc desenvolveu compaixo e entendeu que a vida tem altos e baixos. Voc tem novo interesse em
temas espirituais e sente-se cheio de esperana.
Rev. (Th.) Help arrives. Ready to accept the help being offered. Financial shift towards rebuilding. Coming out of a hard time and
starting again. Awareness of where you went wrong. A new job or home after a period of uncertainty. Going home after a
disaster (ex: returning home after a tornado). Shelter. Refugee. Welfare. A period of healing. Moving past worry towards a
hopeful new future. Leaving the mean streets.

Carta 6 de ouros
Definio Ter/no ter recursos, ter/no ter conhecimento, ter/no ter poder
(Bunning) having/not having resources: giving/receiving, taking care of/being taken care of, sponsoring/being sponsored,
supporting/being supported, offering/receiving a gift or reward, acquiring/not acquiring what you need
having/not having knowledge: teaching/learning, imparting/receiving information, becoming/finding a mentor,
offering/taking advice, showing/being shown the ropes, knowing/not knowing a secret
having/not having power: leading/following, dominating/submitting, acting with authority/deference, asserting/denying
your wishes, coercing/being coerced, doing all the talking/listening
Definio Compartilhar tanto dinheiro quanto bens. Caridade, filantropia, distribuio de riqueza. Boa carta. Indica relacionamento
(Tognetti) feliz com colegas de trabalho, um aumento de salrio, promoo ou oportunidade de distribuir lucros. Voc receber o
que seu de direito. Herana a caminho.
Definio Generosidade, boa vontade, presentes, considerao
(Bartlett) Perdas e ganhos; dar e receber; alternar o poder; ter e no ter; dominao ou submisso?; buscar aprovao
Definio Keywords: charity, sharing, giving, receiving, justice, begging. General meaning: The Six of Pentacles can be all about giving
(Theresa) or receiving. In terms of money, this could be sharing the wealth or being in a position where you have to ask for
assistance. Charitable organizations. Giving aid to those in need. Generosity. Being in a desperate financial situation and
finding relief. Welfare. Refugees. Amnesty. A gift. Financial reward. Making it rain. This card can also indicate justice being
doled out. In questions about relationships, this card indicates superiority/inferiority. Whos giving and whos taking?
Someone is in a more advantageous position. One gives more to the relationship than the other. Issues of give and take.
Rev. (T.) O presente pequeno, o bnus baixo. Presente com condies. Distribuio injusta de herana ou bnus. Prticas de
negcios injustas ou anti-ticas. Sua prosperidade est ameaada de algum modo. Voc pode no estar sendo
recompensado por todo seu esforo e trabalho. Seus investimentos perderam valor.
Rev. (Th.) Stinginess. Holding back. Cutting people off from assistance. Hoarding wealth. This is the lack of charity, the fend for
yourself vibe. Ignoring those in need. Turning a blind eye to poverty. Ayn Rand. Being in a bad position and no way out.
Financial injustice. A failed case. Legal or financial shenanigans. The balance of power shifts and not in your favor. Not
being able to get your needs met. An inability to receive help. Lack of humility. Accepting crumbs.

Carta 7 de ouros
Definio Acessar, colher uma recompensa, considerar uma mudana de direo
(Bunning) Assessing: evaluating the status, reflecting on progress to date, reviewing what's been done, pausing to check results,
making sure you're on course, finding out where you stand, taking stock
reaping a reward: finally seeing some results, enjoying the first fruits, getting returns on investments, receiving payoffs,
being able to let up a bit, reaching a milestone
considering a direction change: weighing a different approach, pondering alternatives, thinking about change, opening to
a new strategy, questioning your choices, standing at a crossroads
Definio Colher o que voc plantou. Investimentos feitos traro bom retorno, jardim dar frutos. Seu trabalho duro e esforo sero
(Tognetti) recompensados e voc ter lucro pelo seu tempo e trabalho. Essa carta no prediz riqueza, mas bons e slidos resultados
e recompensas em seus investimentos e no trabalho. Mais alguns passos so necessrios p/ finalizar o trabalho.
Definio Avaliao, frutos do trabalho. Qual o prximo passo?; avaliar o progresso; avaliar onde voc est; saber para onde est
(Bartlett) indo; estar preparado para uma nova estratgia; estar pronto para fazer seu prximo movimento; ver resultados do
esforo; fazer uma pausa no trabalho duro
Definio Keywords: growth, waiting, effort, pause, discipline, harvest, hard labor. General meaning: The Seven of Pentacles is best
(Theresa) summed up by a watched pot never boils. This card is about the results after hard work. Stay focused on your grind, the
rewards will arrive in due time. Taking a break. Stopping for a minute to assess progress. Goals reached through
perseverance and exertion. Weeding out the garden. Putting your back into it.
Rev. (T.) Apesar de muito trabalho e esforo pouco ou nenhum lucro obtido. Colheitas magras devido, investimentos sem
retorno. Talvez voc no tenha ganhado um bnus devido a circunstncias fora de seu controle. M estimativa; carta
aparece quando algum se engana com o que pensam ser um negcio garantido. Tenha cuidado com seu dinheiro. Carta
pode ser aviso que seu investimento no trar o retorno desejado.
Rev. (Th.) A half assed effort. Feeling lazy and unwilling to continue. Giving up too soon. Big effort, little results. Doing something for
nothing. Slave labor. Not able to see the potential. A crap investment. Know when to stop putting effort into a dud. Wasted
energy. Working your ass off but seeing jack shit for the trouble.

Carta 8 de ouros
Definio Mostrar diligncia, aumentar o conhecimento, prestar ateno aos detalhes
(Bunning) showing diligence: making an effort, working hard, applying yourself totally, being absorbed in a project, dedicating
yourself to a task, plugging away, producing steady results
increasing knowledge: taking a course, learning a new craft or skill, receiving training, pursuing greater understanding,
researching, finding out the facts, increasing expertise
paying attention to detail: being painstaking, being extra careful, approaching a task methodically, getting down to the
nitty-gritty, handling all the loose ends, checking and rechecking, noticing the fine points
Definio Voc tem habilidade para progredir rapidamente devido aos seus talentos e capacidade. Sua experincia culminou em
(Tognetti) lucro e reconhecimento. Voc se sair bem no trabalho ou nos negcios, pois sabe da necessidade do aprimoramento
contnuo. Voc s melhora com a prtica.
Definio Habilidade, diligncia, disciplina, conhecimento. Dedicao ao trabalho; produo paciente; perseverana recompensada;
(Bartlett) ateno cuidadosa ao detalhe; situao repetitiva ou entediante; treinar para uma nova habilidade; ampliar seus
Definio Keywords: apprentice, skill, hard work, productive, workaholic. General meaning: The Eight of Pentacles is all about
(Theresa) working hard and enjoying it. Its also the card of apprenticeship. When this card shows up in your reading, you may be
engaged in learning new skills or working your tail end off. Although this is all about hard work, there is satisfaction.
Prolific. Rewards for a job well done. Creating a major body of work. Happily employed. Continuous effort. Grindin.
Focused on the job at hand.
Rev. (T.) Demora na produo. Trabalho imperfeito ou local de trabalho medocre resultam em produo atrasada e dificuldade em
conseguir o resultado/lucro desejado. Condies de trabalho podem levar a processos judiciais; funcionrios no esto
satisfeitos. Investimentos daro pouco ou nenhum lucro. Voc deveria pensar em um novo trabalho/carreira. Voc tem
que pensar sobre como usa seu tempo e o que pode fazer para ser mais produtivo.
Rev. (Th.) Slacking off. Taking the easy route. Sloppy workmanship. Learning issues. Little effort. A half assed effort at best. A lack of
ambition. Here, the energy becomes disinterested, frustrated, and lazy. Repair work. Fixing someone elses shoddy work.
Poor skills. Getting hung up on details and getting nothing accomplished.

Carta 9 de ouros
Definio Ser disciplinado, confiar em si mesmo, buscar refinamento
(Bunning) being disciplined: exercising self-control, showing restraint, reining in impulses, sacrificing to reach a goal, sticking to a
program, taking a step-by-step approach
relying on yourself: handling the situation alone, acting on your own, falling back on your own resources, doing it all by
yourself, wanting to be alone, feeling sure your way is best
pursuing refinement: achieving a comfortable lifestyle, avoiding the coarse and unsavory, being tactful and diplomatic,
seeking high-minded activities, enjoying the finer things of life, remembering to be gracious, enjoying leisure
Definio Os frutos do seu trabalho. Auto-suficincia, independncia, maestria de seu mundo financeiro/material. Assegura sucesso
(Tognetti) na obteno de independncia financeira. Seus investimentos passados do frutos, voc dominou o caminho at a
prosperidade. Agora voc pode compartilhar o que tem com os outros e ainda assim ter o suficiente para voc. Conexo
forte com o ambiente. Amor vida selvagem e espaos abertos, algum que aprecia a natureza. Segurana pessoal.
Definio Conquista, refinamento, independncia, confiana em si mesmo. Ter recursos; saber que est no controle da situao;
(Bartlett) segurana material ou financeira; aproveitar os melhores prazeres da vida; sensao interior de segurana; agir por conta
prpria; autodisciplina
Definio Keywords: security, gratitude, wealth, comfort, leisure. General meaning: The Nine of Pentacles is about the luxe life,
(Theresa) financial security, and creature comforts. Wealth and material comforts surround you. You have the ability now to collect
and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The big harvest. Enjoying lifes luxuries. Big ballin. Living large. Diva. Time off for leisure
and pleasure. You have everything you could need or want.
Rev. (T.) Voc no est seguro sobre sua situao financeira atual. Voc est descontente com seu ambiente domstico. Talvez
dinheiro no esteja disponvel para voc fazer o que quer, ou seu crescimento esteja restrito de alguma forma. Algum
investimento/transao est te causando ansiedade. Voc teme perder o que conquistou. Cuidado com apostas. No
deixe tirarem vantagem de voc.
Rev. (Th.) The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. You may not appreciate what you have. Envy. Coveting your
neighbors goods. Feeling bored and stuck. Wanting what you dont or cant have. Squandering wealth. Poor little rich girl.
Money grubbing. Conspicuous consumption. Materialism. Living beyond your means. Gold digger. Flossin.

Carta 10 de ouros
Definio Gozar de afluncia, buscar permanncia, seguir convenes
(Bunning) enjoying affluence: having material abundance, being free from money problems, enjoying business success, feeling
financially secure, seeing your ventures flourish, having a run of good fortune
seeking permanence: looking for a solution that will last, creating a lasting foundation, feeling secure as things are, being
concerned with the long-term, having an orderly family life, moving beyond makeshift arrangements, nailing down the
following convention: staying within established guidelines, proceeding according to the rules, taking part in traditions,
becoming part of the Establishment, being conservative, trusting in the tried-and-true, continuing in known patterns
Definio Sucesso ao longo da vida. Representa todas as condies maravilhosas e coisas materiais que conseguimos conquistar ao
(Tognetti) longo da vida. Famlia estvel, com riqueza. Famlia que trabalhou duro para conseguir esse nvel de riqueza e segurana
financeira. Aparece quando compras grandes (casa, carro) esto a caminho. Voc tem dinheiro para conseguir realizar
seus sonhos. Se parece longe, sua famlia poder ajudar ou o banco conceder um emprstimo. Riqueza e segurana.
Definio Vida boa, riqueza, conveno, segurana, valores tradicionais
(Bartlett) Ater-se s regras; desejo de permanncia e continuidade; vida feliz em famlia; segurana material; buscar abundncia;
prosperidade espiritual ou emocional; sucesso material
Definio Keywords: wealth, security, family, legacy, reunion. General meaning: The Ten of Pentacles is one of the most auspicious
(Theresa) money cards, usually signifying wealth. Its a sign of building lasting financial security. Financial jackpot. Inheritance. A
strong financial future. Security for the whole family. Coming home. Family reunion. Taking care of everyone. Sticking with
traditions. Livin large.
Rev. (T.) Famlia desarmoniosa. Brigas familiares por herana ou dinheiro em corporaes. A riqueza estabelecida est em cheque.
Investimentos em risco. Infortnio familiar, mau investimento, gastana. Corporaes tero dificuldade em se manter.
Algo que voc possui perdeu valor. Perdas financeiras devido macroeconomia ou m administrao
Rev. (Th.) A blow to financial security. Do not borrow money to the relatives. Family problems. Neglecting the home or family. Fiscal
irresponsibility. Blowing through an inheritance. Being stuck taking care of everyone. Family feuds. Being written out of the
will. Losing investments. Foreclosure.

Carta Valete de ouros
Definio Ter efeito, ser prtico, ser prspero, confiar e ser confivel
(Bunning) Have an Effect: make your plans real, mold the physical world, use your body, experience nature, achieve tangible results,
act on your dreams, get events in motion
Be Practical: take a realistic approach, apply the tools at hand, find a solution that works, use common sense, stop
daydreaming, work with what you have, concentrate on what's effective
Be Prosperous: draw to you what you need, increase your means, grow and expand, enrich yourself, go out to meet
success, seek abundance, become secure
Be Trusting/Trustworthy: accept that the solution is well in hand, have faith in others, accommodate uncertainty, accept
others at their word, keep your word, prove yourself dependable, stick by your commitments, establish credibility
Definio Prtica e perseverana. Ama estudar e aprender coisas prticas, e diligente com sua vida. Traz esperana e promessa de
(Tognetti) boa sorte no mundo material (emprego, aumento, bolsa). Pode ser um jovem e perseverante aluno, generoso e gentil com
todos que conhece. Tem entusiasmo com a educao e o progresso, e as recompensas materiais que vm com ambos.
Cuidadoso e cauteloso, estuda tudo antes de tomar uma deciso.
Definio Abordagem prtica, objetivos realistas, esforo concentrado, foco e progresso, novos projetos. Colocar as rodas em
(Bartlett) movimento; buscar oportunidade; conhecer suas limitaes; querer ser prspero; mensageiro financeiro; trab. dedicado
Definio Keywords: financial opportunity, news about money, student, new financial seed, new venture. General meaning: The Page
(Theresa) of Pentacles is an indicator of new financial opportunities. This can be a raise, promotion, or new job. It can also indicate
the beginning of a new venture. A new way to make money or good news about your financial situation. Now is the time to
plant your seeds. If you are willing to invest time and energy, you can manifest your goals. Stay grounded and take a
practical approach. The Page of Pentacles can also represent a good student or an internship. This is a studious person who
takes great responsibility in learning their craft. Small time hustler.
Rev. (T.) Atrasos te impedem de receber noas notcias sobre finanas, oferta de empregos ou bolsas. Algum que no segue
direcionamentos.. Segue seu jovem grupo de amigos, recusando-se a ouvir bons conselhos de adultos. Rebeldia e
frustrao. quieto e temperamental, e pode retirar-se ou sabotar eventos. Ama luxo e bens materiais, mas no tem
muito desejo de trabalhar por eles. Preguioso devido a sua procrastinao e falta de motivao.
Rev. (Th.) Goals that fall short. Blockages and frustrations around money. An investment that turns out to be a dud. Chump change.
An inability to get a venture off the ground. Bad financial news. A let down. A promising situation disappoints. Problems
with school. A slacker who does not live up to their potential. Lack of rewards. Broke ass and broke down. Petty behavior.

Carta Cavaleiro de ouros

Definio Firme/teimoso, cauteloso/medroso, detalhista/obcecado, realista/pessimista, trabalhador/workaholic
(Bunning) Unwavering...Stubborn: is dogged in pursuit of a goal...is hardheaded and obstinate, will not quit...digs into a position,
stands firm against opposition...must have his or her own way, stays fixed to a chosen course...refuses to listen to reason,
keeps true to personal convictions...resists compromise
Cautious..........Unadventurous: checks and double-checks...is too conservative, examines all angles beforehand...misses
chances by waiting, proceeds slowly and carefully...is reluctant to try something new, prefers the safe, known path...settles
for safe, small gains, is prudent and careful...is afraid of risking
Thorough..........Obsessive: takes care of every detail...does not know when to quit, is meticulous...is too picky, wraps up all
loose ends...must have everything just so, never leaves a job half done...is inflexible and compulsive, is painstaking...insists
on perfection, completes anything started...can't leave well enough alone
Realistic..........Pessimistic: is willing to look at the facts...concentrates on what's wrong, faces the truth...thinks others are
dreamers, is not lured by false hopes...sees a glass as half empty, not half full, assesses circumstances candidly...takes the
gloomy view, predicts problems in advance...dooms a project from the start
Hard-Working..........Grinding: becomes dedicated to a task...focuses too narrowly on work, is diligent and
industrious...can be humorless and grim, produces as much as two people...sees playtime as wasteful, tackles any chore
vigorously...drives everyone too hard, is tireless and unflagging...forgets life should be fun
Definio cuidadoso e faz um bom trabalho. Confivel e honesto. Natureza fcil de lidar, tem compaixo, ama animais, gosta de
(Tognetti) criana e dos presentes que pode oferecer aos outros. Seu foco ajudar os outros a avanarem. Pode representar um
evento como uma venda, um negcio ou um investimento em algo slido e estvel. Ele slido e estvel. Pode trazer
novidades em relao a um aumento, uma nova oferta de trabalho, um investimento que aumentar de valor ou um
emprstimo que ser concedido.
Definio Trabalho manual, responsabilidade, persistncia, realismo. Algum tradicional; determinado ou dogmtico; realista ou
(Bartlett) melanclico; dedicado ou inflexvel; cumpre tarefas; cautela ou medo de se arriscar; esforo sem entusiasmo; fidelidade;
algum que demora a se envolver no amor
Definio Keywords: practical, methodical, stable, offering, respect, grounded effort, financial focus. General meaning: The Knight of
(Theresa) Pentacles is a sturdy, hard working fellow. The energy behind this card is practical, methodical, and focused on reaping a
reward for the effort. Of all the Knights, this is the only one that is standing still. He is grounded, rooted and respectful.
Committing to a goal. Working the land and preparing for a big harvest. Reliability and efficiency. People who handle
monetary affairs. Trustworthy. This card can also indicate taking responsibility for a project or situation. Remaining
committed to a cause. And up n coming shot caller. Boss in training. A job offer.
Rev. (T.) Pode ser irresponsvel, principalmente porque disperso e no consegue focar no trabalho/tarefa. No consegue
terminar as coisas e devagar em suas aes, que requerem muito esforo. Progresso interrompido. Quando aparece,
dinheiro, novo trabalho ou assuntos importantes na vida esto parados. Precisa de muito incentivo para atravessar esse
tempo difcil. Quer evitar confronto e temperamental e introspectivo. o solitrio e o insatisfeito do tar.

Carta Rainha de ouros
Definio Cuidadora, corao grande, realista, cheia de recursos, confivel
(Bunning) Nurturing: gives love and support, creates a warm, secure environment, makes people feel better, responds to the natural
world, has a green thumb, has a way with children and animals
Bighearted: will do any service for others, is a soft touch, always has an open door and welcoming smile, gives freely and
abundantly, is warm, generous and unselfish
Down-to-Earth: handles problems matter-of-factly, allows others to be themselves, has no pretensions or affectations,
takes a simple, sensible approach, appreciates all the senses
Resourceful: finds a use for whatever's at hand, is handy and versatile, makes a little go a long way, gets around every
obstacle, comes up with what's needed
Trustworthy: keeps confidences and secrets, is loyal and steadfast, comes through in a pinch, keeps faith with others, is
true to his or her word
Definio Fertilidade e abundncia. Criativa, sabe cuidar de sua famlia e das condies financeiras de sua vida. Boa em carreiras de
(Tognetti) negcios e em cuidar de crianas e jardins. No tem medo de trabalho duro. produtiva e gosta de ver coisas ou pessoas
crescerem. caridosa e generosa com o que tem, e quer compartilhar com os outros. Tem personalidade quieta, atenta
aos outros, fcil de lidar. Sempre cumpre suas tarefas bem, pois responsvel.
Definio Dependente, maternal, de bom corao, sensual, generosa, Me Terra. Viso realista da vida; ater-se aos fatos; confivel e
(Bartlett) leal; sentir-se seguro e caseiro; desejo genuno de ajudar outra pessoa; amante de animais e crianas; criativa e cheia de
Definio Keywords: earth mother, secure, dependable, practical, grounded, earthy. General meaning: The Queen of Pentacles is
(Theresa) warm and down to earth. Of all the Queens, she is also the most motherly of the lot. She enjoys tending to the hearth
and home. This is the one you can count on when the chips are down. Shes reliable and always ready to lend a hand to
anyone in need. Shes also business savvy and knows how to create a buck out of thin air - and conserve what she has.
When this card shows up in your reading, you may be called to channel that energy. Bringing home the bacon and frying it
up in a pan. Fertility. The true earth mother of the Queens. Self sufficiency. Nurturing security. Lovin that bling.
Rev. (T.) Tem insegurana sobre finanas e sua habilidade de pagar as contas. Temperamental ou melanclica, pois tem dificuldade
com o mundo material. Pode ser muito dependente dos outros p/ o seu bem-estar. Pode negligenciar suas tarefas e
responsabilidades por insegurana ou medo. Pode mostrar desconfiana de outros. Medo de falhar pode faz-la
vulnervel a temperamentos irregulares. Pode parecer necessitada e pode manipular fundos para adquirir coisas. J
passou por situao financeira difcil na vida e poder passar de novo.
Rev. (Th.) The energy goes from caretaker to gold digger. Obsessed with the material side of life, this woman will scheme to get her
needs met. Taking him for everything he has. Too worried about keeping up with the Joneses. Greed. Financial dependence.
An inability to stand on ones own two feet financially - or an inability to provide for the family. A lack of homemaking
skills. Extremely self absorbed. The moody, stubborn bitch. Jealous hater. Broke ass.

Carta Rei de ouros

Definio Empreendedor, hbil, confivel, encorajador, firme
(Bunning) Enterprising: makes any venture successful, finds opportunity everywhere, attracts wealth, takes an idea and makes it
work, is a natural manager and businessperson, has the Midas touch
Adept: is informed about practical matters, has a wide range of natural abilities, has quick reflexes, is skillful with his or her
hands, handles any situation competently
Reliable: meets all commitments and promises, assumes responsibility, is dependable and unfailing, can be counted on in a
crisis, serves as rock for others to lean on
Supporting: encourages the accomplishments of others, readily jumps in to help, is a philantropist, gives generously of time
and attention, sponsors worthwhile projects
Steady: works toward goal with firm resolve, avoids mood and behavior swings, has regular habits and activities,
maintains a calm, even approach, is a stabilizing influence
Definio Firme, prspero, benevolente. Amigvel, gentil, generoso, pensativo, trabalhador. Pai com disposio gentil, executivo
(Tognetti) prspero, homem casado confivel com foco na segurana da famlia. Habilidade de tomar decises sobre questes
financeiras. Lgico, metdico e responsvel. Firme e estvel com todos. Acredita que todos podem ter segurana material.
Lida bem com investimentos, banco e imveis.
Definio Confivel, sagaz, materialista, empreendedor, defensor. Personagem carismtico; lder de negcios; conselheiro
(Bartlett) financeiro; prtico e estabilizado; resoluto e imbatvel; o Toque de Midas; competente, sensato; atitude responsvel
Definio Keywords: boss, authority, father, practical, secure, King Midas. General meaning: The King of Pentacles is the master of
(Theresa) finances. This is the boss man, the Chief Financial Officer of any organization. Hes hard working, ambitious, practical, and
a good provider. Security is important to him. This King likes to take very good care of his family. He protects his assets and
is concerned with accumulating wealth. When this card shows up in your reading, you may need to embody his serious,
dependable energy. The King of Pentacles is a strong, traditional father figure and he brings a paternal vibe to all of his
dealings. He has the Midas touch and is able to turn everything he touches into gold. The king of bling. Livin extra large.
Big ballin.
Rev. (T.) Ainda quer segurana financeira, mas no quer trabalhar duro para isso. Quer as coisas boas da vida mas no quer ou
no consegue fazer o necessrio p/ obt-las. teimoso, materialista, devagar, no percebe seus hbitos de consumo,
toma decises erradas sobre sobre assuntos financeiros. Pode aparecer qd h engano em temas de dinheiro ou finanas
Rev. (Th.) The energy turns stingy and miserly. Instead of being generous, he has strings attached to his money. More concerned with
himself instead of the good of all. Extreme greed and materialism. Willing to sell his soul for the almighty dollar. A
stubborn, difficult man. Headstrong to the point of obstinance. Control freak. Jealous and overbearing. The boss from hell.
Abuse of power. A deadbeat. Getting money the sleazy way. Financial mismanagement.
Mtodos de tiragens

Touchstone 1 carta
- Selecionar 1 carta no incio do dia ou antes de um evento importante te dar um ponto de referncia.
- Feche os olhos e respire profundamente seguidas vezes. Pea direcionamento para o dia. Misture as
cartas e tire uma.
- Reflita sobre a carta no decorrer do dia.

Tiragem por trs

Nesse modelo de leitura, retiramos trs lminas do mao e as colocamos em linha ou na forma de um tringulo
com o vrtice para cima, como est indicado no esquema.
Exemplos de variaes que podem ser experimentadas para cada posio:
1. o positivo; 2. negativo; 3. a sntese.
1. a causa; 2. o desenvolvimento; 3. os efeitos ou as conseqncias.
1. uma alternativa; 2. a outra; 3. a avaliao final.
1. a meta, a inteno; 2. os meios para alcan-la; 3. as conseqncias.
1. eu, 2. o outro, 3. as perspectivas.
o que o consulente poder esperar se: 1. for em frente, 2. recuar. A terceira carta poder indicar um
conselho ou um terceiro caminho.
Lembre-se que, do ponto de vista da tcnica, o mais importante para quem dirige a jogada definir ele prprio
qual ngulo, qual aspecto do assunto, que espera ser elucidado pela carta. Desse modo, com a questo mais
claramente definida, ficar muito mais compreensvel o recado de cada carta.

Tiragem em Cruz 5 cartas

Na Tiragem em Cruz contamos com um maior nmero de ngulos para examinar uma questo. Retiramos do
mao cinco lminas, que so colocadas de face para baixo, na seqncia de posies indicadas no quadro ao
H tambm quem costuma, para conhecer a quinta carta, adicionar os nmeros das quatro j sorteadas. Neste
(a) se o resultado for menor que 22, tiramos do mao a lmina que tem esse nmero e a colocamos no centro da
(b) se o resultado for igual a 22, colocamos o Louco. (Ele, porm, quando se encontra entre as quatro primeiras
cartas j sorteadas, contado com valor zero na adio para se achar a quinta lmina; o "Arcano Sem
(c) se o resultado for maior que 22, somamos os dois algarismos e esse novo resultado, denominado reduo,
ser o nmero da quinta lmina (por exemplo, se o valor total das quatro cartas sorteadas for 37, somamos 3 + 7
= 10, isto , a quinta carta ser a Roda da Fortuna);
(d) se a quinta lmina j tiver sado na tiragem, imaginamos que ela se encontra duplicada no centro.
Variaes, entre muitas outras, que podemos atribuir para a funo de cada carta:
1. a pessoa, 2. o momento, 3. os prognsticos, 4. os desafios a superar, 5. o conselho para lidar com a
1. o fato, 2. o que ele causa, 3. onde e quando ocorre, 4. como ocorre, 5. porque ocorre;
1. o consulente, 2. o outro, 3. o que os aproxima, 4. o que os separa, 5. a tendncia para o futuro ou a
estratgia a seguir;
1. o aspecto interno da questo, 2. o aspecto externo, 3. o que superior ou favorvel, 4. o que
inferior ou desfavorvel, 5. a sntese ou resposta.
Mandala ou Casas Zodiacais 13 cartas

um dos mtodos mais completos para anlise dos arcanos e no necessita de perguntas. D um panorama
geral da vida do consulente. As informaes se reportam a um perodo de 3 meses. Pode-se fazer com uma carta
por casa, ou um arcano maior + um arcano menor por casa.

Carta central: Sntese: o caminho do destino. Usar conceito geral do arcano.

Casa 1: Identidade. Voc! A personalidade, o temperamento; a aparncia e a vitalidade. Como est pensando?

Casa 2: Recursos. Suas finanas, seu dinheiro, suas posses. Como est a situao financeira? Os ganhos e perdas

Casa 3: Comunicao e conhecimento. O que voc sabe. Como est se expressando? A comunicao, escritos,
documentos, estudos, criao intelectual. Viagens curtas. Seu ambiente. Os vizinhos, os parentes.

Casa 4: Lar e famlia. Onde voc mora, seus apegos, suas razes, sua estrutura, sua histria, sua vida domstica, e
sua segurana emocional. Como est o lar? O passado, a infncia, o domiclio.

Casa 5: Criatividade e filhos. O que criamos e gerimos. Mostra as diverses, os amores, as criaes.

Casa 6: Trabalho e servio. Como est a profisso/trabalho? As responsabilidades, o servio dirio. Os colegas,
assistentes e subordinados. A sade, a higiene, a alimentao e as doenas agudas.

Casa 7: Relaes. Como est o parceiro em relao ao consulente? O casamento, as relaes ntimas, scios e
companheiros. Os conflitos, os concorrentes e os inimigos declarados.

Casa 8: Alma. Como est o interior do consulente, o lado oculto? Sexo, transmutao e morte; as heranas e
presentes; psiquismo.

Casa 9: Projetos. Quais os planos para o futuro? Expanso da mente, dos horizontes, dos conhecimentos e das
crenas. Os ideais, os estudos superiores, as grandes viagens. A religio, a lei e a filosofia. Expectativa para alm
dos 3 meses, longo prazo. Deve ser analisada em conjunto com a Casa 1.

Casa 10: Realizaes. Futuro prximo (3 meses ). Carreira, reputao, voc no mundo, suas responsabilidades

Casa 11: Social. Como esto os amigos? Indica o convvio social e as relaes com os amigos

Casa 12: Desafio. Qual o carma pessoal que o consulente deve resolver nos prximos 3 meses?

Cruz Celta 10 cartas

A Cruz Celta (ou Cruz Cltica) umas das tiragens mais populares. muito til quando se quer analisar uma
questo em profundidade, pois suas 10 cartas permitem examinar a situao sob diversos ngulos: a situao
presente, passada, futura, e suas razes; influncias internas e externas; conselho e desfecho final tudo tendo
como eixo central uma questo especfica e os obstculos e apoios que atravessam a questo. Com base na
leitura dessa tiragem, fica mais saber como lidar com determinada situao e os melhores conselhos e cursos de
ao em cada caso.

1 - Situao central. A questo essencial. O ponto focal. O fator principal. A atmosfera.

2 - Obstculos e apoios. As influncias imediatas. As dificuldades/facilidades da situao. Elementos

imprevisveis ou inesperados. Problema subordinado ou tangencial. Questo relacionada.

3 - Razes. As bases do passado distante. As causas remotas que determinaram a condio presente. Influncia
inconsciente. Motivaes no reconhecidas. Foras e fatores ocultos. Sentido profundo.

4 - Passado recente. Acontecimentos que acabaram de ocorrer ou esto ainda ocorrendo. Foco anterior, fator
resolvido, algo que no mais necessrio.

5 - Presente. As energias, as crenas, as percepes. Aspiraes, ideais, metas. Influncias conscientes.

Resultado potencial. Futuro que voc est projetando conscientemente.

6 - Futuro. As influncias que tendem a se manifestar no futuro imediato. Fator ainda no resolvido. Fator a ser
levado em considerao.

7 - Consulente. A condio, o retrato atual do consulente. Seu estilo, temperamento, disposio, viso. Talentos

8 - Ambiente. A atmosfera que ronda a questo. O contexto. influncias e expectativas dos outros sobre a
situao. A imagem que se est passando.

9 - Conselho. O melhor caminho a ser adotado. O que lhe corresponde realizar ou tentar. Lio a ser aprendida.

10 - Resultado final. A sntese. O desfecho mais provvel. Como a situao ser resolvida.


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