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Aluno(a): N

Ano: 9 Turma: Data: 02/06/2012 Nota:

Professor(a): Dbora Toledo Valor da Prova: 40 pontos

Orientaes gerais:
1) Nmero de questes desta prova: 12
2) Valor das questes: Abertas (4): 6,0 pontos cada. Fechadas (8): 2,0 pontos cada.
3) Provas feitas a lpis ou com uso de corretivo no tm direito reviso.
4)Aluno que usar de meio ilcito na realizao desta prova ter nota zerada e
conceituao comprometida.
5) Tpicos desta
prova: - Past Perfect
- Relative Pronouns
- Special difficulties

1 Questo: A edio de 26/02/2001 da revista Time tem como reportagem de capa o ttulo
Human Cloning is closer than you think e mostra dois bochechudos bebs, iguaizinhos, um olhando
para o outro. Releia o trecho da carta enviada pela leitora Cheryl Roth ao editor da revista e

a) Cheryl a favor ou contra a clonagem de seres humanos?

b) Como ela chama o resultado dessa clonagem?
c) O que ela diz a respeito das pessoas que querem clonar o prprio DNA?

2 Questo: When we stopped the car, the thief ________ away.

a) has runned
b) have run
c) ran
d) had run
e) had runned

3 Questo: Observe o seguinte verso da msica The Nomad do grupo Iron Maiden: The men
that fear you are the ones that you despise. O pronome relativo sublinhado pode ser substitudo
a) Who
b) whom

2 P. P. / Ingls / Dbora / 9 / Pg. 1

c) which
d) whose
e) where

4 Questo: Em relao ao estudo dos Relative Pronouns, qual alternativa est incorreta?
a) Carroll is the author who I like Best.
b) Carroll is the author whom I like best.
c) My neighbor, whose name is Peter, will arrive tomorrow.
d) Buddy is a musician that has played with Jimmy Hendrix.
e) That is the mathematician which theory is famous all over the world.

5 Questo: A omisso do pronome relativo s possvel na frase:

a) Mary is the only person that likes you.
b) She is the lady that Peter praised.
c) It was John who saw the comet.
d) That is the table which is broken
e) The dog whose hair was cut is white.

6 Questo: Leia as frases:

She used to go to church regularly, but now she never goes.
The kids are used to having a lot of coke during their meals.
A thief stole the new supermarket last night.
My mother remembered me to do my homework yesterday.

Esto corretas as frases:

a) Todas.
b) III e IV.
c) As frases I e II.
d) As frases II e III
e) As frases I e III.

7 Questo: Quanto ao uso do Past Perfect, qual a frase correta?

a) Roberto had written another song.
b) She had already cook dinner.
c) I had look at my dog.
d) We had study a lot.
e) She havent prepared the meal.

8 Questo: Leia o texto abaixo e responda s perguntas em Portugus:

Poverty affects the lives of millions of people
Whats more surprising: the fact that we now live in a world where almost a quarter of the
population live in absolute powerty? Or the fact that for the first time ever, we possess the wealth,
technology and knowledge to create a poverty-free world in less than a generation?

Ronaldo and Zidane are supporting educational activities in Kosovo and Albania as part of the
UNDP Teams to End Poverty campaign. Improving access to education is one way we can end
poverty Educational programmes and vocational training will make it easier to create and find jobs,
improve health care, farming and trad, as well as developing opportunities for men, women and
Were closer to ending world poverty than you might think. Find out how you, your company
or organization can make a difference by contacting UNDP or by logging onto www.undp.org/teams
or www.netaid.org.

Vocabulary: poverty: misria, pobreza; best: melhor; quarter: um quarto (1/4); wealth: riqueza; to support: apoiar; to
improve: melhorar; easier: mais fcil, health care: cuidado com sade; farming: agricultura; trade: comrcio; closer; mais
perto; to develop: desenvolver

a) O ttulo diz que a misria afeta as vidas de Ronaldo e Zidane. Explique.

2 P. P. / Ingls / Dbora / 9 / Pg. 2
b) O que a expresso make a difference significa no texto?
c) Qual , segundo o texto, uma maneira de acabar com a misria?
d) De acordo com o texto, estamos perto de acabar com a misria no mundo?
e) Cite trs benefcios, citados no texto, proporcionados pelos programas educacionais.

9 Questo: Leia o pargrafo abaixo:

Vitamin D
Scientists have known for a long time that vitamin D is essential for humans. If children have
a vitamin D or calcium deficiency, they can develop rickets, a softening of the bones. New studies
are showing that people of all ages need vitamin D to help them fight off diseases by keeping their
immune systems strong.
The main idea of this paragraph is that vitamin D:
a) is found in milk.
b) has been studied by scientists.
c) is no secret.
d) is important for good health.
e) we don`t need vitamin D.

10 Questo: Marque a alternativa cujos verbos completam as lacunas do pargrafo abaixo:

I can't believe I got that apartment. I (submit) ____________ my application last week, but I didn't
think I had a chance of actually getting it. When I (show) __________ up to take a look around,
there were at least twenty other people who (arrive) ___________ before me. Most of them (fill,
already) ___________ out their applications and were already leaving. The landlord said I could still
apply, so I did.
a) submitted showed had arrived had already filled
b) had submitted showed had arrived had already filled
c) submitted showed arrived had already filled
d) have submitted showed had arrived had already filled
e) submitted showed had arrived already filled

11 Questo: Complete as frases abaixo com o Simple Past ou Past Perfect.

a) After he _________________ (cook) lunch, they _______________ (eat) it.
b) Before Brenda ______________ (move) to Madrid, she ______________ (sell) her house.
c) After Mr. Hill ____________________ (win) the lottery, he ____________________(buy)
a Ferrari and a new computer.
d) After I ____________________ (study) really hard for the test, I
____________________ (get) a good mark.
e) After the boys _____________________ (miss) the train, they_________________ (take)
a taxi.

12 Questo: Complete as frases abaixo com os seguintes Relative Pronouns: who, whom,
which ou whose.
a) The children enjoyed the sandwiches _______ Mr Rice made for them.
b) Have you ever read any books by the author _______ the teacher mentioned in class?
c) The games _______ children play teach them about the adult world.
d) What was the name of the girl _______ passport was stolen.
e) Nora is the person _______ understands me.
f) Do you know the person to _______ they were talking?
2 P. P. / Ingls / Dbora / 9 / Pg. 3