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04-05-2015 INGLS

Na forma negativa, basta acrescentar o verbo auxiliar do mais
Em Ingls, para formarmos o imperativo, utilizamos o verbo a partcula negativa not seguida do verbo sem a partcula to:
sem a partcula to, observe:
Ex: Do not be late! (No se atrase!)
Ex: Listen! (Oua!) Do not talk to strange people!
Look! (Olhe!) (No fale com pessoas estranhas.)
Pay attention! (Preste ateno!) Do not drive fast. (No dirija em alta velocidade.)


Utilizamos o Imperativo: A forma abreviada bastante utilizada no cotidiano, em

ambientes informais. Para construir a forma negativa, basta
- Para dar uma ordem: abreviar a forma do + not e ela se tornar dont:

Ex: Wash the dishes, Leonardo! Ex: Dont talk to me! (No fale comigo!)
(Lave as vasilhas, Leonardo!) Dont drink too much! (No beba muito!)
Turn off the radio! (Desligue o som!) Dont sleep! Study! (No durma! Estude!)
Listen to me! (Me oua!)
Observao: Para realizar uma proposta, um convite,
- Para fazer um pedido: utilizamos a forma imperativa Lets + verbo.

Ex: Please, help me! (Por favor, me ajude!) Afirmativa: Lets visit Cezar today?
Please, stop singing. Im trying to think! (Vamos visitar o Cezar hoje?)
(Por favor, pare de cantar! Eu estou tentando pensar!) Negativa: Lets not go out today? Im tired!
Open your books on page 23! (Vamos no sair hoje? Eu estou cansado!)
(Abram seus livros na pgina 23!)
- Para dar um conselho:
172. Marque a alternativa cuja frase esteja no modo
Ex: Take care! (Se cuide!) Imperativo:
Be careful! (Tenha cuidado!) a) There is a good film on TV tonight.
Watch out! Theres a stone. (Olhe! Tem uma pedra.) b) Help yourself with that chocolate bar.
c) What is your brother like?
- Para fazer um oferecimento: d) You have to clean your bedroom.

Ex: Have a cup of coffee! (Tome uma xcara de caf.) 172. Marque a alternativa que completa corretamente
Have a rest before the homework. a frase __________ watch TV. There is a good film tonight:
(Descanse antes da tarefa de casa.) a) Not.
Have another piece of cake. b) Dont.
(Pegue mais um pedao de bolo.) c) Do.
d) Lets.

FORMA AFIRMATIVA 173. Marque a alternativa cuja frase esteja no modo

O Imperativo, na forma afirmativa, da maneira como a) Not turn on the radio.
mostramos nos exemplos anteriores, sem a partcula to. b) No, I dont need your help.
Ex: Come here! (Venha aqui!) c) Dont buy that newspaper.
Silence! (Silncio) d) She doesnt sleep here.
Answer the question! (Responda a pergunta!)

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174. Baseado no uso da forma do imperativo, marque The first of 64 people on board the three-masted SV
a alternativa incorreta: Concordia were ferried into Rio de Janeiro aboard Brazilian
a) Dont talk to me! Navy and merchant vessels, exhausted but relieved after
b) Stop the car! their long ordeal. Wearing navy caps and borrowed clothing,
c) Dont walk on the grass! 12 of those rescued held an emotional news conference in
d) To drink water! Rio. The rest were to arrive later in the afternoon on two
merchant vessels. CTV producer Ana Pereira said survivors
175. Qual a forma negativa da frase Lets talk about indicated that the ship went down very quickly, slipping
love!? beneath the waves.The ships captain said that his vessel sank
a) Lets not talk about love! Wednesday afternoon day earlier than previously reported -
b) Lets talk not about love! after being flipped on its side by a powerful gust of wind. He
c) Dont lets talk about love! and his passengers and crew were rescued by merchant ships
d) Not lets talk about love! early Friday. Capt. William Curry told reporters he was below
deck when the ship suddenly keeled, banking over at a sharp,
176. Qual das frases abaixo representa um convite? angle in the strong wind. Curry said that was normal, but
a) Dont go home. when the vessel immediately went over a second time, he
b) Go home. knew the vessel was in great danger. The captain blamed the
c) Lets go home. wreck on a microburst, a sudden, vertical downdraft that
d) Dont lets go home. struck the entire surf ace area of the Concordias sails as it
was angled over to one side. Within seconds, the boat went
177. Observe o pargrafo a seguir: from sailing upright to lying on its side and beginning to sink.
Clean your room! Dont leave your tennis shoes in the Thirty minutes later it was completely underwater, Curry
bathroom! Do your homework! Dont come late at night! said.
Quantas frases esto no modo imperativo? The boat started keeling a lot, said 16-year-old passenger
a) uma. Lauren Unsworth, a Dutch-Canadian who lives in Amsterdam.
b) duas. It came back up, keeled again, was basically lying on its side
c) trs. and all the windows began to break. Thats when we knew it
d) quatro. was time to flee. Curry said that they abandoned ship and
took to their life rafts in high winds and heavy seas, spending
178. Marque a alternativa que completa corretamente more than a day adrift in the Atlantic before spotting their
a frase __________ disturb her. She is sleeping: rescuers. We had been in the life raft for about 30 hours
a) Not. when we saw a search plane for the first time, Unsworth
b) Dont. added.
c) Do. Thats when we knew we were not alone and that help was
d) Let. on the way. Toronto-native Keaton Farwell said her biggest
fear was that no one was aware the group needed to be
179. Use os verbos dos parnteses para transformar as rescued. We thought our signal had failed and nobody knew
sentenas em imperativo AFIRMATIVO. and it could be weeks before we were saved, she told a
1- _____________ outside (wait) news conference. The worst life-and-death thoughts were
2- _____________ those books to your cousin (lend) going through our heads, and everybody was panicking. The
3- _____________ a car for your son, today is his birhday Navy said the distress signal was picked up about 5 p.m.
(buy) Thursday. An Air Force plane later spotted life rafts in the
4- _____________ me this knife, boy (give) ocean about 500 kilometers from Rio and a Navy ship and
5- _____________ the door of your car, this is LA police nearby merchant vessels moved in to aid in the rescue. The
(open) first 12 crew and students came into port aboard a Brazilian
6- _____________ the door, Peter (close) Navy frigate. The rest were heading into Rio aboard slower
7- _____________ him now! (call) merchant vessels and were expected to arrive later Saturday
8- I tell you every day: _____________ of the light (turn) afternoon. The Concordia was five days out from
9-I am Lieutenant Walmir, _____________ your weapon Montevideo, Uruguay, when it sank. The Federal
now! (drop) Transportations Safety Board says it will assist in an
10-- _____________ your keys in ignition (leave) and investigation to be led by the ships flag state country,
________ (sit) on the other side of the car. Barbados. The Concordia is owned by West Island College
International with offices in Lunenburg, N.S. Forty-two of
those onboard were identified as Canadians, mostly high
PROVA EFOMM - 2011 school and university students, said Kate Knight, head of
West Island College International of Lunenburg, which
Read the text below and answer questions 1 to 5 based on it: operates the Class Afloat program. Prime Minister Stephen
Harper issued a statement thanking the Brazilian Navy and
Survivors say Canadian tall ship sank in minutes Students and the merchant ships for their swift and heroic response.
crew rescued from the sinking of a Canadia nowned tal ship (Adapted from: www.ctv.ca, www.ap.com, Feb. 2010)
in the South Atlantic were back on solid and Saturday after
spending up to 40 hours in life rafts after their ship capsized. 1. The Concordia very likely started to sink due to:

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(A) The inability of the captain to avoid a dangerous tropical 5. The sentence The Concordia was five days out from
storm with high waves off the coast of Brazil which capsized Montevideo, Uruguay when it sank. means that:
the ship within minutes. (A) The Concordia had just left Montevideo when it sank.
(B) Powerful winds that surprised everyone aboard and (B) The Concordia had left Montevideo for five days when it
eventually capsized the vessel, though it remained for a few sank.
minutes lying on its side. (C) The Concordia sank for it was five days from the coast of
(C) High waves that are common in that part of the ocean Montevideo.
and, according to the captain, flipped the ship to its side (D) The Concordia had been going to Montevideo for five
before it immediately sank. days when it sank.
(D) The excess of weight aboard the ship which, during a (E) The Concordia was five days away from Montevideo when
storm with strong vertical winds, contributed to flipping the it sank.
ship on its side before it sank.
(E) Events that are still under investigation for Brazilian Navy 6. Which option best completes the gap?
Officers have not had access to the remains of the shipwreck Are you going to the movies alone?
because of the weather conditions. Yes, but 1 wish Susan _____________ with me.
(A) might come
2. A news conference was held in Rio de Janeiro with some of (B) had come
the survivors. It is correct to affirm that: (C) will come
(A) Not all survivors were able to attend the conference (D) would come
because some were still on life rafts waiting for merchant (E) can come
vessels to rescue them. Besides, other survivors were
returning to Canada as soon as possible. 7. In Shes just as bad-tempered as her uncle., the
(B) Some survivors were too emotional to participate because underlined word means:
of all the stress they suffered during the accident and the (A) only.
only thing they wanted to do was to see their / families as (B) ha exactly.
soon as possible. (C) really.
(C) Survivors gradually arrived in Rio de Janeiro due to (D) almost.
different rescue procedures and some were still aboard (E) nearly.
merchant ships on their way to the coast of Brazil while the
interview was held. 8. Respectively, the plural forms of hero, louse, ox and
(D) A few survivors were not able to participate because they cactus are:
had lost all of their personal belongings in the tragedy and did (A) heros, louses, oxen, cactuses.
not have clothes to appear in public, though donations were (B) heros, lice, oxen, cacti.
received. (C) heroes, louses, oxen, cacti.
(E) A number of survivors was brought to Rio de Janeiro by (D) heroes, louses, oxen, cactuses.
helicopter and therefore arrived faster than the ones who (E) heroes, lice, oxen, cacti.
carne on slower merchant vessels. Also, there were some
survivors who had already returned to Canada. 9. Mark the option in which the idea expressed by the
underlined conjunction is correctly explained in parenthesis.
3. Captain William Curry felt something very bad was about (A) She stared at me as if I were a complete stranger.
to happen with the Concordia when: (condition)
(A) he realized the vessel had been flipped on its side. (B) While she was asleep, thieves broke in and stole her -
(B) the ship repeatedly keeled, barking at a sharp angle. handbag. (time)
(C) he received the emergency signal from the nearby (C) 1 cannot tell whether she is old or young, for I have never
merchant ships. seen her. (result)
(D) rescue ships arrived and removed everyone from the (D) 1 was feeling hungry, so I made myself a sandwich
emergency rafts. (reason)
(E) the windows began to break as the ship slipped beneath (E) Unless they get protection, they will not testify. (purpose
the waves.
10. In which sentence the gerund/ infinitive is not used
4. Investigations leading to the causes of the accident will be correctly?
primarily led by: (A) To read is an invaluable tool for an individual.
(A) the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was (B) Keep working hard and youll succeed!
thankful to the Brazilian Navy and Merchant Ships. (C) You cant forgive her for doing it to you.
(B) the Canadian Government, because 42 of the passengers (D) Living abroad has been his dream all along.
on board of the ship were Canadian citizens. (E) She has stopped to smoke for more than a decade.
(C) the Brazilian Navy, because they were responsible for the
rescue operations. 11. We had to cancel the search because of worsening
(D) a third country, neither Brazil nor Canada, because of the weather conditions. But we will not stop trying. We will
ships original flag. continue the rescue as soon as the weather gets better. The
(E) the West Island College International, which owns the ship underlined verbs above can be replaced with the following
and is thus responsible for the students on board. phrasal verbs, respectively, without having their meanings
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(A) call off / give up / keep on (A) wont you / wont we / arent / do you
(B) call off / give in / keep on (B) wont you / shall we / arent I / do you
(C) call out / give up / keep in (C) will you /shall we / arent I / will you
(D) call down / give up / keep on (D) will you / wont we / am I not / will you
(E) call out / give in / keep in (E) will you / shant we / am 1 not / do you

12. In My nephew gets a kick out of cooking., the underlined 18. Mark the option in which the if-clause expresses that it is
idiom means: possible, but very unlikely, that the condition will be fulfilled.
(A) to be keen about. (A) If Id seen her, I would have asked her to call Mary.
(B) to loathe. (B) If you get a taxi, you will get there in no time.
(C) to abhor. (C) If I am late for work, my boss gets angry with me.
(D) to be skilled. (D) If I found her address, I would send her an invitation.
(E) to be afraid. (E) If I had passed this exam, I would have been promoted.

13. Choose the option that completes the gaps below, 19. Choose the correct option to complete the gaps:
respectively. The opponents had spent long hours preparing
I. She tried her __________ to ignore what hed said. ________________ t fight _______________ but the battle
II. We are no __________ an agreement than we were six _______________ didnt take long.
months ago. (A) one another/ them / by itself
III. His wifes bound to find it out ________ or ________. (B) themselves/ one another / itself
IV. The more l scold her, the ________ she behaves. (C) itself/ each other/ oneself
(A) harder / nearest / sooner / late / worse (D) them/ each other/ by itself
(B) hardest / nearer / soon / late / worse (E) each other/ themselves/ oneself
(C) hardest / near / sooner / later /worst
(D) harder / nearest / soon / later / 20. Mark the correct alternative to complete the sentences
(E) hardest/ nearer / sooner/ later / worse below:
14. Mark the correct alternative to complete the sentences: 1) Its high time you ______________ a new car.
1) ________ the tent down on the grass and Ill see how to 2) Under no circumstances ______________ cash the checks.
put it up. 3) Her aunt suggested ______________ a job in a bank.
2) I _________ the papers on the table. 4) What if 1 _______________ tomorrow instead of this
3) Dont _________ in bed all day. Get up and go to work. evening?
4) You ________ to me when you said you loved me. (A) buy / we can / getting / came
(A) Lay / laid / lie / lied (B) buy / can we / to get / come
(B) Lay / laid / lat / had lied (C) bought / we can / getting / come
(C) Lie / laid / lie / lied (D) will buy / we can / to get / came
(D) Lie / lie / lie / had lied (E) bought / can we / getting / came
(E) Lie / lie / lay / lied

15. In which option all the suffixes are correctly used?

(A) insensitive / inexpected / inlegible / unpolite
(B) insensitive / unexpected / unlegible / unpolite
(C) insensitive / unexpected / illegibie / impolite
(D) insensitive / unexpected / unlegible / impolite
(E) insensitive / inexpected / illegible / impolite

16. Choose the option which completes the sentences:

1) I hate been shouted ________ .
2) Whos the woman dressed ________ green?
3) He tripped ________ the cat and fell downstairs.
4) ________ the end, I got a visa to Russia.
5) Stop throwing stones ________ the cars.
(A) at / in / over / In / at
(B) at / in / on / In / at
(C) with / on / on / At / against
(D) at / on / over / At / against
(E) with / in / on / In / at

17. Choose the option with the correct tag questions for the
sentences below.
1) Come here _________________?
2) Lets talk, _______________?
3) Im late, ________________?
4) Dont close your eyes, _______________?
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