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PROVA DE EQUIVALNCIA FREQUNCIA 367 Ingls (continuao, 11 ano)

2 Fase

Durao: 90 minutos

As respostas a todas as questes contidas neste enunciado tero de ser obrigatoriamente escritas na folha destinada execuo da prova. permitida a utilizao de dicionrios monolingues e bilingues. Utilize apenas caneta ou esferogrfica de tinta indelvel, azul ou preta. No permitido o uso de corrector. Em caso de engano, deve riscar, de forma inequvoca, aquilo que pretende que no seja classificado. Escreva de forma legvel a numerao dos grupos e dos itens, bem como as respectivas respostas. As repostas ilegveis ou que no possam ser identificadas so classificadas com zero pontos. No altere a ordem dos grupos e das perguntas. Por cada item, apresente apenas uma resposta. Se escrever mais do que uma resposta a um mesmo item, apenas classificada a resposta apresentada em primeiro lugar. No ltimo grupo da prova, ter de indicar obrigatoriamente o nmero da questo a que ir responder. Caso no o faa, ser atribuda uma classificao de zero pontos.

COTAES Grupo I A --------------------------------- 20 pontos Grupo I B --------------------------------- 20 pontos Grupo I C --------------------------------- 20 pontos Grupo I D --------------------------------- 40 pontos Grupo II --------------------------------- 40 pontos

Grupo III --------------------------------- 60 pontos

Read the following text carefully:

Choosing a Career
The nature of work is changing. You will probably change jobs numerous times over your lifetime. The idea of a job for life doesnt exist anymore. Your career may involve a range of different jobs. New technology also means that there are new occupations today that didnt exist ten years ago. Many of these occupations involve working with computer-based systems, procedures, machinery and the Internet. Many of the occupations of the future will mean being self-employed, or working in small business. The changing nature of work will provide many opportunities for those who are prepared for them. This will mean being able to identify opportunities, take initiative, persevere, be flexible and work in teams. It will mean developing the right enterprise skills for the future. However, choosing a career is not always easy. For most people there is not one right occupation, but several occupations they could do and enjoy. Different occupations will satisfy you in different ways. Different occupations will suit you at different times. Your career is your whole working life, which can be made up of a wide range of occupations and involve many changes in direction. It is important that you make informed choices. It is wise to base your career decisions on a good understanding of yourself, as well as a complete knowledge of the occupations and courses open to you. It takes time to think about yourself, to decide what sort of lifestyle you want, to talk to people and to explore occupations. If you want to find work that is satisfying, however, there are no shortcuts and without this knowledge, you may be tempted to react to whatever luck brings your way. It is important that you take charge of your career. Only you can make career choices that work for you. You are the best person to choose work that suits your own skills, knowledge, personality and interests. So be positive and act now by taking three small steps. Get to know yourself. Find out which career is right for you. Match yourself to a number of jobs in that career area and choose those that may suit you. ______________________________
http://jobguide.dest.gov.au/ (adapted)

A. Quote complete sentences for the following ideas in the text.

1. The idea of a career-long employment has disappeared. 2. You should be familiar with new technologies to get a job in the future.
B. Complete the sentences below according to the information in the text. Use your own words.

1. As the world of work is evolving 2. Without having the required qualities and skills, you
C. Find words in the text which mean the following.

1. working in ones own business 2. continue trying, in spite of the difficulty 3. variety 4. full

D. Answer the following questions about the text using your own words as much as possible. Give complete answers.

1. What challenges will future workers have to face? 2. How can you choose the right career? 3. Why shouldnt you be tempted to accept any occupation you would apply for? 4. Do you agree with the advice in the last paragraph? Why (not)?

II Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given below and making the necessary changes. Make sure they mean the same as the ones printed above.

1. Although she worked hard, she wasnt successful. In spite of 2. I wont be able to finish this report unless I work all night. I have worked all night so that 3. Unless my boss asks me to work late, I will be home by 8 oclock. If 4. Dont give up if you face difficulties in your next job interview. My mother advised me


Choose ONE of the topics below and write a composition of 120-150 words on it.
A. The world of work has changed a lot over the last few decades and people now live completely different lives. How do you imagine your working life and how will it be different from your parents working life?

B. Working time is more flexible nowadays. There are lots of possible time arrangements. Which kind of time arrangement would you like to have when you start working and why? Comment on the following quotation: Understanding Generation Y is important not just for employers. Older workers that is, anyone over 30 need to know how to adapt to the values and demands of their newest colleagues. Before too long, theyll be the bosses.
Penelope Trunk Time, July 16, 2007

Refer to the challenges people have to face at the workplace nowadays. C. Make the portrait of your favourite character in the short story you have studied and state the reasons for your choice. Do not forget to mention its title.