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O que o TOEFL - ITP?

A Reliable Assessment of Academic

TheTOEFL ITP tests are paper-based and
use 100 percent academic content to
evaluate the English-language proficiency of
nonnative English speakers, giving you
confidence about your students' ability in a
real-world academic setting. All questions
are multiple choice and students answer
questions by filling in an answer sheet.
Ingls sem fronteiras
O programaIngls sem Fronteiras
(IsF)abrange diferentes tipos de apoio a
aprendizagem da lngua inglesa. A partir de um
diagnstico do nvel de proficincia dos
universitrios brasileiros, o acesso aos estudos
e testes de ingls facilitado a graduandos e
ps-graduandos interessados em aperfeioar
seus conhecimentos. Alm disso, as instituies
de ensino superior recebem suporte para
aprimorar a capacidade de oferta de ensino de
idiomas estrangeiros de um modo geral.
Oportunidades do ISF
O mdulo deensino de ingls
online My English Online (MEO)
O mdulo dediagnstico do nvel
de proficincia no idioma ingls -
O mdulo deensino presencial
O que o teste ir avaliar?
Listening Comprehensionmeasures the
ability to understand spoken English as it is
used in colleges and universities
Structure and Written
Expressionmeasures recognition of
selected structural and grammatical points
in standard written English
Reading Comprehensionmeasures the
ability to read and understand academic
reading material in English
Estrutura da prova
Level 1 (intermediate to advanced): 2 hours

Section Number of Admin. Time Score Scale


Listening 50 35 minutes 3168


Structure and 40 25 minutes 3168

Reading 50 55 minutes 3167

TOTAL 140 115 minutes 310677

Content and Settings for the
Academic Topics

Arts:fine arts, crafts, theater, dance, architecture,

literature, music, film, photography
Humanities:history, political science, government,
philosophy, law
Life Sciences:paleontology, biochemistry, animal
behavior, ecology, anatomy, physiology, genetics, health
science, biology, agriculture
Physical Sciences:geology, astronomy, chemistry,
geology, earth science, engineering, meteorology, energy,
technology, oceanography, physics
Social Sciences:anthropology, sociology, education,
geography, archaeology, psychology, economics, business,
Campus-life Topics

Classes:class schedules, class requirements,

library references, assignments (papers,
presentations, readings), professors, studying,
field trips
Campus administration:registration,
housing on and off campus, study abroad,
internships, university policies
Campus activities:clubs, committees, social
General Topics

Business:management, offices, official documents, law

Environment:weather, nature, climate, environment
Food:types of food, restaurants
Language and communication:mail, email, telephone use, leaving
messages, requests for information
Media:TV, newspapers, Internet
Objects:descriptions of objects, equipment
Personal:family members, friends, health, emotions, physical
characteristics, daily routines
Planning and time management:future events, invitations, personal
Purchases:clothing, shopping, banking, money
Recreation:sports, games, concerts, plays, art, books, photography,
music, parties and gatherings, public lectures
Transportation:travel, driving, parking, public transportation, travel
Workplace:applying for a job, on-campus employment, work schedules
Chamadas coordenadas pela Capes e pelo
Chamadas controladas pela Capes so:Alemanha,
ustria,Canad(CIC),China,Estados Unidos-
FULBRIGHT,Estados Unidos-NOVA,Frana,Hungria,
Irlanda, Itlia,Japo, Noruega eSucia.
Chamadas sob controle do CNPQ so:
Austrlia,Blgica,Canad(CALDO e CBIE), Coreia
do Sul,Espanha, Finlndia, Holanda,Nova
Zelndia, Polnia eReino Unido.

Obs.:a maior parte das chamadas controladas pelo


Polnia, Estados Unidos (Fulbright

e Nova), Blgica (apenas edital
187, Sucia, Noruega, China,
Hungria e Japo.
No dia da prova...
A prova feita somente de lpis.
No esquea seu documento de
identificao oficial com foto.
Chegue com pelo menos 20 minutos
de antecedncia.
Evite sair para beber gua ou ir ao
banheiro durante a prova pois no
ser acrescido tempo extra.
Links do simulado
Level 1:
Section 1, TOEFL ITP Test, Listening C
omprehension (Flash)
Note: You will hear the reading
passages and the questions.
Section 2, TOEFL ITP Test, Structure an
d Written

Section 3, TOEFL ITP Test, Reading Co